How to Buy the Right Dresser for Your Bedroom?

How to Buy the Right Dresser for Your Bedroom?

Dressers are an important part of bedrooms. They provide storage for everything from clothes to books, DVDs, and more. Dressers come in many shapes and styles. Depending on quality, their prices may vary as well. If you are thinking of buying dresser furniture Lahore, remember that the best dresser will offer plenty of storage space and add a unique charm to your décor. If a dressers lack any of these features, it will probably be best for you to pass on that one.

In this article, you will discover what to look for in a dresser. Read carefully and follow the tips mentioned here to bring home the right piece.

Choose a Style

Before starting your hunt for a dresser, determine what sort of style will fit the best in your bedroom. This can be done by taking into account the theme and décor of your bedroom. If adding a modern or contemporary touch is your priority, then simply choose a dresser with an unpretentious design and neutral tones such as espresso dresser.

For a traditional décor, an antique or formal dresser would be more appropriate. Wooden dressers such as oak or mahogany with intricate carvings are also great for traditional bedrooms.

Based on the available space, you may also have to decide whether you want a double/triple dresser or a chest dresser which is typically taller but less wide. Double and triple dressers usually accompany a mirror which makes them an interesting piece of furniture. Also, buying these dressers can add a pleasant touch to a bedroom. Chest dressers, on the other hand, are great for storage but lack appeal.

Armoire dresser is another excellent addition to various decors. This dresser features an armoire combined with a set of drawers where you can store clothes along with your stuff of daily use such keys, wallets, etc. These dressers are versatile and bring a nice feel to bedrooms.

Pick a Size

While choosing style is important, remember that your bedroom must have enough space to fit the chosen dresser. Therefore, take measurements of the available space to get an idea of what size of the dresser will fit perfectly inside your room. Also, focus on finding a size that matches the rest of your bedroom décor. For instance, pairing triple dresser with a king size bed is really not a smart move. Instead, go with a unit that complements the size of the other furniture items in your room.

Not sure how to pick the right size? Here are some tips to make the decision easier for you.

Use a small dresser if:

  • Your bedroom space doesn’t allow for a full-length mirror. Buying small dresser will enable you to put a mirror on top of it or mount a mirror to the wall behind it to create an illusion of a larger room.
  • You want to use it as an entertainment stand. However, to do so, you must ensure that dresser has the ability to hold media and is safe to be used as a TV stand.
  • You want to use it as a nightstand. Just be sure that the height of the dresser matches with the height of your bed to make it function properly.

Use a tall dresser if:

  • You want to save space. Tall dressers are great space savers because they can be used on narrow bedroom walls, between windows, in corners, and other awkward parts of a room.
  • You don’t want much storage. Taller dressers typically offer less storage than the wider ones simply because they feature a smaller number of drawers.
  • Symmetry is your primary goal. Placing two tall drawers, one in each corner balances the visual appeal of the room and brings symmetry to the place.

Look for The Signs of Sturdy Construction

Like other furniture items, your dresser should be durable enough to last for years. So, when buying dressers from the best furniture stores, look for the signs of quality construction. Solid hardwood dressers are generally more durable than particle board dressers. This is because wood is less likely to warp or break under the strain of frequent use. Also, make sure that the drawer handles are solidly attached to their corresponding drawers to ascertain that they won’t fall off in the wake of constant pulling and pushing.

Look for Versatile Storage

Most people buy dressers for storing different kinds of items, so buying one-size-fits-all dresser may not be the best choice. Instead, go with a dresser that comprises several drawer sizes to accommodate everything from a pair of shoes to jeans and sweaters. When looking for a dresser that features different types of storage in the furniture market in Lahore, go with the type that includes a combination of open shelving and closed drawers. Open shelving to display decorative objects, books or magazines while closed drawers to hide away clothes for a cleaner look.

Dressers with graduated drawer designs are another excellent option for versatile storage. These dressers are typically tall and narrow in design, which means their drawers start out small on the top and become wide as they reach the bottom.

Tips for Styling A Dresser

Regardless of the type of dresser you choose, you will need to properly style it for a fresh look. Here are some tips on how to style your dresser the right way.

  • Use dresser top to display decorative objects, jewelry boxes, artwork, and other similar stuff. However, do not over popular the top and pick only your favorite items to display.
  • Hang multiple mirrors or photos above the dresser to create a focal point in your bedroom.
  • Add natural elements such as a small indoor plant or a vase of fresh flowers to breathe life into your bedroom.
What is a dresser?

Dressers are an important part of bedrooms. They provide storage for everything from clothes to books, DVDs, and come in many shapes and styles.

How to buy the right dresser for your bedroom?

Choose a style
Pick a size
Look for the signs of sturdy construction
Look for versatile storage

How to style a dresser?

Use dresser top to display decorative objects.
Hang multiple mirrors or photos above the dresser.
Add a small indoor plant or a vase of fresh flowers

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