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White Bed With Velvet Back (FH-1905)


King Bedroom Sets In Silver (007)


015- Afridi 2 Bed with side tables


Princess Bed Set (FH – 5062)


King Size Bed With Pencil Posters (FH-1012)


King Size Bed In Sheesham Wood (FH-1013)






Simple Bed Design (FH-1148)












Bed With Side Tables (FH-1178)




Fh-1181 BED With Side Tables


FH-1182 BED With Side Tables


FH-1183 FANCY BED With Side Tables


FH-1184 BED With Side Tables


Full Bed Set (FH-1185)


FH-1186 Bed With Side Tables


FH-1220 Bed With Dressing Table




FH-1228 luxury touch Bed Set


FH-1232 Royal Baroque Style Bed Set


FH-1233 Ideal BED With Side Tables


FH-1243 Brick Feet Bed With Side Tables


FH-1260 Loyal King Size Bed Set


FH-1267 Royal Bed Set


FH-1268 Royal Palace Bed Set


FH-1269 Bed Set


FH-1270 Classic Bed Set




FH-1272 High Creative Bed


FH-1273 Yallow velvet Bed With Side Tables


FH-1274 Fancy Bed Set


FH-1275 Bed With Side Table


FH-1276 Contemporary Bed With Side Tables


FH-1277 Charm Bed Set


FH-1278 BED With Side Table


FH-1279 Platine de Royale Bed With Side Table


FH-1280 Bittersweet Bed With Side Tables


FH-1281 Italian royal Bed Set


FH-1282 French Style Bed With Side Tables


FH-1283 velvet Bed With Side Tables


FH-1284 Crown Head Bed Set


FH-1285 Floral Design BED SET


FH-1286 Royal baroque style Bed Set


FH-1287 baroque expensive Bed Set


FH-1288 Single Bed With Side Table


FH-1302 Classic Dressing Tables


FH-1311 Leather head Bed Set


FH-1317 Italian sheer bed set


FH-1318 Luxury Royal Dressing Table


FH-1392 Classic Bed Set






FH-1473 BED


FH-1499 Bed With Side Tables With Dressing


FH-1501 Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1504 Round Bed Set


FH-1519 Rock Design Bed


FH-1521 Basket Design Bed Set


FH-1522 Unique Bed Set


FH-1524 Cube Shape Bed Set


FH-1525 Classic Bed Set


FH-1527 Brass Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1530 Attached Side Table Bed Set


FH-1536 Black Velvet Brass Finish Bed


Fh-1539 Comfortable Modern Bed Set


FH-1546 King Size Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1548 Turkish Style Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1549 Long Headboard Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1556 Brown Gold Luxury Bed Set


FH-1557 Keeker Bed Set


FH-1578 Delphi Bed Set


FH-1591 Slay Bed Set In Sheesham Wood


FH-1592 Aen Bed Set


FH-1600 Block Walnut Bed V3


FH-1881 Tri Block Walnut Bed Set


FH-1612 Brass Bed Set


FH-1709 Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1719 Bed Set


FH-1721 Shell Bed Set




FH-1725 Con-Kin bed set


FH-1728 Kmk bed With 2 Side Table


FH-1729 Crown Head Bed Set


FH-1730 Black Bed Set


FH-1731 Finger Type Head board Bed Set


FH-1738 Clown Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-1745 Next Stella Bed – Blue


