How to Buy Second Hand Furniture like An Expert?

How to Buy Second Hand Furniture like An Expert?

Buying furniture is fun and it’s very fulfilling to see your home decorated in a way that truly reflects your personality. But this can be very expensive as well. Furniture is a significant investment and buying furniture online can turn into a hefty total rather quickly. Individuals with limited budgets often settle for second-hand furniture to elevate the look of their decor.

Choosing second-hand furniture is a great financial choice to outfit a home. Additionally, the search for vintage pieces and hidden gems can be a lot of fun as well.

Before starting your search, it’s a smart idea to collect necessary information and avoid buying faulty items. But most importantly, have a clear idea about how much you are willing to spend.

Here, we have constructed a list of useful tips to help you make the right purchase.

Examine the Piece Carefully

Ever happened that you found an excellent piece and felt like you just have to have it? Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. But don’t let a dream deplete your budget. Apart from being catchy to the eyes, you must know whether a piece is worth the cash… or even worth buying at all.

Regardless of where you find that dream piece, you must examine it carefully before making any offers. If it’s a sofa or a chair, sit on it and see if it’s comfortable. If it’s a bed, lay on it and see if it’s smooth and relaxing. Similarly, if it’s a dressing table, open the doors, drawers and see if something is broken or not.

And if something is broken, can you easily fix it?

If it is broken or not working as it should, try to bring down the price to accommodate repairing costs. Finally, search for labels or different markings on the piece to ensure whether it is an original vintage piece or a counterfeit one.

Check for Odors

Use your senses when purchasing second-hand furniture. Items that have been in another person’s home may carry smells from the previous place. When purchasing furniture, take into account this factor. Some smells may fade over time, while others like pet and smoking may not. Don’t get so lost in the incredible design that you forget that this piece is going to become a part of your house for a long time to come.

Check for Germs

Second-hand mattresses, cushions, and other stuff can harbor germs. Although appealing, second-hand beddings are not recommended to utilize anymore. They can harbor various kinds of germs, bacteria, and bugs that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If you require a mattress and can’t afford to purchase a brand new one, then try purchasing a futon until you can manage the cost of a conventional one.

Tips for Buying a Couch

Appearance can be absolutely deceiving when it comes to buying a second-hand sofa set for sale. And in most cases, it should be the last thing to worry about. The internal construction, which you can’t readily observe, is what determines the quality of a couch these days. But sadly, the modern sofa construction has become more about affordability rather than the quality. But this doesn’t mean that quality pieces are obsolete. There are still many if you go with the right approach.

In case a couch is sturdy, turn it over and see whether the frame is solid wood. If you can’t locate the frame, then try lifting the couch and see if its heavy. The weight is a great indicator of the quality of a sofa. The heavier the piece, the higher the quality. Also, the joints should not be stapled. Instead, they should be connected with glue or dowels.

Moreover, don’t forget examining the cushions. If the foam inside is hard or crumbly, you will need to buy a new fill. However, if it’s soft and in good condition, you can save a lot of money by simply reusing the old filling.

Try Reupholstering

Reupholstering can spare you a lot of cash. Second hand and old furniture typically feature a quality structure and often require just the ‘facelift’. The old furniture was made with better workmanship and quality material. So instead of overlooking an old couch at antique store, think about the potential and cash savings it would offer in comparison to buying a new sofa.

Go With Laminated or Veneer Furniture

Veneer furniture is also an excellent choice for buying second hand furniture. Just because it isn’t wood doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t offer quality. Depending on placement, veneer furniture can take more abuse than wood. Similarly, laminated furniture can be glued back if it’s breaking apart. So, if you are budget conscious, these two furniture types can be ideal for you.

Check Retailers Who Rent Furniture

Before scanning all over town for best furniture stores, try retailers that rent furniture. These furniture pieces are normally gently used and, in many cases, the retailers will offer an incredible deal to sell their stock. However, remember to check that the item you are buying isn’t worn out or your hard-earned money will go to waste.

Take Necessary Measurements

When looking for second-hand furniture, you must know what space you have to fill and how wide that space is. Then take the dimensions of your place and match them with the dimensions of your desired item. And even if you don’t have explicit measurements, have a good idea of how much space you want to fill as most furniture stores won’t take the items back.

Auction Sites: Another Good Place to Look At

Auction sites receive furniture from various sources such as furniture stores, estate sales, unclaimed capacity units, etc. Look up these sites to see if you can find any good quality second-hand items. The furniture on these sites generally has a discriminatory taste so the quality and cost are likely to be more than that of your normal online purchases.

How to buy second-hand furniture like an expert?

Do the following before buying used furniture:
Examine the piece carefully
Check for odors
Check for germs
Tips for buying a couch
Try reupholstering
Go with laminated or veneer furniture
Check retailers who rent furniture
Take necessary measurements
Explore the auction sites

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