Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

Chests of drawers are an important piece of furniture for homes because they provide additional storage without taking up too much space. They are stunning in design and bring a stylish touch to your space. A cool thing about chest of drawers is that they are multipurpose and solve your storage problems in style. If you are looking to buy furniture online to store your stuff, buying chest of drawers will be your best choice.

Chest of drawers come in various sizes – from small to medium and large.

When buying a chest of drawer, you will need to carefully consider its size and shape as well or it may not ideally fit into your home.

Remember that buying the right chest of drawer is something not many are capable of. It comes in numerous styles and materials which makes choosing the right piece very difficult. So, if you really want to buy an item that adds value to your place, we advise you to give a solid read to this post.

Determine What Size You Need

When exploring best online furniture stores to buy chest of drawers, the first thing you must do is to determine that size you need. Get out your notepad and make a list of everything you will be putting inside it. Though it may feel boring, it does help you get a piece that functions well and provides an ideal storage solution.

Many people use chest of drawers to store different stuff such as t-shirts, jeans, wallets, keys, DVDs, books, magazines, etc. If you want one for same purpose, then choose a versatile model. One that is functional and features small drawers at the top, with drawers increasing in size the further down you go. These chests of drawers are the best for those looking for multipurpose units. Smaller drawers on the top are ideal to store makeup and keys, while larger drawers can store anything from garments to spare bedding.

However, if you already have convenient storage for clothing, buying a versatile chest of drawers isn’t necessary. Instead, go for a model which lets you add and remove stuff as and when you need.

And obviously, you have to take the right measurements of the unit and available space. When taking measurements, consider not just the floor space it will consume but also the depth of drawers to ensure that you have enough room to tuck away the clothing. After all, storage room is key when it comes to chest of drawers!

How’s the Top?

Chest of drawers are not only good for storing stuff but can also be used as display stands. When buying a unit, consider the size and shape of the top of your chest of drawers along with what you plan to put there. For example, if you are an avid reader who likes to read good books during their free time, then the top must provide enough space to accommodate a reading light. The height of the unit is important as well because you don’t want it to be too high or too low from the book.

On the other hand, if the only purpose of buying is to store your makeup and jewelry, then a spacious top surface unit is what you need. There is also an option to use wide tops purely for decorative purposes. There you can put decorative pieces, family photographs, and display souvenirs that you want close by your side.

Another use of wider surface is displaying flowers to keep the air fresh in your room.

Lastly, if you’re a person with simple taste and only want a Chester to place mobile phone, alarm clock, or simply a cup of tea, then a two-drawer unit should be more than good.

Don’t Forget About the Style

While focusing on width and height, don’t forget about the style. The height and width of chest of drawers don’t determine whether a unit will fit in your place – style does that.

Let’s further discuss it. Shorter units are great for children’s rooms, but they may not look great in contemporary home interiors where the entire furniture is sleek and tall.

Chests of drawers can differ greatly in shapes and sizes. Some boast a light, tall, and airy appearance while others come with a vintage charm. To limit your options, consider your home décor and surf the internet for what style goes best with it.

Also, consider whether you prefer handles on your chest of drawers or not. Typically, handles make opening and closing drawers much easier, but if you’re looking to buy kids furniture online, handles aren’t a very famous option. This is because having handles increases the chance of damaging the unit, particularly when it’s being used by kids.

Some Design Recommendations from FurnitureHub

Since chest of drawers is one of the most functional furniture items you will buy, here are some design recommendations to help you make the right purchase.


The most common design! Rectangular chests are simple, sophisticated, and can easily accommodate numerous possessions in style. An excellent chest features at least 3-4 tiers to store your stuff.

These chests feature small and large drawers which allow them to house a variety of stuff. For durability, you should opt for wooden rectangular chests, as they carry a rustic charm and can last for many years.


Circular chests are great to maximize the unused floor space. Whether your home interior is classic, modern or contemporary, circular chests can easily blend flawlessly with each of them because of their perfect shape. Plus, they bring a sense of functionality and give a purpose to the vacant corners of your home.

So, these are some recommendations and tips on buying the right type of chest of drawers. Lets us know if you found them helpful.

How to buy the right chest of drawers?

Determine what size you need
Consider the size and shape of the top
Don’t forget about the style

What are the most common shapes of chest of drawers?


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