How to Fit Sectional Sofa in Smaller Spaces Flawlessly?

How to Fit Sectional Sofa in Smaller Spaces Flawlessly?

When it comes to versatile seating options, nothing beats sectional sofas. Their size, design, layouts, everything is just perfect! But despite versatility, their placement in living rooms can be a bit more challenging. Therefore, when buying a sofa set for sale, don’t let the size and shape fool you into thinking that this is going to be the ideal purchase. Buying appropriate sectionals is more than just choosing catchy layouts.

But don’t worry. It really isn’t a big deal. If you are genuinely looking to buy a sectional sofa, this post is going to help you out big time.

Will A Sectional Fit in My Place?

Before starting your search for sectional sofas, ask yourself, can it fit in my living room?  This is a simple but effective question, particularly for those with small living rooms. But the size alone shouldn’t intimidate you because you really don’t need a massive living room to make space for a sectional. The fact that they are available in many shapes and sizes makes it very simple to find the right piece for almost any living space. In fact, a sectional sofa is probably the only piece of furniture that can maximize your available space.

An awesome thing about these sofas is that they offer one continuous seating solution, which is impossible with separate sofas and chairs as they need spaces between them. Moreover, sectionals give the whole place a charming appeal instead of giving the impression that you are trying to fit multiple pieces into a small space.

Components of Sectional Sofas

As mentioned earlier, sectionals come in numerous shapes and sizes. And this is what makes them an ideal seating solution because regardless of the space available, there will always be one sectional that fits into your room. Also, many sectionals come with different individual components, allowing you to build a sofa that works fine with your space.

Some common components include:

  • One-armed chair
  • Corner chair
  • Armless chair
  • Armless loveseat
  • One-armed loveseat
  • One-armed chaise

You can place these pieces separately, or join with one another to form a complete sectional sofa.

Common Shapes

Sectionals come in many shapes. Deciding on which one will be suitable for your space helps narrow down the options.

While many sectionals feature a squared shape, some come in a rounded semi-circle style. Remember that rounded sectionals won’t go with straight walls. And doing so will only result in some wasted space.

Squared sectionals, additionally, come in two different shapes – L-shaped and U-shaped.

If you are short on space, L-shaped style might be the right choice. It only features seating on two sides and has a design that doesn’t take up much floor space.

A U-shaped sectional, on the other hand, come with seating on three sides and takes up more space than L-shaped. This style is only appropriate for large spaces. So, if you are planning to buy a U-shaped sofa set for drawing room make sure you have enough space to accommodate the style.

Importance of Measurements

Accurate measurement is the key to finding right sectional sofas. When taking measurements, consider the length and width of living room too. If you have already determined the place for sectional, measure walls and parts of that place. Also, measure entryways and all doors leading to the specific room the sectional will go. Keep in mind that these sofas come in separate sections, so even if the doors are a little narrow, you will have the flexibility for moving it piece by piece through them.

Moreover, while shopping for sectionals, get dimensions of each of its individual part, including the overall depth of sofa. This gives you the idea of how it will fit into your space.

Important Considerations

Your intended use affects your choice of sectional layouts. Before making a decision, consider the following to narrow down your options:

  • Size of the family: For smaller families who don’t have friends over frequently, a smaller sectional will work great. While for larger families who entertain often, U-shaped sectionals will be more appropriate as they offer more seats.
  • Use: What will you mostly use it for? Watching TV? Sitting with friends and playing cards? Or to enjoy the lawn view from window? Based on the use, choose a type that best meets your requirements.
  • Kids and pets: Families with kids and pets must carefully choose the fabric of their sectionals. Leather allows easy cleaning of messes, but it can easily show scratches or claw marks. Therefore, based on your lifestyle, go with fabric types that are durable and can better resist stains/scratches caused by kids or pets.
  • Style: Sectionals come in a variety of shapes and styles, from modern to contemporary and casual to formal. Consider the overall theme of your place and go with a piece that perfectly complements the décor.

Go Custom

Despite all your effort for a new sofa set, if you still can’t find the right sectional, go for a custom piece. This allows you to get a design and layout that best suits your needs. A custom piece will also fit perfectly in your place based on the available space.

However, the process of getting one might be slow and may take up to 10 weeks or more.  But if you want a sectional that would last for years without comprising on style, then waiting is better than settling for something that’s not perfect!

What is a sectional sofa?

A sectional sofa is a common sofa that is used in living rooms and dens. Sectional sofas comprise several independent pieces that can be joined in various positions.

What are the major components of sectional sofas?

Major components of sectional sofas include:
One-armed chair
Corner chair
Armless chair
Armless loveseat
One-armed loveseat
One-armed chaise

What are the common shapes of sectional sofas?

Sectionals come in many shapes. However, square sectionals, rounded sectionals, semi-circle sectionals, and L-shaped/u-shaped sectionals are the most common ones.

What important things to consider when buying a sectional sofa?

Consider the following before buying a sectional sofa:
Size of the family
Use of the sofa
Involvement of kids and pets

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