Antique Furniture Buying Guide

Antique Furniture Buying Guide

Antique furniture is a great choice for those looking to buy quality furniture for cheap. It adds unique charm and brings a cool style to your house without taking up too much of your budget. An interesting fact about antique furniture is that it’s unusual and environment-friendly. The materials used in structure are completely safe for kids, pets, and people who have used / are going to use vintage furnishings. Remember that buying vintage furniture online is slightly different from usual garage sales because you are not buying just used furniture, but classy furniture from a specific time period.

If you are a vintage furniture lover and want to know in detail about it, give this post a solid read.

Look for Reputable Sources

When shopping for antique furniture, start things off by finding a reputable seller. Someone who truly understands your requirements and can provide you with full information about this particular style. Hiring an experienced seller ensures that you are working with someone who knows the design history and sells the right product.

Exploring areas with older homes, looking into flea markets, attending auctions, and going to estate sales is also very effective in finding desired items.

Once you have found a bunch of good resources, go there often. Get to know sellers and owners of vintage furniture. This way, you will get a lot of relevant information. And if you can become friends with them, they will even let you know when something cool shows up.

Another great source is vintage stores where you will find special discounts on items that remained unsold after a certain period of time. If you visit them regularly, you can find plenty of bargains there.

Inspect the Condition

While searching for an antique piece, carefully inspect its condition, particularly the signs of age and wear, harms and fixes as they may influence item’s value. In case you discover an adorable item, and the photos aren’t detailed enough to help you determine the condition, ask for more photos and information from the owner. Remember that gently used furniture is always in a better condition than furniture that has been roughly used. So, if you are looking for antique furniture, search for gently used items.

Do Your Homework

When you’ve decided on a certain item, don’t just go and buy it. Instead, do more research on the item to ensure you are spending money on the right piece. A simple Google search can give you an idea of fair market value to help you ensure that you are not overpaying for something. You can also take help from furniture magazines and blogs to know what’s trending in vintage.

Learn How To Spot A Fake

Fair restoration or new feet on antique furniture is acceptable. But in some cases, the owners try to perform restorations that are planned to deceive. One thing to remember when buying antique furniture is that a great deal of it is fake. Inconsistent colors and grains or new upholsteries are all signs that you could be looking at a phony product. The main red flags are unnatural appearances on surfaces, inflated rusting on nails, glazing bars, re-made drawers, and cornices. It’s not always simple to spot fake antiques, making it even more important to buy from reliable sellers or stores.

Use Your Measuring Tapes

It may sound obvious, but customers often buy a gorgeous piece without determining if it will work at their place. They make an alluring purchase without even taking actual measurements which often results in returning of the product.

To avoid this, apart from taking measurements of the space where it will sit, you must ensure that it can pass through entryways of your home!

Keep an Open Mind

One of the main issues when buying antique furniture is the uncertainty that whether the piece will look good at your place. This is why it’s important to keep an open mind and think of approaches to make it work at your place. One of those approaches is replacing upholstery and any other elements when necessary. Not only will it simplify buying vintage furniture online, but you’ll end up with a very unique piece at home.

Quality Over Anything

Quality is the main aspect of a furniture item. Just because it is old doesn’t mean the quality is there. Stay away from furniture that features substandard materials and poor craftsmanship. Remember that every furniture type is a mix of poorly made and well-made furniture – antique is no exception. Therefore, it would be a smart idea to check the quality of product before paying the money.

Scratches Are Fine to An Extent

While it’s important for antique furniture to be in ideal shape, surface scratches are fine.  They can be easily fixed. Therefore, don’t let them scare you. Many stores fix minor flaws, and if you buy from a truly renowned brand, you may even get it professionally restored.

Use Flaws to Your Advantage

You can use flawed products to your advantage as they give you a bargaining power to pull the price down. When shopping, inspect the item carefully for damage or defects. If it’s worth buying, use those flaws to bargain for a more suitable price. But before doing that, make sure that damage is fixable and that the repairing costs won’t drive the entire cost too high.

Buy Individual Pieces Instead of An Entire Set

When buying antique furniture for sale, purchasing an entire set may be costly or overload your place with antique items. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, buy individual pieces that would work well in your place without costing too much. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to express your very own taste in a unique style.

How to buy antique furniture the right way?

Look for reputable sources
Inspect the condition
Do your homework
Learn how to spot a fake
Use your measuring tapes
Keep an open mind
Prefer quality over anything
Scratches are fine to an extent
Use flaws to your advantage
Buy individual pieces instead of an entire set

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