Tips on Choosing Right Bunk Bed for Your Kid

Tips on Choosing Right Bunk Bed for Your Kid

The majority of parents these days have doubts over buying bunk beds for their kids. And it’s totally justified because the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘bunk bed’ is a two-story metal frame with no stairs and side support. However, such designs are not in use anymore. Bunk beds have improved a lot over the years and the modern designs are entirely safe for kids. So, if you are looking to buy a bunk bed for sale in Lahore, every top furniture store in the town is offering plenty of safe models to choose from.

Keep in mind that buying these beds can be a little trickier than buying any other furniture item. While choosing a bunk bed, there are many safety concerns, and you need to make sure that your kid likes it as well.

So, without further delay, let’s learn how to buy the perfect bunk bed for your kid’s room.

Make Sure it’s Safe

Security is the most important aspect of bunk beds. A good bunk bed is secure and easy to climb up and down. Plus, it features strong guyed rails to prevent your kid from falling during sleep. Typically, all modern bunk beds include this feature, but some even let you set up your very own rails to ensure maximum security.

If you’re not really sure how to do this on your own, look up some furniture magazines for assistance.

Choose Durable Materials

Regardless of the appearance, color, or size, we all want to buy the most durable bunk bed available. Which basically leaves us with only two options: wood and metal. These are the only materials that come in all colors, styles, and can last for many years.

Our advice for you is to go with wooden beds because metal has some risks when it relates to kids. It’s often sharp, dangerous, or too cold, and have massive costs compared to wooden beds. The cost of wooden beds, on the other hand, depends on the type of wood they are manufactured from.

Wood is the supreme option because it never goes out of style. Plus, it’s sturdy and brings a rustic touch to the place, which is the main reason parents prefer wood lofts over metal ones.

Choose Something That Will Grow with Their Age

Age matters a lot when it comes to bed designs, and sometimes finding the right design may even end up draining your pocket. Girls under 8 are most likely to ask for a little doll themed bed, while boys of the same age will probably ask for a car bed or an aircraft design. However, they may get tired of it after a year or so.

This is why you should talk with your kids and encourage them to pick something that will simply grow with their age.

Measure Your Space

You may find the prettiest bunk bed ever, but it will only work at your place if you have enough space. Measuring your space before you buy bunk bed online will narrow down the options, and give you an exact idea of what you should bring to the place.

When it comes to bunk beds, the height of the bed matters a lot. You must make sure that there will be at least two-three feet of additional space between the bed’s top tier and the ceiling, otherwise, the kid may get hurt while standing up.

In terms of flooring area, the bed you want to buy should not be bigger than basic twin beds, unless it’s an L shaped bed, or features unique functions such as pullout drawers.

Determine the Type You Need

There are numerous bunk bed types but mostly they fall into two general categories, basic and lofted, with numerous subcategories under each one. For example, basic beds are available as two-tier beds while lofted beds could feature a lofted bed over a study center. Additionally, some designs are triple-tier. These can be helpful for sleepovers or when you have three kids sharing the same room.

Determine What Features You Need

Different beds come with different features. The list of most common features includes:

  • Study area
  • Storage drawers
  • Play areas such as slides or tents

Depending on your kid’s age and needs, choose the one that best suits him/her. For kids who like to have friends over, futons or pull out beds are great options.

Remember that it always helps to get your kid’s opinion as you may be neglecting something.

Consider Accessibility

When buying kids furniture online, don’t forget to look at the ways through which the top part of the bed could be accessed, and whether it features stairs to get to it. One thing you have to avoid is small stairs, as they carry a stumbling threat for kids.

To make an effective buy, try looking at different options, preferably those that feature stairs and hand rails. However, if your kid is a teen, he may not need them as these beds are only for kids who tend to fall down during sleep or have a hard time getting to the top tier of the bed.

It all depends on your child’s age.

Don’t Compromise on Functionality and Style

Kid’s rooms are typically too small for the heaps of valuables they have. This is the reason you should always consider multi-functional beds which feature storage room, study area, and work areas.

Another thing you must not forget is to take their opinion. Because at the end of the day, they are the ones who know the best what type of bed they want in their room.

How to choose the right bunk bed for your kid?

Make sure it’s safe
Choose durable materials
Choose something that will grow with their age
Measure your space
Determine the type you need
Determine what features you need
Consider accessibility
Don’t compromise on functionality and style

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