When Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Furniture?

When Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Furniture?

Furniture is an important part of homes, offices, and any space where humans tend to spend their time. It brings style, functionality to the place and allows us to release stress. However, like everything, furniture items have an expiration date. No matter how high the quality of your furniture is, it is bound to expire and will need replacement someday. Therefore, homeowners should be aware of when their furniture expires. During online furniture shopping, many buyers don’t consider expiration dates for home furnishings.

Read this article to learn about the lifespan of different furniture items and when should you replace them.

When to Replace A Sofa?

Sofas come in different styles, shapes, and qualities. The lifespan of a sofa depends on its quality. Medium quality sofas tend to last seven to fifteen years while better qualities sofas can last even longer. However, at one point, you will notice fraying, hear squeaking or get the uncomfortable ‘sinking in’ feeling whenever you sit on your sofa. When one or more of these symptoms appear, you’ll know it’s probably time to replace that sofa.

When to Replace A Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are usually very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. However, the damage done by kids, pets, and spilling drinks can eventually take its toll on an aging piece.

Depending on how they are used, most coffee tables can last anywhere between five to twenty years. if your coffee has unstable legs, shows discoloration, or has lost its attractive look, you should consider buying a new coffee table.

When to Replace a Recliner?

Since recliners are made from the same material as sofas, their lifespan is also pretty much the same – about seven to fifteen years. They way a recliner is used also contributes to its lifespan. If they are used regularly, then they will live a shorter life. But if they are used more as a decorative piece, then they can last up to fifteen or even twenty years.

When to Replace A Dining Table?

Similar to other furniture items, the lifespan of a dining table depends on the quality of the material. Five to twenty years is what dining tables tend to last for.

The main reason dining tables lose their look and feel over time is outside influences such as discoloration from direct sunlight, stains from drink spills, and scratches by kids or pets. However, while looks can often be compromised, safety hazards should never be. If your family’s dining table becomes lopsided or unstable, it’s definitely time for a new one.

When to Replace Dining Chairs?

Dining chairs are the most used part of dining furniture and thus have a shorter average lifespan than that of dining tables.

Depending on the quality of material, the lifespan of different types of dining chairs may vary. Those made of heavy material and featuring thicker frames will have a longer life.

If you notice wear and tear or hear creaking from the chairs, then it’s probably time to get a new set of dining chairs.

When to Replace A Kitchen Island?

The kitchen island is perhaps one of the most-used pieces of furniture because most the cutting, chopping, and other food preparation related tasks are performed on it, causing it to lose its touch over time.

While the stone kitchen islands can last over twenty years – other types tend to last between only ten to fifteen years due to rough and frequent use.

When to Replace A Bed?

A bed is where you go to relax after a tiring day at work. However, most the time when it comes to refurbishing a bedroom, homeowners prefer buying a new mattress over a new bed.

Remember that a quality bed can be as important as a quality mattress to enjoy a peaceful sleep. A smooth bed provides proper support to the mattress. If the support is poor, even the highest quality of the mattress will lose its shape and comfort.

Don’t know when to replace a bed?

A good quality bed can last from seven to fifteen years. After that time, you’ll notice creaking, splintering, or sagging in its components. When these symptoms start to appear, you will know it’s time to buy a new bed for sale in Lahore.

When to Replace A Dresser?

If you aren’t sure when to replace a dresser, take a look at its drawer mechanism. Loose drawer pulls or drawer guides failing to budge are two of the sure signs that your dresser has lived its age. Wobbly legs are another indication that the dresser is nearing its end. While most of these symptoms tend to appear after about five to fifteen years of use, the best thing to do is to replace the dresser at the first signs of overuse.

When to Replace A Bedroom Bench?

Bedroom benches are one of the few furniture items that can last forever if maintained and cleaned properly. However, when used regularly for sitting, they may lose quality which typically happens after seven years.

If your bedroom bench is starting to creak or wobble, then it’s probably time for you to buy a new one.

How to Dispose of Old Furniture?

Now that you have learned everything about when to buy new furniture; how about disposing of the old one? Do you know how to do it? There are plenty of options you can choose from including:

  • Donation stores where the goodwill army will accept used furniture.
  • Homeless shelters or schools are also great places for old furniture.
  • Garage sale sites such as Craigslist or eBay have a large number of visitors looking to buy cheap furniture online.
  • If nothing works, gift it to a friend who is moving into a new apartment and is short on cash.

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