How to Make Your Home the Best in the Neighborhood?

How to Make Your Home the Best in the Neighborhood?

We all want our homes to be the best in the neighborhood. And for this, we’ve all got some ideas and unique designs in mind. Some of us dream to have a pool, while others prefer sustainability, design, and high functionality. No matter what it is that you believe will make your home a unique one, here are some proven ideas that have enabled people to realize some of their coolest home design fantasies. These ideas run from buying new furniture Lahore to having a swimming pool, skate park dining room, underground garage, and more.

This article will discuss some cool ideas to give your home a unique touch. Read this carefully and may be you’ll recognize something that you have always dreamed of.

Remember that some of these designs may not be according to your preferences and make you feel dissatisfied. On a better note, they may also cause you to improve the look of your living space. So let’s get started!

Skate park dining room

Most of us grew up watching videos of skateboarders on our televisions or cellphones. Some of us even had skateboards under our feet. If possible, we’ll still jump on board from time to time.

One thing almost every one of us wanted as a kid was a skate park in the house. Not only is it fun to have but also it looks pretty damn awesome! So if your budget allows and if you love skateboarding, a skate park dining room will be an ideal fit for your space.

Underground garage

The underground garage system comprises a car dock in which you can park two cars. It takes up a very small amount of space without spoiling the look of your place. The secret of this system is that it has an underground parking spot concealed beneath the platform. You can install this in your primary garage and leave the top platform empty. This way everyone will wonder where your car keeps disappearing.

Home recording studio

If you played guitar or performed in a pop-punk band during your school day, there’s nothing you would have wanted more than a home recording studio. In fact, it’s a dream for everyone whose life revolves around music.

So if you are making enough money now, you can do all the crazy stuff you wanted to as a kid. In this spirit, we’d recommend you to set up a beautiful recording studio in your place. Not only will this reflect your taste but also give you a spot where you can sit around laying tracks in your free time.

Indoor lap pool

The indoor lap pool is one of our favorite surprises in this list. It certainly makes an excellent addition to a small space.

It comprises a training stream hidden under the bridge which allows you to do laps in a stationary position. Simply put, it is a lifestyle choice that provides exercise with a touch of luxury.

Outdoor fireplace

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your deck/patio is a great idea to bring a unique touch to your place. You can go with a campfire set up with chairs around it, or you can go with something built into the side of your deck for a traditional feel.

The outdoor fireplaces come with a roof or canopy which gives them protection against severe weather conditions. They are safe, efficient, and perfect for you to spend your favorite type of night.

Curved bunk beds

These include bunk beds built into a curved wall unit that looks incredibly stunning in modern decors. The designs of these beds is perfectly balanced and offers high functionality.

If you are looking to buy bed for sale in Lahore to give your kids’ room a new look, curved bunk beds should be your top priority.

Rooftop greenery

If you have space on the rooftop, considering growing greenery in there. Not only will it help you relieve stress after a tiring day, but will also provide a great spot for meditation. Moreover, it’s good for the mind and good for the soul.

Swimming Pool Movie Theater

This is definitely one of the most “out of the box” ideas for giving your home a unique touch. And the best thing about Swimming Pool Movie Theater is that it’s easy to pull off. All you need to do is get a projector, use floating loungers, and you’re good to go.

To make things even cooler, see if you could get a floating coffee table. However, make sure that it doesn’t float too far away while you enjoy a movie. After all, the point is to not swim at all.

Hammock floors

One might think hammock floors are a myth, but they’re not. They are real and as beautiful as you could imagine.

If you have raised bedsin Pakistani bed designs and high ceilings in your home, hammock floors are an amazing choice to make use of them. Not only are they comfortable but also surprisingly safe to utilize.

Living room with a motorcycle/car space

Having a living room with a parking space for your bike/car is a surefire way to leave your visitors in awe. This idea is particularly great for those who love their cars/bikes and hate to leave them out in the lonely garage.

You can only imagine how great your Harley Davidson would look among leather couches, concrete floor, and stylish furniture.

DIY Resin Table

This is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture because you can craft it yourself. We say this because you can give it your personal unique touch and make it look different from any other furnishing in your home.

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