Everything You Need to Know About Famous Divan Bed

Everything You Need to Know About Famous Divan Bed

Divan beds are one of the most versatile furniture items you will ever see. They offer room for extra storage, preserve mattress, and can flawlessly go with various décor types. But amidst the countless bed types, people often forget about how adaptable they actually are.  Because of storage, a divan bed is much more than just a sleeping place. And it is particularly valuable if you’re short on storage space in home. However, despite all this versatility, divan beds still don’t make it to everybody’s home when it comes to buying bed for sale in Lahore. But we’re big fans of them, so we thought we’d write this brief post to help you learn everything you need to know about this amazing piece of furniture.

Because of the quality of sleep they provide, Divan beds are among the most popular types in Pakistan.

Plus, they are built from sturdy material which makes them last for many years. Unlike standard ones, Divans come in two or more sections, and seamlessly sit side-by-side on your bedroom floor. Also, they are lighter and easier to move.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most awesome features of Divan beds.

Minimal Assembly

These require minimal assembly. Usually, they come in two main parts with easily understandable instructions to guide you through the process. When you’ve assembled the sections together, it’s ready to shine at your place.

Different Types

Divan is a special type and is designed to fulfill your specific sleep requirements. There are usually three main types.

Sprung Top Divan

This type is finished with pocket springs, which run the entire length of the bed. The depth of the layer is determined by the owner. Also, these increase the lifespan or your mattress and soften the feel of it.

Platform Divan

Also known as firm top Divan, this offers a firm place for quality sleep. If your mattress is without springs and has a firmer feel, this bed would be the ideal choice for you.

Compared to other types, this one is pretty advanced as it doesn’t have a fixed top. Instead, it comes with adjustable top which comfortably holds you in an ideal position at the push of a button. All of this is powered by an electric mechanism.

Electrical divans offer plenty of storage space and help you effortlessly get out of bed in the morning!

For Antique Frames

Do you have an awkward sized antique bed frame? If yes, we have good news for you because at FurnitureHub, you can finally find the perfect divan bed base for your awkward-sized antique frame. It is short, narrow and goes perfectly with antique decors. Moreover, the tapered corners prevent damage to the frame while the sturdy frame can effortlessly reach your height.

For hotel and guestroom owners, this is an ideal type. These divans are actually two separate beds. But you can join them together to make one King size bed.

Size Variations

Size variations depend on the type you’re after. For example, Firm Top Divans come in 21 standard and non-standard sizes, while antique pieces come in 12. Similarly, the Sprung Top Divans go from small single to king size.

Before buying Divan bed set for sale in Lahore, take measurements of the space where you will place the bed. Doing so will help you buy a piece that’s not too small nor too large but perfect for your liking. Here at FurnitureHub, we specialize in all bed sizes and will create you an ideal one if you can’t find the right solution.

Here’s a look at common Divan bed sizes.

  • Small Singles: Shorter than regular single bed and start at (75 x 160).
  • Short Singles: About 30cm shorter than regular single and start at (90 x 160).
  • Wide Single: About 10cm longer and 20cm wider than regular single. The biggest piece measures at (110 x 200).
  • Short King Size : (150 x 190) Same width, but 10cm shorter than standard King size.
  • Short Double: Around 15cm shorter than your regular double bed but has the same width. Starts at (135 x 175).

Plenty of Fabric Options

From lavender to plum hues and lilac to shimmering steel, there are plenty of fabric options for Divan beds. It can come in 30 different shades to. So regardless of the type of décor at home, you can always find a piece that will match it perfectly.

Finding Headboard for A Divan

Unlike your regular beds, Divans are sold without a headboard – but they do offer space to join one.

Based on the usage, you can decide whether you want it for leaning purpose (to watch TV) or for decoration. You can also upholster the headboard to create a more uniform look.

Improve the Quality of Life

The best thing about Divan beds is that they can be built to the owner’s specific height specifications, which makes getting on and off the mattress very simple. Also, their tops are shock proof and can keep the mattress from wearing out, thanks to their fully supportive foundation. And lastly, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to move from room to room.

Furniture Hub Pk – The Best Place for Divan Beds

When you buy a Divan bed along with any mattress from FurnitureHub – one of the top furniture stores in Lahore – you’ll get amazing discounts. Also, your new bed will be ready and delivered in a super-speedy way to your doorstep. So, place your order today and say goodbye to your sleep issues.

What is a divan bed?

Divan beds are one of the most versatile furniture items you will ever see. They offer room for extra storage, preserve mattress, and can flawlessly go with various décor types.

What are the best features of divan beds?

Below are the best features of divan:
Minimal assembly
Available in various types
Large range of sizes
Plenty of fabric options

How many types are there of divan beds?

Divan beds typically come in five types which include:
Sprung Top Divan
Platform Divan
Divan bed with antique frame
Zip & Link which is mostly used in hotels and guestrooms

In what sizes are divan beds available?

Available in the following sizes:
Small Singles: (75 x 160)
Short Singles: (90 x 160)
Wide Single: (110 x 200)
Short King Size Bed: (150 x 190)
Short Double Bed: (135 x 175)

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