FH-1772 Marseille Bed With Side Tables


FH-1773 Holmebrook Upholstered Bed


FH-1774 Versace Bed With Side Tables


FH-1775 Venta De Bed Set


FH-1791 Arabese upholstered Bed With Brass Wo


FH-1792 Glamorous Bed With Side Tables


FH-1793 Alder Tufted Bed With Side Tables


FH-1794 Cammy Bed With Side Tables


FH-1795 Birlea Castello Bed Set


FH-1796 Glimmering Bed


FH-1797 Paloma Bed With Side Tables


FH-1805 Panther Bed With Side Tables


FH-1806 Flintshire Axton Bed With Side Tables


FH-1809 Elegant Mirror Bed Set




FH-1814 Canaves Green Bed With Side Tables


FH-1833 Source Italian Bed


FH-1837 Deanna King Size Bed


FH-1838 Gainesville Luxury Italian King Size


Fh-1840 Brookhaven Upholstered Platform Bed


FH-1841 Leo White Bed


FH-1842 Roche Bobois King Size Bed


FH-1843 Mid Century Modern Bed


FH-1848 Aetna Stores Adkins Pink Velvet Butto


FH-1851 Scandi Midnight Grey And Off White Fa


FH-1852 Chelsea Bed


FH-5063 BED With Side Tables


FH-5064 Arabic Bed Set




FH-5066 Luxury Black and White Bed Set


FH-5067 BED With Side Tables


FH-5068 BED With 2 Side Tables


Yellow Bed Set (FH-5069)


FH-5072 White Queen Bed Set


FH-5073 BED


FH-5074 BED With 2 Side Tables


FH-5075 BED With Side Tables




FH-5077 BED With Side Tables




FH-5079 BED With Side Tables


FH-5080 BED With Side Tables


FH-5088 BED With Side Tables






FH-5187 Studio Bed With Side Tables


FH-5188 Ideal Style and Storage Bed With Side


FH-5189 Hills King Bed With 2 Side Tables


FH-5197 Historical And Useful Shape Bed With


FH-5199Crown Carved Bed Set


FH-5204 Barbie Collections BED Set + Storage


FH-5205 Unique Prince Panel Bed Set


FH-5206 Dot Head Board In Coblar style Bed Se


FH-5208 Italian Lacquer Bed 2(creamy)




FH-5213 Dark Jasmine Bed with 2 side table


Stylish Bed In Sheesham Wood (FH-5215)


Bed Design In Pakistan With Exclusive Price Range

Sleeping well at night is quite important for everyone. A good night’s sleep has been remaining everybody’s preference. Due to the poor quality of beds, many people are unable to sleep well at night. Good quality of sleep is directly in correspondence with a good quality bed. Most people are unknown of this and end up buying unmatchable bed design in Pakistan that do not provide their bodies the comfort they require.

If you go to the market today, would you be able to pick up the right bed? Many people are confident at first but fail in buying a good product. To make a good purchase possible, it is important to have knowledge of certain market factors that sell king-size beds. It is of pivotal importance that you understand the type of material used and the different bed prices in Pakistan.

Thankfully, our market has something for everyone. If you do a little research, you will be able to find out what you need exactly. When buying, make sure that you buy something that suits your comfort. Remember, your comfort comes first and so does your liking. What others may or may not think should be none of your concern. Check out our variety of bed designs in Pakistan with price on our website.

Complete Variety of Bed Design in Pakistan

Furniturehub. pk specializes in creating the most amazing bed design in Pakistan. With an endless furniture variety across multiple categories, our bed designs are highly regarded in the Pakistani community. We have oriental, imperial, contemporary, western, eastern, and modern designs available for the Pakistani community. Our variety and economical pricing are able to earn us a soft corner in our customers’ hearts.

On our dedicated e-commerce store, you can find modern and classical designs to choose according to your liking.

From modern and contemporary bed’s to kids’ bedroom sets, you will find everything here.

Modern Bed Price in Pakistan

Many people are interested in flaunting a modern lifestyle and opt for modern beds. They add in a fresh look by use beds that come with contemporary designs and feels. For an elegant touch, make sure to check out our wide range of modern beds.

Depending upon your budget you can buy from a variety of bedroom set furniture. Each bed is priced on the basis of many factors. The weight, the material used, the finishing, everything plays a part in the final pricing. These days customers have many ideas. They want their beds to look a certain way and are looking for more and more customizations.

