Choosing The Right Office Chair

Choosing The Right Office Chair

Are you looking to bring comfort to your workplace? If yes, then there’s no better place than Furniture Hub Pk to look at. Business owners love to buy office furniture online from us because we ensure that you’re picking out the best units for your workplace – especially when it comes to chairs.

In a typical office setting, the staff is required to work in a chair. Therefore, it’s necessary that you provide them with comfortable seating solutions. Buying uncomfortable chairs will only result in discomfort, and thus a decrease in productivity.

To know more about this essential furniture item, keep reading this post…


Different office settings require different seating solutions. For each setting, there are numerous types, out of which ergonomic task chairs, mesh chairs, executive chairs, conference & guest chairs, are the most common ones. Your ideal chair depends on your office interior and work requirements.

Ergonomic Task Chairs

Designed for maximum comfort and productivity, these chairs are great for your body’s health while seated for hours. They come in a variety of styles and structure and most commonly feature five legs providing balance and stability.

The best thing about ergonomic chairs is that they offer excellent support and back adjustments to keep your body in the right posture.

These chairs may come with or without arms.

Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs are designed to provide maximum support without becoming too warm – thanks to the breathable mesh on their backs. Many offices prefer these chairs mainly because of affordability and minimalist design.

Executive Chairs

These chairs can support larger weights and frames. Typically, they are used by bosses and managers. Therefore, you may not require to buy a lot of them. Only 1 or 2 should do it for you.

When buying executive chairs, look for weight capacities and back dimensions to ensure they meet your requirements.

Conference & Guest Chairs

Guests and visitors are part of a successful business. So are meetings and conferences. Therefore, when buying office furniture in Lahore, do not neglect conference and guest chairs. Conference room chairs feature wheels for easy movement while guest chairs can be chosen based on the office environment.

Many offices prefer simple designs that provide maximum comfort without taking up too much floor space. If your office doesn’t have enough room, you may try that strategy also.

For small business owners, plastic chairs are a great option because they are cost-effective and require low upkeep.


When buying office chairs, it’s important that you go for a model that has the right features for you. To learn what to look for in an office chair, read on…

Adjustable Seat Height

The quality of a good chair is that it can be altered according to your individual needs – particularly when it comes to height. Working at the chair with wrong height can be extremely uncomfortable, and you could end up developing back neck, or shoulder problems.

Ideally, you should be able to sit comfortably with both feet on the floor or footrest and forearms and wrists on the desk. Also, the adjustable seat height will allow you to get into a position where your eyes are level with the top of your laptop/monitor screen.

Swivel offers easy mobility which makes it a must for who need to access different areas of your desk for reaching documents and personal stuff such as wallets, keys, etc. Swivel is also great for your back’s safety because it keeps your back from twisting.

Swivel and Tilt

Tilt is another important feature that offers easy mobility within your seat. The tilt mechanism lets you adjust the angle of your chair’s back, allowing you to reposition yourself with ease.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is basically the back section of the chair. It encourages a natural and comfortable sitting position while providing maximum support to different areas of your back. Chairs without this feature could severely damage your health, so make sure the model you are buying comes with this feature.


Although armrests are not necessary, having them is definitely more comfortable than not having them at all. They reduce pressure on your lower back and ease the tension in neck and shoulders. If your work requires you to stay seated for several hours straight, having armrests will be extremely useful. Ideally, armrests should be adjustable so you can alter them to your preferred height.


Soft fabric is a popular choice for office chairs. It comes in a number of colors and is normally used on chairs with padded foam seats.


If you like to freely move around, a chair with castors is a must. Castors offer easy mobility and allow chairs to roll from one part of the office to another without leaving the chair.


When buying office furniture in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or any other city of Pakistan, go for chairs with strong ergonomic features to protect the health of your staff and improve overall productivity. A good office chair should be able to offer:


The chairs should have strong base to provide maximum stability.


The chairs should have swivel feature with castors at the base to move easily inside the workplace. This prevents individuals from straining when reaching for documents and other stuff.

Back & Body Support

Go for chairs with strong lumbar support. FurnitureHub offers a variety of office chairs that provide maximum back and body support. Each chair is capable of handling certain amount of weight and should be picked according to individual needs.

So, these are some important factors to consider when buying office chairs online. Let us know if you found them helpful.

What important features to look for when buying an office chair?

Adjustable seat height
Swivel and tilt
Lumbar support
Back & body support

What are the common types of office chairs?

Ergonomic task chairs
Mesh chairs
Executive chairs
Conference & guest chairs

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