How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger?

How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger?

Your room should feel like the most beautiful place in your house. Relaxation and loosening up in bedroom after a stressful day is a regular occurrence for all of us. But what if your room feels like too small for your liking? It’s possible that the size of your room has you worried about organizing its small nature. But it can become everything you want by buying cheap furniture online and with some very basic ideas and tips. So, if you really want make your room look bigger in size, how about we take a look at these tips to bring a comfortable, expanded look into your small resting place.

Think Outside the Nightstand

No space for a nightstand? Do not squeeze them in. Rather, try a wall shelf for placing things like an alarm clock or bedside lamp.

Who says having nightstands is a must have for bedrooms? Indeed, it gives a decent decorative touch, but much of the time, it can turn into a dumping ground for garments and other junk, creating unpleasant clutter in the space. So, take a miss on it and go with simple alternatives. You can read in bed, and place your regular stuff in wall mounted shelf. And while you’re at it, pull all the furniture items in your space a couple of inches away from the walls to let things breathe a bit.

Remove Clutter

The more things you have in your room the narrower it will feel. Check out the room; can you see the floor? If you can’t see it, that means your room is overloaded with furniture and personal belonging. Try placing the extra furniture in another room or selling it. Remove unwanted stuff from dressers, shelves, and place them somewhere which doesn’t interfere with your room’s look. When you enter the room, you want to experience a pleasant look. Not the one with clutter and impractical mess.

Make Maximum Use of The Bed

Most often, the biggest furniture item in any room, and also the one that takes up the most space is the bed. Other than relaxing, there are many other ways to capitalize on the space underneath your mattress. So, when you buy bed online, go with the one that has implicit drawers. This will provide extra storage for your regular stuff like shirts, jeans, wallet, car keys, etc. For a unique touch, go with lift up beds, which use hydraulics, enabling you to effectively lift the mattress up for simple access to the storage zone underneath.

In case you prefer bed frame on legs over a divan, take advantage of the available space underneath without giving up your style. The storage drawers will keep things organized without spoiling the look of your room. Alternatively, you could store your possessions in vintage suitcases for a look you would like to show off to family and friends.

Hang An Art Piece

Hang an extensive, fine piece of art in the most prominent position in the room, for example, over the bed’s headboard. This creates a focal point to attract the eye. While hanging multiple pieces makes the eye shoot around the room.

Or, think outside the box and frame up a picture of your favorite place as an alternative work of art. In case you follow celebrities, hanging a picture of your favorite one can be a great way to get something that is both unique and reflects your personal taste.

Buy Furniture That Maximize Your Space

Buying from furniture market in Lahore can be a massive test when you don’t exactly know what you’re searching for.

If you have a smaller room, measure out the size of walls, how much space they take up and how much room can fit around the walls. Also, go with the rectilinear furniture instead of bent. The latter will, in general, take up more space and gobble up your walking space in the room. Wall mounted shelves and nightstands are also a great choice to maximize the floor space in your room.

Add A Reading Nook

A common misconception about smaller rooms is that they are only for taking rest and changing clothes. This isn’t true. They are much more than that. Put a little chair and a reading lamp in your room, and you will instantly have a reading nook. When you have multifunctional zones in your room you will automatically want to spend more time in that space. And if you want to make reading more enjoyable, add a sconce to either side of the bed.

Fitted Furniture Is Another Great Option

If you are short on space, you must make appropriate use of every inch available. Fitted furniture can be the best way to accomplish this. Not only will this will allow you to free up floor space, but also the clean lines will help those furniture items to completely vanish into the space. Furniture with the same color scheme as your walls will make it even easier. If the fitting furniture isn’t a possibility, get the look by purchasing a large storage closet that can fit in the space, instead of buying several separate ones.

Use Mirrors

And if everything fails, try adding mirrors to the space. Whether above your headboard or next to the window, mirrors are perfect for all settings. By doing this, you will be breathing a new life into your dull walls as it will make the natural light bounce around in the room which can just be the boost your room needs to look bigger.

Furnishing a small room can be challenging but if done correctly, it can also become a pleasant and comfortable place to spend time. Use these tips to make your small room look bigger and to benefit as much as possible from the space available. Also, apply these ideas in your home and see how your rooms will instantly become more livable and with a captivating charm.

How to make your small room look bigger?

Try a wall shelf instead of the nightstand
Remove clutter
Make maximum use of the bed
Hang an art piece
Buy furniture that maximizes your space
Add a reading nook
Fitted furniture is another great option
Use mirrors

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