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Home and Decor

FurnitureHub – Pakistan’s Best Online Home & Decor Store

A house only feels like a home with the right decor. If you have moved into a new property and want to make decorative changes, there’s no better place than FurnitureHub for that. Our wide array of online retailers with a diverse range of homewares is what you need to stylize your home and add a unique touch to it.

Our online store will help you find everything from chandeliers to consoles to iron stands and more. Plus, we offer daily style tips to make shopping on our website fun and easy. So, save yourself the trouble of leaving the comfort of your bed to make a trip to a furniture store and get the desired items delivered right at your doorstep.

Here’s what you’ll find in our home and décor collection.


Having a chandelier in your room makes it the most impressive part of your home. It makes your room standout and the leaves the person walking into it in awe. Above all, it adds a graceful touch to the surroundings. So, if you are looking to buy chandeliers, then buy from us. We offer a vast variety of styles, looks, and sizes at extremely affordable prices.


Buy world class console tables to utilize empty spaces and provide a strong first impression for your guests. Our high-quality consoles offer a variety of styles along with great functionality. Use them to place keys, wallets, family photos or think about hooks or a coat rack to gather guests’ belongings. They’re ideal to serve you in multiple ways.

Handcrafted Decors

Handcrafted decors create a lasting impression with your family as well as the guests in your home for some time to come. Our collections of handcrafted decors carry stunning items that can be passed on to generations to come. If you are looking to add a unique touch to your room, you can find the right item at

Wall Hanging Decors

A cool wall hanging décor instantly draws the attention of a person while having empty walls will totally spoil the look of your home’s interior. For this reason, lots of homeowners opt for innovative wall hanging decors on FurnitureHub. Currently, you can find loads of striking options to perk up the beauty of your place.


If you get mesmerized by the charm of illuminated colored glass, then our collection of lamps is exactly what you need to see. It carries lamps that will fill your darkened room with vibrant colors of glowing glass, leaving the eyes of beholder completely mesmerized and their jaw on the floor! Our lamps are perfect to add a spellbinding effect to any room! Explore our collection and get your favorite lamp now!

Furniture Rack

Our online retailers pay a lot of attention to creating furniture racks of your taste. The pieces you buy from FurnitureHub can make the difference to your home and transform it from a dull, bland looking place to something really striking to the eyes. Our furniture racks give the overall design theme of your home a relaxing and natural look with a touch of uniqueness you want. Buy some racks, place them in different areas of your home and see for yourself if there is any difference.


Finding the right stools for your home may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if you have no idea where to look for, and what to look in them. Fortunately, you don’t have to scratch your head over it anymore! FurnitureHub is there to help with Pakistan’s largest stool collection. We carry stools that are manufactured to work for every individual based on their needs with specialized seating solutions. Anyone who uses our stools will feel comfortable while they are sitting on them and be more productive. So, if you are looking to find a relaxing stool, then FurnitureHub is a good place to look at.

Apart from these, we carry items like coat hanging racks, iron stands, consoles, lights, paintings, chest of drawers, swings, corner cabinets, and more. Please explore our collection to see the items.