How to Create Farmhouse Look in Your Home?

How to Create Farmhouse Look in Your Home?

Farmhouses have become an essential part of the modern world and many homeowners ask questions like how to give your regular home a farmhouse touch. Today, we’re so excited to make this post because we are going to share 10 proven ways to bring farmhouse style in your home. In our view, you don’t actually need to live on a farmhouse to enjoy this style of living. You can simply live at your regular home and still make it look like you’re living in a farmhouse. All you need is the right decoration and styling of your home. So instead of bringing in an expensive new sofa set for a bright and lavish touch, you should be looking for natural texture and soothing color combinations.

Remember that these are just our personal opinions and not fixed rules. Farmhouse styling is very flexible and open to interpretations. These are just the common trends that we’ve found in various farmhouses.

Give your walls a neutral paint job

To start your journey toward giving your home a farmhouse touch, paint your walls with neutral colors. Don’t go with too dark or too bright and also try to avoid painting each room with different colors. Keep in mind that by advising against dark or bright, we don’t mean that you should go with white. It could be anything from soft beige to cream, or even gray. Having soft colors on walls is essential to set the tone for farmhouse color. Besides, it creates a calming effect and helps everything to blend perfectly.

Make use of what you have

If you have plenty of furnishings painted dark, it’s possible to still achieve a farmhouse feel. Yes, you don’t have to paint the entire stuff. Just try to make use of what you have as best as you can. Remember that the key to giving your home a farmhouse feel is to selectively use items that are old, but not ancient.

For example, there’s a big difference between a wooden closet from the 1980s and 1900s.  If we were to choose between the two, we’d definitely go with the first one. The common style of farmhouse themes is more of vintage furniture and less of an outdated one. Using natural wood furniture will bring character to any room. So keep the old but reusable furniture for a neutral look.

Include dimension and texture

To bring home a big change, try adding beadboard or shiplap into your home. One thing you’ll observe in farmhouses is that they are full of dimension and texture with rustic shiplap being the most dominant part.

You can take a small start and consider adding bedboards to the walls of your bedroom or shiplap in your living room.

Mix simplicity with vintage charm

Farmhouse themes are all about mixing simplicity with vintage appeal. And the best part about this approach is that it doesn’t require you to get a lot of fancy things. Instead, you just need to use simple things that exude classic appeal and ageless feel.

If it’s your first time going for a farmhouse look, try gathering up all the Knick Knacks and random little trinkets from your room. Pack them up and see how it uplifts the entire look of your room. To add more appeal, replace them with pieces with vintage charm.

Use distressed furniture

A beautiful piece of distressed furniture always works the best when it comes to creating a rustic touch in your home. And you know what, almost all of us have old furniture at home – be it old windows, doors, or something else. Therefore, you won’t even have to go to the furniture market in Lahore to buy this stuff. Just open up your basement and see if you can find something that you can use to create your desired farmhouse look at your home.

Mix old and new elements

Mixing old, vintage items with the new ones is another great way to create your desired interior. For example, instead of using modern vases for flowers, try using something unconventional, like an old flour sifter. Picking up old things and using them for different purposes is very common among homeowners to experience farmhouse style living at home.

Use wire baskets

Using wired baskets is one of the easiest ways to bring a rustic, farmhouse feel in your home. They offer countless possibilities and their best use is on the walls. By adding smaller baskets to the walls or using a large one can solve a lot of your storage problems without compromising the style.

Use farmhouse light fixtures

This one is the quickest way to change the feel of any space! It’s a guaranteed way to uplift the feel of your room without spending a lot of cash! Seriously, we can’t stress enough on how effective farmhouse light fixtures are. For starters, try changing the light fixtures in your dining room and see how big of a difference they make in the overall style of the space.

Avoid shopping at the mall

This one is the last, but most important tip on creating a farmhouse look at home. We know it sounds a bit controversial but instead of shopping at the mall, try exploring your local shops and thrift stores for stuff that will fill your home with unique personality and charm. Sometimes, an auction site will get you a better deal than a mall. So avoid spending big on a furniture sofa set or other items for decorating your home and instead go for cheaper solutions in your local area.

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