Smart Ways to Increase Storage in a Small Bedroom

Smart Ways to Increase Storage in a Small Bedroom

Have you ever needed to store something in your bedroom, but couldn’t find space for it? life can be tough when you have limited storage space. But if you can be a little creative when buying bed for sale in lahore, no matter how small or large your bedroom is, there will always be enough storage space for your stuff.

Check out these brilliant storage ideas for bedrooms, lofts, living rooms, basements, and more to make your place look fresher and elegant.

Bed with Storage

The storage beds have been around for a while and their designs are as impressive as their ability to store stuff. These beds usually feature under bed drawers or even bookcase headboards to make your room look clutter-free. The best thing about storage beds is that they offer plenty of storage by consuming the same space as any regular bed would. If you are on a budget and don’t want to splurge on an expensive piece, a simple solution would be to use the bed risers. Doing so will lift the bed a couple of inches off the floor, allowing you to store whatever you need underneath.

Storage Cube

Apart from being a sleek piece of furniture, storage cubes are incredibly spacious. If you have bulky items that you don’t know what to do with, storage cubes are the best place to store them. While other furniture items such as storage beds or sofas are designed for dual use, storage cubes are built to serve only one purpose: to keep your room organized.

Storage Ottoman

Whether you are looking for an added seating option or a storage container, storage ottomans are perfect to do both these jobs. These ottomans feature a simple, sturdy structure and come in several sizes. Plus, their versatility and flexible design make them work in any bedroom décor.

Stashing cables, storing chargers and technical stuff is what storage ottomans are mostly used for.

Bedroom Bench

Bedroom storage benches are equally perfect for both small and large sized bedrooms. These are the best solution when it comes to storing unwanted pillows, blankets, or anything else that you don’t use very often.

Due to versatility, these benches can be placed just about anywhere in the room, but the best spot for them is typically at the end of the bed.

Built in Shelves

Homeowners often neglect the fact that empty walls of their bedrooms can provide great storage space. The best way to utilize that space is by buying/making shelves that you can hang along the walls. This approach is perfect for rooms with limited storage. While buying shelves from the best furniture stores will get you great designs, building your very own shelving lets you control the size and dimensions, confirming you have shelves that work the best for your room.

With built-in shelves, placing your valuables inside the walls becomes easier and you will not have to worry about them falling off on the floor.

Apart from shelves, attach a rack, or create a peg board to utilize every inch of the walls for your storage needs.

Use All-In-One Closet System

This is a great solution for bedrooms lacking a closet. The all-in-one closet system features a hanging rack for clothes; shelving units for books, hats, shoes, magazines; and drawers for tv remote, keys, wallet, etc. The system works best in a smaller or a medium sized room.

Knee-Wall Storage

If your bedroom has an awkward corner that you want to utilize, try knee-wall storage which is a built-in dresser inside of a wall. It saves space and creates a neat look in the bedroom by storing unwanted stuff. This system is particularly good for kids’ rooms as they won’t be tempted to climb on the dresser or try to tip it over.

Assorted Wooden Boxes

Assorted wooden boxes are a rather cool storage idea for any bedroom. You can arrange these boxes in in any way you want to fit them ideally into your room. They can hold pictures, small blankets, pillows, plants, and whatever else you think can fit inside them.

Slim Tables and Wall Mounts

Slim tables and wall mounts are great for tight spaces. If you have narrow space between your bed or furniture sofa set and the wall, you can still make use of it by squeezing in a super narrow console or floating shelf to add extra storage to the room.

Mirrored Storage Cabinet

The mirrored storage cabinet is a simple and quick storage solution for tight bedrooms. It features a full-length exterior mirror and has a large customizable interior, providing ideal space to all of your unnecessary stuff. Its ability to get attached to the door hinges gives it a smooth opening and makes it ideal for those with limited storage room.

Make Use of the Doors

If you have utilized space on walls and other furniture items in your room, don’t forget that you still have the doors. The back side of the doors is often taken for granted, but it can be used in many ways to create storage. Over-the-door racks and shoe cubbies are some of the best ways to make use of this space.

Metal Storage Racks

Metal storage racks are great for apartments and newly built lofts as they bring a modern appeal to the place. These racks tend to be quite large, so the room size would have to be beyond medium-large to fit it the right way. Metal racks can hold plenty of stuff including comforters, clothing, books, etc.

How to increase storage in a small bedroom?

Consider buying the following to increase storage in your small bedroom:
Bed with storage
Storage cube
Storage ottoman
Bedroom bench
Built in shelves
Use all-in-one closet system
Knee-wall storage
Assorted wooden boxes
Slim tables and wall mounts
Mirrored storage cabinet
Make use of the door
Metal storage racks

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