Types of furniture paints! Now you know all about it

Types of furniture paints! Now you know all about it

There are several paint types one can opt to give a refreshed look to your furniture articles and make the surface shiny, smooth and attractive.
We found people unaware of the basic knowledge about furniture paint so here we will discuss these types in detail with their certain pros and cons to facilitate our readers getting the basic knowledge about it.

1. Latex Paints and its pros/cons

Latex paints are basically water based paints. They come in variety of sheens that ranges from flat paints to gloss paints.

Pros of latex paints:

  • Latex paints are cheap as compared to other furniture paints.
  • These paints comes in variety of color choices.
  • They have varying sheens such as flat, eggshell, satin, gloss, semi-gloss etc. Owing to this it can give the desired shine to the furniture articles.
  • The finish lasts –to give smoothness to surface a bit longer.
    Cons of latex paints:
  • The furniture needs to be primed before applying the latex paints that is really a time consuming activity.
  • Without the right preparation latex paints lacks the finish as well and gives a scratchy look to furniture.

2. Chalk Paints and its pros/cons

These are basically water based paint types that requires a bit of preparation effort for the furniture articles. Chalk paints gives a matte soft finish to the furniture articles and are readily available by a large number of paint vendor companies.

Pros of chalk paints:

  • Very minimal preparation effort is required for chalk paints.
  • The staying and drying time is very less and gives a silky touch once dried.
  • Perfect for a shabby-chic look for your furniture.

Cons of chalk paints:

  • Setting time is very less so needs excessive speed while doing.
  • The paint is thicker in comparison to other paint types.
  • It scratches off easily.

3. Milk Paints and its pros/cons

Milk paints are actually made up of milk proteins. It gives a natural look to the furniture. The paint is completely versatile and gives different finishes to the furniture articles.
Pros of milk paints:

  • The paint is a pure manufacturing of natural items.
  • It comes in powdered form so required amount can be prepared easily.
  • Adding it with bonding agent gives it a complete finished look.
  • For unfinished woods it has greater penetration power so its gives an immensely beautiful look to furniture.

Cons of milk paints:

  • It has more of the chipping power if not rightly mixed with the bonding agent for un-prepared surface.
  • The paint has no storing properties. Powder once mixed needs to be used immediately.

4. Acrylic Paints and its pros/cons

Acrylic paint is basically a water based milk paint that overcomes the shortening of ancient milk paint properties.
Pros of acrylic paints:

  • Highly useable of interior and exterior painting
  • It does not requires top coats like other paints.
  • Its levelling power is amazing.
  • Longer lasting/setting time so gives extra margin for painting satisfactorily.

Cond of acrylic paints:

  • This paint is a definite no if you want a super matte finish.
  • It does not gives a super shiny finish.
  • Its application is not that easy that of chalk paint or milk paint.

So every paint type has its own characteristics. One need to be well aware of them in order to get fully facilitated as per his/her needs and wants.
Now you know it what to do with the furniture paint thing with Furniture Hub!

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