Daybed Buying Guide | How to Choose the Perfect Daybed?

Daybed Buying Guide | How to Choose the Perfect Daybed?

Daybeds are a popular choice of furniture among homeowners all around the world. The main reason behind their fame is the functionality they offer. They are multipurpose and can be used as a sofa as well as a bed. The space underneath a daybed can be used for storage which makes them even more useful. If you are looking to buy a bed set for sale in Lahore, go with a daybed. These beds come in a variety of configurations, shapes, and materials – giving you various options to choose from.

Make these vital considerations to buy the right daybed for your place.


Daybeds are commonly used in a spare room or home office to accommodate guests. If there is no guest room in your home, adding a daybed to an unused area can quickly turn it into a guest room for overnight visitors.

Another use of daybeds is in kids’ rooms. The comfortable nature of these beds makes them ideal for your child to relax or even sleep.

Daybed Trundles

Trundle is an optional part of daybeds. It is an extra mattress frame that pull out from under the bed for a sleepover. Trundles are of two types: pop-up trundle and a drawer trundle.

Pop-up trundles are very popular because of their ability to be placed side by side – turning your standard daybed into twin-sized or even king-sized daybed. These trundles are metallic and can be left in the lowered or elevated position to align with the mattress position.

Drawer trundles, on the other hand, keep the drawer dimensions right for the daybed. These trundles can hold a twin size mattress but unlike pop-up trundles, they do not elevate. This style is ideal for sleepovers and works the best for kids’ rooms. By leaving drawer trundles empty, you can use them for storage as well.

Material Types

Daybeds are typically made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wicker and leather daybeds can also be found in the furniture market in Lahore but these are not as popular as wood or metal ones. The choice of material depends on the owner’s needs and preferences. Wood daybeds are great for sitting or lounging and often feature a contemporary style, while metal daybeds are for sleeping and carry a traditional look. However, it’s possible to find wood daybeds in a traditional style and metal ones in contemporary.

Whatever type or style you choose to buy, make sure that it’s pleasant to the eye and feels comfortable for you.


Go with a style that fits ideally in your interior decor. In case you didn’t know, daybeds come in various styles including sleigh, mission, and Victorian style. If you prefer traditional or contemporary style, you will find as many choices in these styles, too.

The choices will typically include small and simple daybeds, larger and more extravagant daybeds, and daybeds with intricate carving complementing a traditional look.

Apart from style, you will have a wide array of colors to choose from, both in metal and wood. Choose colors that you find the most appealing.

Mattress Support

Link spring is the most common type of mattress support. It features a grid-like structure with springs, serving as an alternative of a box spring. Link spring creates a strong, stable bed by attaching to the two side panels of the daybed frame. The mattress is placed on top of the structure, while the space below it can be used for a trundle bed or additional mattress.

Slat system is another common type of mattress support. However, this support system is less popular than link spring due to less functionality. It comprises wooden slats which are attached to the front and back rails of the bed to provide mattress support.

Daybed Mattresses

There are two common types of daybed mattresses: innerspring mattress and the foam mattress. The innerspring mattress has wire coils inside and is generally firm. Foam mattress, on the other hand, is softer as it’s made up entirely of foam.

With both of these types, the padding on top is what determines the comfort of the mattress. A good amount of padding is key to enjoying a comfortable sleep during whatever part of the day you prefer to sleep.

In case you are wondering which one should you choose out of firm vs. soft mattress, all we can say is that whichever feels comfortable to you is good for you. Both these types are excellent, but in the end, all that matters is what you prefer personally.

Daybed Frames

The daybed frame comprises three pieces: a couple of side panels and one back panel. These panels come in wood, metal, and a combination of both. Their main purpose is to house a standard twin size mattress.

Some daybed frames are also designed to accommodate double as well as queen mattresses.

Frames that feature a double trundle are great for kids’ rooms.

Quality Issues

Daybeds come in different ranges of price and quality. You should always go for the best finish and quality you can afford.

The quality of a daybed can be determined by its frame material. For instance, iron frames are far superior in quality than many other metal frames. Similarly, wooden frames vary in quality, too.

To make the right purchase, first you will need to learn about the pros and cons of your preferred material.


While sheets and pillows are common parts of a daybed primarily used for sleeping, you may need to add covers and extra pillows if it is to be used for sitting and lounging, or as a sofa set for drawing room.

How to Choose the Perfect Daybed?

Ask yourself the following questions when buying a daybed:
Where will I use it?
Does it have daybed trundles?
What is my preferred material; wood or metal?
What style will best go with my décor?
Does it have mattress support or not?
What type of daybed mattress will I be using on it?
What type of daybed frame does it comprise?
What type of finish and quality can I afford?
Will I need to add extra covers and pillows to it?

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