Buy the Best Dining Table like A Pro

Buy the Best Dining Table like A Pro

Dining table is the center point of any dining décor. It is usually the largest piece of dining furniture and sets the mood for a memorable dining experience. Due to such high importance and functionality, it is also one of the expensive furniture buys you will make. So when planning to buy furniture online or in person for dining room, pay close attention to material, shape, and size of the table. (done)


Of all the important aspects to look for, style and shop top the list when buying dining table in Karachi, Lahore, or any other city of Pakistan. The style and shape of table set the mood of the room and tone of the dining experience.

Here are some common ideas that you may like to add to your place.


The most common and popular dining table shape. It is ideal for any dining room space and is available in varying widths to fit in all sizes of rooms. Many rectangular tables come with removable leaves which adds versatility and makes them highly adaptable pieces to a variety of gatherings, family events, holiday events, and more.


Oval shaped dining tables look classy and beautiful. They’re the type that often passes through generations in a family. They come in both antique and modern versions. Antique pieces are usually available at auctions while the modern versions can be easily found on top furniture stores. Similar to rectangular dining tables, oval tables may also feature removable leaves. However, they require a larger space compared to rectangular tables to function. (done)


Round tables are great for sitting because they provide enough leg room. Round table tops are typically supported by a single pedestal in the middle which creates room for legs. Many modern and vintage versions of these tables are available to on the market and their captivating designs will definitely breathe life into your dull dining décor. The best thing about round tables is that they can go well with square dining rooms as well.


Square dining tables are great for smaller families and spaces. You can also buy larger square tables but they are more suited to bigger families and for holding conversations since individuals are closer and everyone faces one another. (done)

Table Height

Though height may vary from table to table, the standard height ranges between 28 to 30 inches. You can also go for adjustable-height dining tables to set the height according to your use. Moreover, some small tables can be converted into coffee tables while others adjust from standard to counter heights. The second type is ideal to use with stools or chairs. (done)


Like any other furniture item, dining tables come in a variety of materials. From wood to glass, from plastic to iron, and from marble to fiber, you will find them in all sorts of materials. Therefore, choosing right material can become a very difficult task as each material offers a different aesthetic impact. The glass table might create the exact contemporary feel you like, but for families with kids and pets, it might not be the best choice.

Similarly, a plank wood table might be perfect for daily use, but its rustic style might not offer the charm you want. However, in large dining rooms where most family events occur, that polished marble table you have been wanting for some time could turn out to be a jewel in the crown.

Remember that choosing right material is all about finding balance between the look of the piece and aesthetics of your place. The best approach to make the right decision is exploring various materials that are close to your sense of style, and then narrowing down to one that exactly meets your décor. (done)


A key thing to remember when buying a dining table is the number of people that will be sitting around it. For larger families, a small table will become overcrowded.

The best dining tables allow at least one/two feet of space between each person.

Typically, dining tables come with 4-8 chairs while some may even feature benches instead of chairs. The latter is perfect for those who want to give their place a more rustic appeal. (done)


When buying a dining table, look for the following handy features:

Table Leaves

If you want a table for occasional parties, consider buying a folding leaf which folds down on the side of the table. Such tables are versatile and save a lot of space when not in use.

Storage Options

Storage is also an important feature of dining tables. Dining tables that have shelves or drawers can provide extra room to store tablecloths, napkins, utensils, and other dining accessories. Plus, they are incredibly useful for small kitchens and dining rooms which are short on space. (done)

Folding Tables

Folding tables are a great addition to any dining décor because of their convenient design and storage. They are great space savers and can expand themselves to provide a larger table when needed.

So, these are some important considerations for those looking to buy dining table online for their dining room. Remember that buying the right piece can take time, but once the purchase is made, you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Also, your dining room should be enjoyable for both your friends and family. It’s a place where you relish most your meals and celebrate parties, so make it a pleasant, welcoming place by choosing a dining table that wants you to spend time there, offers comfortable seating, and boasts a style that will leave guests in awe.

How to buy the right dining table for your place?

Look for your favorite style and shape
Look for durable materials
Know your seating options
Look for your desired features

What are the common styles and shapes of dining tables?

These are the most common styles and shapes of dining tables:


What are the common materials used in dining tables?

The most common materials used in dining tables include:


What important features to look for when buying a dining table?

Look for the following features when buying a dining table:

Table leaves
Storage options
Folding tables

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