How to Choose the Perfect Desk for Your Kids Room?

How to Choose the Perfect Desk for Your Kids Room?

Desks are an important piece of furniture for any kid’s room. Giving your child a desk of their own choice not only encourages creativity but also improves their study habits. When a desk is comfortable and has your child’s desired features, they are more likely to use it. However, finding the right desk can be a difficult job for first-time furniture buyers. If you are thinking of buying a desk that meets your child’s unique needs, follow these useful tips for buying kids furniture online.

Take Necessary Measurements

The first and foremost thing to do is to take proper measurements for your child’s following bedroom furnishings:

Chair Height

Based on the child’s height, you will need to buy a chair that they can use comfortably. Ideal chair height is typically the one which can keep the feet of your child flat on the floor.

Desk Height

A desk which is 8 to 10 inches higher than the chair height works the best for children. This difference of height helps them maintain a good posture and keeps them relaxed while they work on whatever task is at hand. An adjustable height desk is also a great option because it will give your child a piece that grows with their age.

Size of the Child

Children tend to grow quickly. What works for them today may not work for them a few months/years later. Therefore, you should keep the age factor in mind when buying furniture Lahore for your child’s room. Check for recommended ages and buy a desk that guarantees several years’ worth of mileage.

Size of the Room

Kids’ rooms become crowded fast for the fact that every now and then, they want something new to add fun to their place. So before buying a kid’s desk, measure your child’s room just like you would measure any other space in your home to determine how big you can go. If your child has a small room, then a corner desk will be an excellent space saving option.

Choose the Right Material and Design

Children’s desks can be made out of several materials such as plastics, metals, and wood. What you choose for your child should match with their personal taste. Remember that kids often love to decorate and arrange their rooms on their own. So, make it easier for them to it their own way by providing them with a piece of furniture that has the right design and material.

Storage and Functionality Are A Must

While shopping for desks, you will come across pieces that are pleasing to the eye but low on storage. Remember that storage and functionality are two of the most important features of a kid’s desk.

consider what your kid will like or dislike about the desk you are buying. Will they need more drawers for storage? Larger top to accommodate their books and monitors? Think about what they will be going to place on the top and how much of a disorganized individual you think they are.

Some extra features to look for include:

  • Computer compartment to tuck the desktop tower away
  • Holes for cords
  • Built-in hutches for storage
  • A pull-out surface that can turn a rectangular desk into an l-shaped desk

Desk Shape

Kids desks come in different shapes and each shape has its pros and cons. U-shaped, L-shaped, corner desks, and straight desks are the most common choices among the parents. When choosing a desk, make sure that it not only matches the style of the kid’s bedroom but is also adaptable in case you want to refurbish the room décor.

Some important layout considerations for kids’ desks include:

  • U-shaped desk will create different work zones while keeping everything in reach, but they take up a lot of space.
  • L-shaped desks offer pretty much similar advantages as U-shaped desks without taking up too much of space. A downside of L-shaped desks is that your kid will be stuck with just one placement in their room.
  • Corner desks are also a great option for filling up empty corners of a room.
  • Straight desks are the most common type for kids’ rooms because of versatility. They can be placed against a wall as well as in the middle of the room which makes them an excellent addition to any kid’s room. However, they don’t always offer much surface space.

Whichever shape you opt for, always take measurements of your kid’s room before buying from the best online furniture stores to ensure it fits in properly.

Desk Ideas for Students

Desks are often needed by school going kids. A kindergartner will want a place for crayons, while a high schooler will want a desk for their books, laptops, and other gadgets. Here are some of the most appropriate desk choices for students of different levels:


Easels come with chalkboard and paper board and give your child an easy platform to draw or paint their favorite stuff.

Elementary Desks

These desks are perfect for your elementary school kid to do homework, prepare assignments, and use computer with ease.

Activity Tables

These tables are an excellent choice for early graders. They provide an ideal platform for doing homework, solving puzzles, coloring, painting, and come in various shapes and sizes. Some even come with extendable legs to meet the needs of children of different age groups.

High School Desks

High school desks are something teens love. These desks offer extra storage and shelving space which enables high school students to work comfortably. Also, they often feature a hutch to accommodate your teen’s school supplies, electronic gadgets, and other stuff like keys, wallet, etc.

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