Factors to Consider When Buying an Ottoman

Factors to Consider When Buying an Ottoman

Ottomans are an important piece of furniture for living rooms. They bring elegance to your place and add functionality to it without weighing too much on your budget. The most common use of ottomans is as comforter in front of couches or chairs, but they can also be used as stools or even coffee tables. Typically, an ottoman consists of a padded, upholstered seat and an armless bench. If you are looking to buy furniture online with ottoman on your priority list, consider the following things to make sure you bring home the perfect piece.

Ottoman Shapes

Ottomans typically come in three shapes: round, square, and rectangular. The shape of ottoman you choose determines how well it will fit with the surrounding furniture. While round ottomans are great for packing comfort in a small package, square ottomans are great for creating a unified look when paired with matching chairs. Moreover, unlike round ottomans which look the best with round sofas, square ottomans can be paired with almost any type of furniture.

Rectangular ottomans, on the other hand, are frequently used as an alternative to coffee tables, as stools, or as a place to sit.

Ottoman Material

The material of an ottoman can have a big impact on your lifestyle. Therefore, take a moment to think what material type will be ideal for your place. For example, leather ottomans are more durable than the fabric ones, but they are also more susceptible to scratches and stains from common household items such as ink, oil, etc. If you have kids or pets, these ottomans may not work for you. Otherwise, they will be fine. Also, if you can’t afford leather, try buying vinyl ottomans as they are similar but cheaper.

Fabric ottomans are another excellent option as they work with various décor types. However, these ottomans are more prone to tearing or fraying compared to leather.

If you want an easy to clean and low maintenance ottoman, then go with microfiber as it offers both these features. Plus, it brings added comfort and softness to the place which is basically every homeowner’s dream.

Remember that whatever material you choose, it will need some type of damage protection. There are several types of slipcover available that will keep your ottoman protected. Take some time to find the one that best matches your personal taste, particularly when buying from an online furniture shop.

Ottoman Types

Ottomans are some of the most versatile furniture items. They come in various types and serve different functionalities. Below are the most popular types of ottomans.

Ottoman coffee table: This ottoman type is firm and features a flat surface so as not to spill any drinks. It is typically made with microfiber or leather and can be of any shape.

Storage ottoman: If you want a clever storage spot in your living room, consider this ottoman. It either features a lid that swings open on hinges/can be lifted off completely or includes drawers. A storage ottoman can store items like blankets, pillows, clothes, TV remote, magazines, and more.

Glider ottoman: This ottoman provides a gliding footrest which makes it an ideal addition to gliders or rocking chairs. A glider ottoman will look great in almost any room and typically features a square shape with material that matches its parent glider or rocking chair.

Tufted ottoman: If you want to add an elegant touch to your room, consider tufted ottoman. Its design is not only charming but comfortable as well. Plus, the plenty of cushioning makes it ideal for your feet to relax.

Traditional ottoman: Some may think of traditional ottomans as outdated, but the truth is, they are still plentiful. Many families still want a foot-only piece and traditional ottomans provide the best possible fit. These ottomans come in many types and sizes, all featuring pillow-like tops. The most common types include long-bench, rectangular, round, square and can be found on all best furniture stores.

Ottoman Color

Color scheme is another factor to look for when buying ottomans. A common trend among homeowners is that they prefer ottomans that match with the rest of their furniture. Though there’s nothing wrong with that approach, an even cooler option would be buying a contrasting color to offset other pieces instead.

Getting a bold primary color and setting it against a white or neutral backdrop can do wonderfully lift the look of your décor. You can also bring an added charm to your place through a piece which has less fabric and more frame showing.

To create a warm, rustic feeling, go with a wooden-frame piece.

Just like other furniture items, your choice of color, shape, and size defines how the ottoman will look in your home. The key is to try and experiment with different combinations until you get that look which will leave everyone in awe.

Important Ottoman Tips

  • The ottoman you buy should be lower in height than the piece of furniture it is paired with. However, if you’re buying a coffee table ottoman, then make sure it’s slightly higher than its nearby furniture for ease of access.
  • Consider buying multiple small ottomans for unique layouts and maximum functionality.
  • Take measurements of the space where you will put the ottoman before shopping.
  • Dust your ottomans regularly to maintain their attractive look appeal.
  • If you intend to use an ottoman frequently, consider slipcovers to keep it safe and make it last longer.
  • Protect your ottomans from direct sunlight to keep their color from fading.
  • If you are planning to buy multiple ottomans, try buying them in sets where the smaller ones can fit inside the larger ones.
  • If you have a rattan ottoman, do not drag it or the wicker can split. Instead, pick it up and gently place wherever you want it.
What factors should you consider when buying an ottoman?

Ottoman shapes
Ottoman material
Ottoman color
Ottoman types

What are some common ottoman types?

Ottoman coffee table
Storage ottoman
Glider ottoman
Tufted ottoman
Traditional ottoman

What are some useful ottoman tips?

Consider buying multiple small ottomans maximum functionality.
Dust your ottomans regularly to maintain their attractive look.
Use slipcovers to keep your ottomans safe.
Protect ottomans from direct sunlight to keep their color from fading.

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