Furniture Hub | The Home of Quality Furniture

Furniture Hub | The Home of Quality Furniture

Buying furniture is stressful enough because of the cash, responsibility, and sheer commitment it involves. Plus you will go from store to store and need to move it upstairs or tight spaces, making the entire process far more stressful. Therefore, FurnitureHub – one of the top furniture stores in Lahore – has reinvented the furniture-buying experience for modern customers and It’s working perfectly.

FurnitureHub belongs to the new breed of furniture producers offering top of the line quality and customization at competitive pricing. We do this by throwing away the mindset of doing business for personal gains. We strive for innovation and offer customers the value for their money. Creating great products and providing world-class customer services is our ultimate goal to demonstrate our exceptional expertise.

Moreover, we offer free delivery and try-at-home options regardless of the product you are buying. Free delivery is great particularly for larger items as the costs of renting personal means of transport are often on the high-end for customers. Our clients find it is so refreshing to know that they are not stuck with an item if it turns out to be ugly or below the required standards.

Let’s take a slightly detailed look at what else we have to offer.


One thing that separates us from the rest is the willingness to eliminate middleman. This helps us take out extra costs and help clients with additional savings. For example, a three-seat couch at FurnitureHub begins at PKR 40,000 while the same couch on brands which include middleman will cost around extra PKR 5k-10k. Indeed, the value difference isn’t colossal, but it does make a huge difference when you are buying several items from different stores.


The best thing about FurnitureHub is that it doesn’t waste money on creating stocks of items that nobody wants. We manufacture all of our items upon order only, meaning that any item you want to buy can be customized in size, fabric, and the finish of your choice. We will also build from scratch if you have a unique idea in your mind.

However, we do keep a small stock of standard models that are always ready to ship.

With our customized furniture, you get:


A Personal Touch

Customization reflects our exceptional creativity. We cherish crafting furniture and through devotion and passion, we create designs that fit your own way of life. Our idea is about you and your incredible, personal taste.

Need a piece to elevate your lounge’s look? We are ready to help you out!

Your Own World

The world rotates around you and not around the dull boring furniture items.

Make this world yours by having the right kind of furniture at your home. And when it comes to buying the right furniture, there’s no better place than FurnitureHub. Our furniture is manufactured to fit your world, your space, and design.

Living in a small apartment? We have incredibly versatile items to make the most of it.

Have a big, luxury house? We will customize the furniture to make it fit ideally.

At FurnitureHub, you just pick the item. The rest is taken care by us.

Quick Delivery

Similar to all the online furniture stores in Lahore, we offer quick delivery across the city. Our delivery service is suitable for all types of homes and apartments.

The most appropriate delivery method is determined based on the size and weight of your purchase.

We ship smaller items through courier or mail and send you a notification when the order ships. Some items may require assembly.

A typical order takes 2-3 weeks. If 1-week shipping is available, then the order will be delivered within one week after it has been transported and received by the delivery carrier. In the event that 2-week shipping is available for an order, it will be delivered inside 2 weeks after being picked up by the delivery carrier. Also, several factors may delay the delivery. Such as delivery capacity, changes in order, and unforeseen conditions like strikes, nasty weather, etc. as these are beyond human control.

Read everything about FurnitureHub? Now start shopping with these three simple steps.

Pick Your Favorite Style

Step one is about finding the right shape and the style you like. If you are looking to buy a couch, first take a look at the couch styles and specs in our wide collection of gorgeous pieces. Whether it’s bent or straight, sharp or delicate – here you will find couches of every type and shape to fit all decor types. Similarly, if you want to buy a dining table, do the same – pick your favorite item and make it your own.

Once you have picked the right piece, you are ready to move to the next step where you will take measurements and size of the desired item.

Check Measurements

You’ve found the right piece, and now it’s time to find the size that fits the space.

With FurnitureHub’s vast collection, the joint family and limited space aren’t a problem anymore! All our furniture items fit all sizes and types of homes.

Can’t find the right measurements? Get in touch with our customer service.

Got your heart set on a double bed with side tables? See the product details. If the measurements are appropriate, then move on to the next step which is checking the material and fabric.

Check Material

Whether you are currently on your favorite bed or sofa page, it would not have been the same if their material and fabric were not of your choice. Though with FurnitureHub you won’t have to worry about the quality of the material, the choice of color and design is always up to customers. We don’t force-sell.  Instead, we give customers the choice to pick their favorite material, color, fabric, etc. So, start playing around and optimize the decor according to your very own style with best furniture collection on one of the top furniture showrooms in Lahore.

What are the best features of Furniture Hub?

The best features of Furniture Hub include:
Affordable prices
Customizable furniture
Quick delivery
Wide range of attractive styles
Ease of checking measurement online/in-store
Ease of checking material

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