White Furniture Decoration and Protection Tips

White Furniture Decoration and Protection Tips

The popularity of white furniture has increased rapidly over the last couple of decades. This is mainly because of its unmatched elegance, style, and most importantly, practicality. And if looked after properly, it will serve you for many years without losing quality. There are not many types that can beat the class, crisp, and appeal of white décor. It brings a sense of calm, comfort, and sophistication to the place. When buying furniture Lahore, many people dismiss white furniture, thinking its only good for magazines and movies – it’s nothing but false assumptions. If used properly, you’ll be surprised to know how great white furniture can be for your place.


Your Room Must Be White

White rooms are essential for white furniture as they allow you to perform numerous experiments with your creativity. They are great to take inspirations for your furniture choice as well. Plus, if you are a fan of wall décor, white is an excellent option to use as a backdrop. So, instead of spending your precious time on deciding room color, try white and see how it elevates the look of your place instantly.

Combine White with Metallic Colors

Have you noticed that most of the latest interior trends use combination of white with metallic colors? White and metal, copper, and gold are all featuring in home interiors to create a welcoming look. Whether you pair white with steel appliances in kitchen or with metal lighting installations in your family room, it is always going to be a great addition to your décor.

Use Different Things to Add Personality to The Room

If your room lacks personality, try adding layers of different whites such as warm white, off white, etc. Use different textures, furniture sofa set, and paint to make the bedroom more interesting. Curtains, headboard, footboard, windows, and bedding can all work together to create your dream look.

White Upholstery

You may think that white upholstery is harder to keep clean because it gets dirty easily. While this is true, the choice of fabric and how you use it matters more than the color. For example, think about where you will use it. Living rooms and dining rooms usually experience more traffic. So you can use leather or faux suedes in those areas, while khaki or white denim is perfect for places with pets and children.

Instead of dismissing white because of color, choose a fabric that doesn’t pick stains easily.

Use White in Kitchen

The best thing about white is its flexibility which pairs it well with both traditional and classical kitchens featuring wooden cabinets with marble countertops and modern decors. Numerous homeowners love white in kitchen because it creates a clean and charming appeal. Some appliance manufacturers are even producing white kitchen appliances to meet the increasing demand.

Add A Piece of Artwork

A very cool thing about working with white is the freedom of adding personal style in your interior without disturbing the wall color and style of furniture. In case you are a fan of art, sculptural pieces, or any decorative piece that captures attention, show it on a white wall or over your white bed. All eyes will go to that work of art without you even trying!

Choose the Best White Shade for Your Decor

Sounds strange, right? But it’s true that there are numerous shades of white. Every color out there has a white variant of it. From greens to yellows to blues and reds, all have white variants. So, based on the color of your furniture and décor, look for a white that goes best with it.

White Interior Is Perfect for All Seasons

White serves as a canvas where you can draw patterns and put various decorations in different seasons. Whether you want to welcome autumn with rustic tones of red and yellow or change to bright colors in spring, an all-white interior gives you the flexibility to change the foreground quickly! It helps you create a home that is welcoming to all seasons. In summer, an all-white interior is cool and may not require additional colors at all.

Add Wow Factor to Washrooms by Adding White Color

Nothing catches the eye more than white interior of a washroom. A white bath, sink bowl and deck can look gorgeous against any color that catches the eye. Red tiles, water glass tiles, or even a monochromatic metallic steel tile in any all-white washroom will add wow factor to it!

Use White to Erase Eyesores

White is also a great eraser for home interiors. Whether your home has some architectural mishaps, exposed pipes, or overhead blemishes in the drywall – white can erase all the eyesores. Transform your home by using all-white interiors and see how it lifts the look of your interior!


Though the white home interior is cool to have, if not protected properly, it will quickly become unusable. Therefore, we have given below some protection tips. Read them carefully to keep it safe.

Use Stain Guard

The best way to keep white furniture clean is to protect it from stains using a stain guard. All of the best furniture stores offer this service at different fees. If you are comfortable to pay those fees, then the professional help will keep your furniture protected.

Use Slipcovers

Slipcovers are another great option to keep white furniture safe. You’ll just need to wash them regularly to maintain the clean look.

Use Spot Cleaner

There are some things that even a washing machine can’t fix. Those require a little extra help such as an upholstery spot cleaner that will instantly remove accidental spills and stains.

So, these are some useful tips for white furniture decoration and protection. Try them out and let us know if they worked for you.

How to decorate your home with white furniture?

Your place must be white
Combine white with metallic colors
Use different things to add personality to the room
Use white upholstery
Use white in the kitchen
Add a piece of artwork
Choose the best white shade for your décor
Add white color to washrooms
Use white to erase eyesores

What are some tips to protect white furniture?

Use stain guard
Use slipcovers
Use spot cleaner

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