Mistakes to Avoid When Buying From Online Furniture Shop

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying From Online Furniture Shop

The internet has made shopping easier than ever. And while purchasing stuff like toilet papers or cleaning supplies may turn out to be fine, buying furniture from online furniture shop can be a bit tricky. This is because furniture shopping is more than just purchasing items.

To make it a success, you must check a few aspects.

Perhaps you forgot to read the return policy? Or maybe the color that appeared dark blue wasn’t as dark as you thought? And how about the damaged legs of the dining table you bought online? All these issues are enough to drive a sane person insane.

Therefore, never base your decision on online photographs. They can be extremely deceiving. The pictures are taken under the perfect environment, highlighting only the best features and masking flaws. The original piece often turns out to be completely different from the one on display.

But don’t worry. We will help you make the perfect purchase by outlining the common mistakes most buyers make.

Forgetting About the Measurements

Before putting an item in the shopping cart, most shoppers take measurements to ensure that the item will fit in their living room. But one thing they forget to take is the roof and stairwell measurements.

You must take these measurements into account to allow easy movement of furniture in the house. Also, measure entryways and add an extra inch or two in case the online numbers are off.

Remember that some furniture items require assembly, which gives you an extra couple of inches to get through the entryways, but this may not be given in the description.

To get these teeny tiny details, we recommend you to call the brand.

Trusting Reviews A Little Too Much

Another mistake the shoppers make is basing their judgment solely on reviews. Though reviews give a good idea about a specific product, they are not always accurate. Our advice is to take both the good and bad reviews with a grain of salt.

Some are often fake, and some outdated.

The best practice is to check a couple of the latest reviews. Remember that some of the negative ones may have come from an earlier version of the item.

Also, take note of the manner the brand reacts to reviews. The best online furniture stores always listen to their customers. Doing so will help you know whether or not the company will have your back in case you end up with a faulty product.

Assuming That Assembly Is Easy

If you think that the assembly of your desired item is going to be easy breezy, think again. Many furniture items require a number of tools to be put together, and their assembly is anything but simple.

The fact that most furniture items today are imported, and since shipment is a substantial segment of the cost, companies spend huge resources on lowering the space in sea containers.

The result?

Dozens of pieces to assemble.

In case online stores don’t tempt you, shop in a physical store. But if you do go with the assembly option, do it in the room where it’ll live. Do not assemble a bed in the lawn, just to discover it won’t fit through the room door.

Not Checking the Quality

That captivating center table your eyes are set on may appear ideal for your décor, but just because it looks good in pictures doesn’t mean the real piece will live up to the expectations. As the expression goes, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

To ensure you are getting what you saw, research about the brand, and search for the item’s material. Also, make sure that the thing resembling wood is a genuine wood, and not a counterfeit one.

Getting Deceived By Colors

Have you ever received a garment that looks nothing like the one you ordered online? If yes, this is because the computer and cellphone screens show colors differently. But when it’s furniture, that can be a costly mistake.

To prevent the heartbreak, see the thing on various devices and ask for a fabric swatch. Top online furniture stores will send a sample for a small fee to help you find the right match for your décor theme.

Can’t find the right color for your room? Go to Instagram or Pinterest for unique ideas that will make the choice a lot easier for you. You can also explore FurnitureHub to see what fits your room.

Not Paying Attention to the Shipping Policy

Customers often become involved with the cost so much so that they forget to ask how the item will be shipped. Asking about shipment policy is particularly important when you are buying large items such as dining table, king size bed, sofa set, etc.

Ask how long the shipment will take and who would be responsible should any damage happen to the item.

Not Knowing How to Find Discounts

Online furniture retailers are almost always offering discounts — you just have to know where to find them. The best approach to find the discount is to download a shopping application, which will search the internet for available sales and notify you about them.

Unfortunately, there is no definite way of finding out when a retailer will offer a discount on your favorite sofa set in Lahore. But being aware of the patterns can help you to find the right price at the right time.

Ordering From the Wrong Store

A serious problem with online furniture shopping is that so much arrives damaged or with missing pieces.

Customers often send back the items to get the issue fixed, which may add a few extra days to the deadline. So, in case you want perfection, you should order from Furniture Hub, as we can rapidly deliver furniture items in the perfect condition.

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying furniture online?

Forgetting about the measurements
Trusting reviews a little too much
Assuming that assembly is easy
Not checking the quality
Getting deceived by colors
Not paying attention to the shipping policy
Not knowing how to find discounts
Ordering from the wrong store

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