Macrame Curtains


Curtain Design In Macrame Available At The Curtain Shop Of Furniturehub

Macrame is a hand-made technique. Also known as fiber art that has been covering all the decorations in modern homes. Furniturehub. Pk has been making effective curtain design including fabulous fabrics, designs, and styles. Likewise, we have also introduced a variety of macrame curtains in our inventory that you can utilize for home decor solutions. Yet we have seen this technique in the 1970s and now has taken a new turn. Not just style but the delicacy of this technique inspires the eyes of the one who like to install hand-made stuff in their home.

Macrame Curtain Design Available At Curtain Shop Of Furniturehub.Pk

Though macrame is an old technique, now has taken many shapes and forms used for decoration purposes. Also, there is a huge variety of designs including wall hangings, plant hangings, macrame swings, and macrame cushions. As a matter of fact, this is one of our hot-selling varieties that includes an eye-catching curtain design made with the hand.

When it comes to applying versatility in the curtain design, we go the extra mile. In this regard, we introduce the unique designs in front of you. Therefore, each design present in our inventory has the finishing and knotted styles. Other than that, we have also enhanced patterns and shapes with the hand technique. As a matter of fact, it’s just an assignment of the strings, combined together to make patterns. However, it requires time and effort in executing a strategy. A strategy of the designers who delicately invest time in making the perfect modern art for your home interior.

In our curtain shop, you will also find the variation in colors including green, purple, white, black, and mustard. Furthermore, to enhance the appearance of the curtains, we also use beads and embellishments for decoration purposes.

Macrame Curtain Design Types Available At Furniturehub.Pk

Diversity is one of the ultimate qualities that help us keep you connected with our products. At Furniturehub.Pk, we have included various types in the macrame curtain styles to improve your home interior look. So, let’s take a glimpse together at the types of curtains to consider for your home.

Tassel Style Macrame Curtains

Tassel styles executed in any kind of curtain design brings uniqueness. Some of the designs in the macrame curtains include tassels made with hand in the fan style. Our designers have hung the tassels on the above top to give it a heavy look. Other than that, we also use contrast in the tassel-making technique. Though the purpose of the tassels is not just for the decoration you can use it tying up the curtains as well. So, the designs made with the tassels are elegant and can help you in tying the curtains.

Patterned Curtains At Curtain Shop

Shapes and patterns on curtains look elegant. That’s why we make each macrame curtain with versatile patterns and use shapes in the knot styles. Our designers at Furniturehub make sure that you see detailing in each knot of the macrame curtain design. Moreover, there are thousands of strings attached together to bring a fall. This we do to enhance each space or pattern made on the curtains. This way, you get a lot more to see on each product and our designs make it easy for you to install.

Kite Style Macrame Design

Kite style or diamond shape in the macrame strings is the modern minimalist art that is trending nowadays. The designers of the Funriturehub rely on enhancing the beauty of each product. Yet, the kite-style curtain design includes small string work bound together to make a kite shape. Kite shape or diamond shape designs look very attractive and don’t lose their charm even after several washes.

Do We Use Curtain Fabric With Macrame Curtains?

Most of the time when it comes to curtain designing, we use different types of fabrics imported from various places. However, macrame curtains are different. We create them using strings and also sometimes merge with the sheer curtain fabric. Other than that, we also use net curtains as the backdrop behind the macrame curtains to improve the finishing.

Macrame curtains can be made in different colors so a plain or printed background at the back will look appropriate. Hence, at Furniturehub, you will find plenty of styles and customization options. Other than that, you can also think of any other fabric type that you want us to utilize. We make everything possible and design the crafting using unique aesthetic concepts.

Customization Options Of Macrame Curtain Design Available At Furniturehub.Pk

Who might not like the personalization in the home accessories? We understand your emotions and give you a lot of options in the products that you choose at Furniturehub. Pk. The vendors of the curtains not just customize the colors but also the size of the curtains. Firstly, the process starts with the analysis of your home theme. Secondly, we take care of the color scheme and measure the size of the windows. The final stage involves the color scheme or the additional features that we ask our buyers. Here are the features that you consider while choosing your macrame designs for curtains at Furniturehub.

Color Variation In The Curtain Design

Almost the availability of the basic colors and other hues like mustard, purple, green, and peach macrame string used together to complete designs. Commonly, we urge our buyers to pick the colors of their choice that not just uplift the whole interior but also match the theme.

Size Variation At The Curtain Shop

Usually, the size of the macrame curtains is 7*7 of the window length. However, you can customize the size according to the length and width of your home windows. The benefit of updating us about the size provides satisfaction to the buyers that they will get the beautiful product with the right measurement. Also, the design with the right curtain size covers up your windows nicely and elegantly.

How Do Macrame Curtains Brighten Up Your Home Windows?

