How to Buy A Quality Sleeper Sofa?

How to Buy A Quality Sleeper Sofa?

Sleeper sofa or a sofa bed is a sofa that features a built-in mattress into its seat. Typically, the mattress folds into the sofa’s interior compartment. The outside of these sofas has a look of a traditional sofa set for the drawing room, but with mattress unfolded and cushions removed, they’ll create a comfortable bed where you can sleep peacefully.

With a sleeper sofa, you can turn any part of your home in a bedroom or guest room. This sofa is one of the most versatile and functional pieces of furniture you could ever bring to your place. They used to be a nightmare for sleeping when they first came out, but the modern sofa beds are as cozy as a regular bed.

When shopping for a sofa bed, go with the mindset that you will use it primarily for seating. This will make the shopping easier for you as you will be looking for the same features as those of a regular sofa, such as design, material, etc. The only extra feature you will want is a comfortable mattress and a smooth operating mechanism.

If you’re considering buying a sleeper sofa, follow these guidelines to find the right style for your home.

Look for The Right Style

Sofa beds come in a variety of styles, from minimalist futons to oversized sectional couches and everything in between.


Futon is the simplest type of a sleeper sofa. Most feature a single cushion and a metal or wooden frame. Futons are multipurpose and can be folded to serve as seating, and unfolded to serve as a bed. Their simple appearance and relatively small footprint make them a popular choice for small apartments.

Sleeper Chair

If you are short on space and typically have only one guest at a time, sleeper chair will be an ideal choice. Sleeper chair can fold out into a twin-size bed and offers more style options than a futon. However, these chairs are usually wider than standard armchairs so you will have to keep this factor in mind when purchasing one.

Pullout Couch

One of the most traditional versions of a sofa bed! Pullout couch can act as a cozy full-size sofa and a full- or queen-size bed when needed. Like every furniture item, pullout sofas come in various sizes and styles including petit to large and structured loveseats to casual sectionals. A standard three-seater sofa which can house a queen size mattress is the most common type of these couches.

Hardwood Frames

Hardwood frames are the most durable type for sleeper sofas. When buying these sofas, look for frames that are made of kiln-dried hardwood because softer wood such as pine will wear out quickly.

Look for a Good Quality Mechanism

Good quality sleeper sofas feature mechanisms that lift up and out smoothly without squeaking or sticking. Look for sofas that offer proper closure and opening. Also, make sure that the mechanism is assembled well and will not break easily before finalizing the purchase.

Smooth Edges are a Must

Every part of a sofa bed’s inner mechanism should have smooth edges to keep your sheets from snagging or ripping. When you are using a sofa bed, it is always a smart idea to remove sheets and blankets before closing the unit, regardless of how smooth the edges are. That way it will keep different parts of the mechanism in alignment and add more years to it.

Quality Mattress is a Must

A quality mattress is essential for enjoying a good night’s sleep and giving comfortable support to your body. You don’t always have to look for a thicker mattress because even the thinner ones can work the best if built well.

Take Necessary Measurements

Always measure your sofa bed before you start exploring the furniture market in Lahore. Also, find out what measurements will be when the sleeper sofa is opened all the way. Remember that a fully opened sleeper requires about the same room as standard size bed. If you are thinking of placing any furniture items in front of it, make sure they are light so you can easily move them out of the way whenever you want to use the sofa.


Before buying a sofa bed, read its online reviews or try opening it in the showroom to make sure it can be closed and opened with ease. Following are the standard mechanisms to look for:


This is a simple mechanism used to open futons. It requires you to pull the sofa frame forward until it clicks, then fold it back.


The modern sofa beds are designed to open easily with one hand. Under sofa’s cushions, there will be a handle that you can pull to unfold the mattress. 

Power Open

Power open sofas are great for individuals with back problems or mobility issues. This sofa features a high-tech opening mechanism which allows it to unfold with one push of a button.

Maintenance and Care

Sofa beds are typically low maintenance and require the following types of care to last longer:

Vacuuming and Surface Cleaning

Vacuuming the cushions and cleaning the spills immediately after they occur is the best way to get more life out of them. Vacuuming the mattress surface is also a great way to keep it functioning.

Interior Cleaning

To get rid of hidden dirt or dust in the interior, open your sofa bed up and shake out the linens.

Mattress Rotation

Rotating the mattress every 6 months is a great way to evenly distribute wear and make it last longer.

Remember that choosing a new sofa set is all about style and function. Finding a style that works for you is as important as finding a comfortable and functional piece for your overnight guests.

What is sleeper sofa?

Sleeper sofa is a sofa that features a built-in mattress into its seat. The outside of these sofas has a look of a traditional sofa set for the drawing room, but with mattress unfolded and cushions removed, they’ll create a comfortable bed for you to sleep peacefully.

How to buy the right sleeper sofa?

Do the following when buying a sleeper sofa:
Choose your preferred style
Look for hardwood frames
Look for a good quality mechanism
smooth edges are a must
Quality mattress is also a must
Take necessary measurements
Look for high-end functionality
Should be low maintenance

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