Important Things to Remember When Buying a Platform Bed

Important Things to Remember When Buying a Platform Bed

Platform beds are an intriguing piece of furniture. They are low to the ground and make for a stylish addition to any room setting without requiring you to shell out extra cash when buying bed set for sale in Lahore. Plus, they are versatile and offer many useful features.

Because they are lower to floor than regular beds, they can make the room appear more spacious and larger, which is also their best feature. Moreover, they have a simple design which typically comes without a headboard or footboard.

So, if you are looking to buy a platform bed, here is a list of important ‘ask-yourself-questions’ to ensure the right purchase. But first, let’s take a look at top reasons due to which people love having these beds at their places.

  • Due to large variety of styles and shapes, platform beds are suited for most furniture settings, including modern, traditional, and contemporary.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • Since they don’t require a box spring, lightweight, easy to move, and cheaper than standard beds.
  • Some types even come with storage options such as drawers, storage boxes, under-the-bed shelves, etc.

So, these are some reasons that make platform beds a very useful furniture option. Now let’s move to questions you should ask yourself to buy the right piece.

What Size Will Best Meet My Needs?

Since you’ll be buying a platform bed based on the usage, here’s a rundown of most common sizes to choose from.

  • Twin Bed or a Single Bed: 39” in width and 75” in length. This type is great for kids’ rooms and guest rooms.
  • Extra-long single bed: it has the same width but the length is 80”. This bed is best for teens.
  • Double bed or full bed: it is 54” in width, 75” in length, and is perfect for two people to use simultaneously.
  • Queen Bed: 60” wide and 80” in length. It is also great for two people needing more room. The sleeping area for each person is 30” on this bed.
  • King Bed: with 76” width and 80” length, it is the widest regular bed available and will be great if you need more space while sleeping.

What Type Should I Go For?

Four-poster beds are great for those who want to bring some sense of drama to their bedrooms. With four posts at each corner, these beds come in varying heights. To enhance their appeal, go with a bed panel with carvings on the frame.

Sleigh beds are also a top choice for platform lovers. Their elegant design and ability to blend in various décors create a romantic feel in the bedroom. If you want to make it the center point of your bedroom, add a higher headboard/footboard.

Another option you can consider is canopy bed. It is also a four-poster bed with a canopy which can be made of different materials such as fabric, wood, etc. You can also turn a simple four-poster bed by adding a canopy frame to it.

If you are a fan of headboards and footboards, panel beds would be great for you. Their detailing is mostly vertical and sometimes horizontal. Some awesome design features of these beds are raised panels, inset panels, and arched tri-panels.

If you have a kid whose room needs a new bed, a popular choice would be captain’s bed. It is convenient and versatile. The mattress goes on top of the set of drawers that it carries, creating storage room in the unused area underneath. This type is ideal for rooms with limited floor or storage space.

What Style Should I Use?

There are different bed styles that follow different fashions, trends and social customs from different time periods.

Gaining popularity in 20th century, contemporary style features rich textures of traditional furnishings and is famous for its simple but charming designs.

Transitional style features intricate wood finishes with alluring metal accents. Beds of this style combine contemporary and traditional styles together which makes them ideal for various furniture settings. Transitional beds are pretty much similar to platform beds which makes them an excellent option for those who want to buy bed online because of their versatility and easy availability.

Casual style furniture features minimal details with either leather upholstery or metal accents. This type of furniture is generally bigger in scale and focuses on comfort and utility. A platform bed is ideal for homes with casual style furniture because of flexibility, comfort, and relaxed look.

Country style joins traditional style with a rustic appeal, and is famous for being comfortable and inviting. This type of furniture is mostly made of wood, with a range of finishes that includes grainy, painted, and distressed themes. It may also include hand paintings and delicate curves.

Other Considerations

Platform beds come without a box spring, remember that without a box spring, the mattress will feel slightly firmer than what you are used to. If you do want a box spring, go with a platform bed that comes with adjustable height to accommodate extra inches.

When buying bed for sale in Lahore with a canopy frame, make sure that the posts are too close to the ceiling or the canopy will end up blocking overhead lighting.

If you love to read or watch television while laying, go with a platform bed with elevation feature. It will allow you to adjust position of the bed to where it is comfortable for you.

And lastly, if you are buying a futon mattress, make sure that it lies flat on your platform bed to get maximum comfort out of it.

How to buy the right platform bed?

Ask yourself these questions before buying a platform bed:
What size will best meet my needs?
What type should I go for?
What style should I use?
Does it come with adjustable height to compensate for the lack of box spring?
Are the posts too close to the roof?
Does it come with the elevation feature?
Will a futon mattress lie flat on the bed?

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