Important Things to Look for When Choosing an End Table

Important Things to Look for When Choosing an End Table

Creating a room with a pleasant feel means having furniture items that complement each other, either through pattern, color, or aesthetics. However, adding such furniture items to the bedroom or drawing room furniture is not easy, particularly for those buying furniture for the first time.

A few years back people were buying matching furniture items to decorate their homes. But this approach made designing a bit harder. Also, the rooms with similar furniture would look predictable and boring. As a result, they started buying furniture pieces that would connect with each other instead of matching with each other.

However, finding the right pieces to create your desired look can take a bit more practice. Many of us lack experience and necessary knowledge when it comes to buying the right piece, particularly end tables, which are a necessary part of bedrooms. These tables are exceptionally versatile and can be placed on either side of a sofa or bed.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right end table:


The first and foremost thing when buying end table is to figure out where the table will be placed and the shape which will work best in that spot. For example, if you intend to place it in a corner, you should be looking for a square shape. And if the side of a sofa or bed is where you want the tale to be, then it will depend on what shape complements those pieces the most.

Try to create a contrast of table shapes in your room. For instance, if you have a rectangular coffee table, an oval shaped end table will be a fine contrast. Similarly, round tables can connect nicely with square coffee tables.

If you want to use tables of the same shape in your room, then try to create a pleasant appeal by getting ones made of different materials.

Pay Attention to Height

If you plan to use an end table with chairs or furniture sofa set, make sure the table you buy is an inch or two lower than the arm of the seat it is paired with. The standard height of a sofa arm is 24 inches, so go for a table that is slightly below this in height. If you are paring the table with a seat that has a shorter arm, then pick a table that has 15-20 inches of height. Tables of this height can also be used as stools. Lastly, if you are thinking of using the table as an entryway piece, then choose one that is about 30 inches tall.

If the table is to be used on the bedside, its height should be the same as the mattress. However, if you can’t find the table of the same height as the mattress, then go with the one that is slightly lower instead of the one that’s a bit higher. Also, always make sure that the table you want to use by your bedside can accommodate things like books and alarm clock.

Width is Important Too

End tables come in different widths and diameters. Their surface width may vary from 10 inches to 18 inches or even more. Anything smaller than that may not offer the desired functionality. If you intend to put a standard sized lamp on the table, then you should be looking for a piece that is at least 22 inches in diameter.

Consider Styles

Many times, homeowners are afraid of mixing styles. But to create a pleasant appeal, mixing styles is important. A traditional sofa can look incredible when paired with modern end tables and vice versa. Pairing a mid-century side chair with a traditional end table can also create a charming look in your bedroom.

Remember that it’s not necessary for end tables to match each other. As long as they connect with and complement each other, having different styles of end tables is perfectly fine.

Go for Simple

For a living room with several upholstered items, sleek and simple end tables work the best. The clean lines of such tables balance out other furniture’s softness.

Some smart options when looking for a simple piece may include glass, acrylic, metal and wood with slight carving. For a modern furniture set, you can go with something more lavish.

Storage and Function

While buying an end table, don’t only go for design. Instead, look at how much storage and functionality it has to offer. Being the homeowner, you want to make sure that the table you are buying is tailored to your needs.

If you need space to store games, tablets, books, magazines, or remotes, go for a table featuring drawers or shelves.


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying end tables from furniture market in Lahore. All you need to do is find the right sized tables for your place. This will open up your options as well because your choice won’t be limited to a specific design or style. Just make sure that the pieces you buy connect properly with the room décor.

If the material of the tables is different, try to keep the styles similar. And if styles are different, then try to keep the material similar. Remember that furniture buying is all about balance. Just be confident in your decorating choices and the possibility of making the wrong purchase will be eliminated automatically. If you love an item, just go for it and it will definitely work.

How to choose the right end table?

These useful tips will help you choose the right end table:
Determine what shape will best work in your décor
Pay attention to height
Width is important too
Consider what style fits your décor the best
Go for simple
Look for storage and function

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