As a result, bed design in Pakistan generally available in the market are available at our hub. They are quite good and boast many good and thorough aesthetics. Moreover, the patterns are quite elegant and decent. With a little bit of customization coming in from your end, we drag overall designs to the next level.

At FurnitureHub.pk, we are happy to inform you that we take your design considerations into account. Moreover, in comparison to others, we grant a reasonable single bed price in Pakistan.

The new bed price in Pakistan normally remains the same and is unaffected by market fluctuations normally. This allows for greater choice when purchasing.

You can choose from the following modern beds:

  • Afridi Bed: A classy bed that comes with Malaysian MDF wood. Moreover, the bed has fiber coating for protection. This bed type comes with two quality side tables as well.
  • Curly Carving Bed: Also made with Malaysian MDF wood like the Afridi bed, the curly carving bed is fancier and comes with a dressing table.
  • Antique Walnut Carving Bed: This beauty features a Matt walnut finish and comes with 2 side tables.

Our Collection of Wooden Queen Size Bed

Classic wooden beds are generally good for all types of room environments. If your room features wooden furniture, this bed will elevate the impression of the room. Even with a concrete-made room, this queen size bed can couple up to enhance the overall and feel of the room. Wooden beds are not only comfortable, they are also exceptional pieces of wood that can enhance your sleep pattern and help you sleep peacefully. Moreover, wooden beds are sought after for their classic looks and durability. A luxury bed price in Pakistan is normally high but, at FurnitureHub.pk, we have a lot of options for classic wooden beds. You can choose from many beds.

Types of Furniture in Pakistan Present At Our Store

FurnitureHub.pk brings for its customers a huge collection of classic beds available on our website. If you check them out you will find that they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Furthermore, we can add customizations on the basis of your requirements as well.

We keep ourselves up-to-date with all the developments in the wood and furniture industry. This is the reason why we have the latest designs of furniture in Pakistan available readily at both our online and offline stores. According to your home’s interior, you can pick famous designs and styles. Develop your own personal taste, make an informed decision and buy something that connects with your heart.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, our brand is the best displaying Pakistani bedroom furniture designs, pictures with price in a frame. Furthermore, we have a lot of color options available for the different beds in our store as well.

Many customers trust our classic beds and refer more clients to us. This is because our classic beds are very easy to maintain and offer a very good comfort level. Moreover, following are the classic bed types available at FurnitureHub.pk.

  • Bed with 2 Side Tables: King size bed with Matt finish and slight curving on the headboard.
  • Double bed set: This sort of bed set is specially designed for the couple to experience utmost comfort.
  • Hayat Bed: Hayat bed features 2 side tables and the headboard features fine fabric.
  • Walnut Bed: Walnut bed comes with an exquisite Walnut finish and features solid walnut wood without any other additional material. This bed is the definition of simplicity and modernism. The bed comes with two high-quality side tables and one extravagant dressing table.

It takes 3-4 weeks to create the bed and deliver the order.

The Best Bedroom Sets Furniture

FurnitureHub.pk enjoys a huge customer base who prefer semi classic beds. This is mainly due to our highly competitive prices and unbeatable quality.

The bed prices in Pakistan being offered by FurnitureHub.pk are affordable and the types of beds at our store are quite diverse. You won’t find decent bed designs in Pakistan in many places and definitely not the diversity or variety that we have. Our semi-classic bedroom sets have more than what you would expect from brands with very high prices. Compared to them, we deliver quality at an economic price and this is the reason we have returning customers.

Our exceptional range of elegant bed designs in Pakistan will definitely impress you. Moreover, our bedroom set price in Pakistan is matchless; it is highly affordable and economical. Visit our online store on FurnitureHub.pk to check our hundreds of bed and furniture designs. Our offerings of decent bed designs in Pakistan will effectively address your sleeping needs. Choose from a huge variety of beds that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night!