Culturally, it’s always good to install designs of the curtains that belong to any other place. Most people like to install Pakistani cultural accessories just because of the aesthetics. Likewise, people here in Pakistan, also follow the trends of following other cultures. At our curtain shop, you will find the bohemian stylish themed macrame curtains made with falls and drapes.

Firstly, due to the heavy thickness of the macrame, you can easily install these curtains anywhere. Other than that, you can adopt various styles with these curtains. Either tie them or leave them whole, they always look gorgeous in any shape or color. It’s the perfect art type that you can install anywhere at your home. The rotten corners or the unpleasant sight can become even better with its presence and coverings.

The other essential feature of these curtains is that you can wash them without getting into a huge hassle. The material that we are using is purely made with 100% cotton. So, it stays in its actual condition for a very long time. Personally speaking, the macrame curtains are less expensive than any other curtain design. Depending on the size, the prices increase. Other than that, hand-made things always appeal to the eye and enhance the homely impression. Macrame curtains are one of the categories that merges funk art with decency by blending colors and designs together.

Natural Material Usage In the Macrame Hand-Made Curtains Design

The other benefit of using macrame curtains for your home windows is that we use 100% cotton strings to complete each design. Macrame is environmentally friendly curtains that not just contribute to the decoration part but also in saving the environment. Moreover, the cotton that we are using is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. So, it’s a big relief for most of our buyers when they care much about using materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Other than that, our labor keeps an eye on the designs close to florals and nature’s artisans to bring diversity to your door. This way you can influence others through your decor to admire nature’s beauty around you.

How Macrame Curtains Can Be an Ideal Gift For Your Closed Ones?

Presenting something vintage always shares happiness at special events. Imagine someone’s special birthday might be popping on your head and you have nothing to impress him/her. This way macrame curtains could be a great addition to their gifts list. Also, you can pick their favorite colors and can order a customize curtain. Other than that, you can pick appropriate designs or patterns that will remind them of the ethnic essence.

Moreover, it can be a present that they can use for the privacy purpose of some places. So, it’s not just a piece of the present but it’s more than that. Think about your friend and buy the exclusive variety of matching curtains made with the macrame technique to help them get better ideas in home decor.

Curtains Making Process And Delivery At Furniturehub

Furniturehub’s steam works coherently in presenting the quality of products. During the crafting process, our team gives the time of almost 2 to 3 weeks to the consumers. Macrame curtains consume more time than the usual curtain because we create them manually. It’s a handmade technique that demands more time. However, we make sure that each design looks unique and we deliver them as soon as possible to the customers. In case of an emergency, we make sure to catch the deadlines and increase the labor to complete special orders. Depending on the complexity of the design, we may also increase the prices.

When it comes to the delivery of the curtains, we make sure to deliver them by hand. Most of the workers are working in the delivery department that makes this service happen. The process starts by taking measurements of the window at the location where needed. After that, when the order gets completed, we make sure to deliver it with the proper installation tools. To satisfy our buyers, we make sure to send in-the-middle-process videos of the products that help us collect feedback. That’s why we always deliver quality products and satisfy our clients by all means so that you remember our brand’s name while using our products.

How Our Macrame Curtains Different From Other Competitors?

Furniturehub is a brand that believes in encouraging people who display a variety of skills. Macrame curtains are unique and yet not all people have this skill. Therefore, we always use our special magnifying glass in using the talent of people who believe in diversity. Our labor is skillful by all means and they work hard in making presentable designs.

The reason why we are different from other vendors is that we give opportunities to various workers working all across Pakistan. Macrame making is an art so we have hired professional hard-working artists for this job. We are providing them with the sources of earning and helping them support their families with respect and honor. This is the fundamental idea that urges many buyers to appreciate our efforts. Also, we are promoting the talent of Pakistan. That’s why most of our products get real attention. in comparison to other brands, we always keep the consistency in the pricing too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order customized macrame curtains at Furniturehub?

Yes, you can order customized curtains made with the hand-made technique by modifying the style, size, and color of the curtains. other than that, we can also change the measurements of the curtains depending on the size of the windows.

How many styles are available at the curtain shop of Furniturehub.Pk?

At our curtain shop, you can find almost more than three styles of macrame curtains. Other than that, you can also find the other products made in macrame.

Can you install a curtain fabric with macrame curtains?

It’s an optional choice. To give personalized look to your curtain, you can use the fabric in the background. This way, you will cover the whole area and will get some privacy.

Do we have a printed curtain design in our inventory?

Printed curtains and a variety of printed fabrics are present at Furniturehub. There are various vendors working all across Pakistan who have plenty of printed fabrics utilized for the curtain-making process.

Can you order separate wooden panels with the parda design?

The wooden panels that we make with the solid wood area are available in various types at Furniturehub. For the wooden panels, we separately charge Rs: 20,000/- that you can separate with the parda design.