What mistakes should you avoid when decorating your apartment?

What mistakes should you avoid when decorating your apartment?

Many homeowners avoid tackling decorating projects simply because they are afraid of making costly mistakes.  To remove your fear and help you get it right the first time, we’ve put together this list of design mistakes that can ruin your project.  Buying furniture Lahore without measuring or choosing paint first are a few examples of them.

Before diving into this article, we’d like you to know there is no rule for anyone to follow. Design is highly personal and can be as different and unique as one’s personality. To gain confidence in your design choices, continue reading this article.

Doing one- stop shopping

One-stop shopping is very popular these days, but buying all your furniture from one store whether it’s for the entire home or a single room can be risky at times. It can result in a much less visual appeal than by the furniture bought from multiple stores.

The best way to do it is to try brands that carry different design lines or online stores that carry furniture from multiple brands. This way, even if you have a favorite style, your home won’t look dull or boring.

Buying furniture without measuring

Judging the scale of furniture when it’s sitting on a showroom floor can be very difficult at times. This is why many homeowners feel shocked to see that their recently bought sofa set eats up entire space when it’s sitting in their living room.

To avoid this experience, always take necessary measurements before purchasing furniture. Measure the area available for each item and then figure out the appropriate size range for it.

Make a list of these measurements and bring the list with you when furniture shopping. If something out of your size range gets your attention, ask the manufacturer if they have it in different sizes.

Choosing paint without testing the color

Giving a fresh paint job to your room is fine. But committing to a paint color without testing it first in your room can have a negative effect on the décor. For example, some colors appear differently in different light shades.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that the color you choose can maintain its appearance during all times of the day and under a variety of lighting situations. Besides, it must also match with your furniture. Not only will this save time and disappointment but also bring you ultimate satisfaction.

Using small rugs

Putting a small rug on the floor of a big room can make it look weak and wimpy. On the other hand, larger rugs can be expensive due to which many homeowners are left with only the smaller options. Remember that sometimes having no rugs at all works better than filling your living room with rugs.

If you must have a rug, find one that is appropriate for your space. However, if your rug is smaller, then pull your furniture up to it so that there isn’t too much space between your furniture and the rug. Ideally, a rug should touch all the furniture.

Going for looks and cheap stuff

Let’s be honest – having good looking furniture is important. But it’s not everything. The most important thing is the comfort that a furniture item provides. This is because no one likes to spend time in a place that doesn’t make them feel comfortable. Therefore, consider the function, consider the comfort, and then consider the looks.

Having said that, you must also avoid buying cheap stuff. Getting caught up on the price instead of the quality of the things could lead you to make the wrong purchase. Besides, a home filled with cheap furniture is definitely more uncomfortable than the one filled with quality items. Therefore, you just have to find the right balance between the quality and price when buying indoor or outdoor furniture.

Buying the whole set

Another mistake homeowners make is buying the matchy-matchy furniture which is a big no-no from a designer’s perspective. Buying matching furniture sets such as a bedroom suite or living room sofas and love seats tend to be less appealing than what a little mixing can offer.

So go for one major piece and look for other items such as a side table or stool at different manufacturers. Not only will this carry personal flavor but also improve the overall feel of your house.

Being afraid of making bold choices

While no one wants to buy a jumbo sofa or a tiny rug just to ask for a refund a few days later, being fearful of making bold choices can result in a space that looks bland and feels unsatisfying. So keep taking risks until you find the most irresistible look for your home.

Never getting over the past

Getting rid of clutter from days gone by can be hard, but shaking bad design memories can be even harder for most homeowners. However, the fact that you made a bad design choice shouldn’t put you off of a striking idea forever. For example, if the shiny golden sofa set for drawing room from the past doesn’t turn you on, try giving a chance to matte brass fixtures that are chic today.

With modern technology, there are many options available today to avoid repeating past mistakes. So go ahead and give that orange paint or trendy artwork a chance because it might be your best option to find a style that you’ll always love.

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