What Are Important Furniture Choices for First Time Buyers

What Are Important Furniture Choices for First Time Buyers

If you’re on a budget and buying furniture for the first time, knowing what to buy first will help you utilize the budget smartly. That way, you can not only get what you truly need but also spend the rest of your budget on things that will turn the dull house into a lively home. Buying the right furniture from the best furniture store can become much easier when your choice is based on functionality rather than aesthetics. Furniture that fulfills your daily needs such as a bed to sleep, a couch to sit down, dining table to eat, and storage tables for holding extra stuff is the most essential for your place. So focus on buying items that fulfill those needs first. If you can find furniture that offers multiple functionalities such as sofa beds, lift top coffee table; even better.

To learn more, here’s a list of priority items for first-time furniture buyers.

A Sturdy Bed

A bed is the most essential part of any living place. You’ll spend the majority of your daily free time in bed, so it’s important to buy one that’s comfortable and can last for a long time. Choose a bed that you can afford and that can last for at least 10 years or more. Keep in mind that price doesn’t define the quality of a bed. What matters the most is the material and construction of the bed. Proper size, firmness, and surface are important as well.

Remember that the most expensive bed isn’t always the best bed. So basing your decision solely on price is never a smart choice.


Dressers are an excellent option for holding in your clothes and other regular stuff. Your new place is more than likely to have plenty of space for a decent dresser. And the best part about this piece of furniture is that you can pick it up at any second-hand store and re-paint according to your personal taste!

Dining Table and Dining Chairs

Most dining tables come in a round or square shape with a fixed design, offering a limited capacity of seats. But if you have guests or visitors regularly at your place, the extendable design will work the best for you.

Before investing in a table, don’t forget to take a good look at the material and make sure it’s constructed well.

In addition to the dining table, you will need to buy dining chairs to add functionality, beauty, and color to the dining space.

Dining chairs should be comfortable enough so that you can enjoy your meals and have long conversations with friends.

For those with a limited budget, wooden chairs are a cheap solution but if you are looking for comfort, upholstered chairs would be the better choice.

An added benefit of upholstered chairs is that you can always put on them new slipcovers to create a fresh look.

An Excellent Sofa

Sofas are another important part of a living place. They come in many shapes and styles. Based on the quality, costs can vary as well.

When searching for a sofa, always check your affordability first. But never compromise on quality just to get a cheap solution because a sofa set is going to be the next most important furnishing piece at your place after the bed. Therefore, never settle for anything less than a solid material, attractive design, and durable fabric.

Length of the sofa, arm shape, number of cushions, and fabric types are the essential aspects to look for when buying a sofa set for sale.

Kitchen Gadgets

Do not forget to purchase kitchen items when furnishing your new place. After all, kitchen is where all those delicious meals are going to be prepared for you.

So before heading to the market, take a few minutes and make a list of the items you use the most. Microwave, stove, dishes, silverware, glasses are the basic necessities for every kitchen.

Besides, some people simply can’t live without pots and pans or have to have a tea kettle. If that sounds like you, add it to your list as well.

Bathroom Items

There are some bathroom essentials that everyone should make sure they have. If you have recently moved to a new apartment, having bathroom items like toilet paper, shower curtain and liner, mirror set, cleaning supplies (soap, shampoo, body wash) for you and plunger, toilet cleaning brush for the bathroom itself. These things will save you from many types of messes in the future.

Side Tables

Also known as end tables, these are great to display photos, stack DVDs, books, magazines, and to put lamps. They can be placed next to your couch, bed, or chair, and help maintain some order in your new place.

Media Center

If you have TV, DVD player or DVR, you will need media center to create a proper media setting. Media centers are easy to find at both furniture showrooms and garage sales at affordable prices.


If your new place doesn’t have overhead lights, buying lamps for bedrooms and living room could be a good idea when furnishing your place. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to add a charming touch to your home, and lamps help you achieve this in the cheapest and most effective manner.

Guest Beds

For guests, there are several types of beds available on the best online furniture store. A sofa bed in the guest room can provide comfortable seating and sleeping solutions to your visitors.

Remember that the comfortability of a bed is defined by the quality of the mattress. So be sure to get a good quality mattress as well.

What are the important buying choices for first-time furniture buyers?

A sturdy bed
Dining table and dining chairs
An excellent sofa
Kitchen gadgets
Bathroom items
Side tables
Media center
Guest beds

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