Car Beds


Car Beds for Kids

Car beds in Pakistan are in quite high demand. It is very important to give ideal grooming to your kid. For this reason, it is important that you provide them a dedicated place. A personal bed allows your kid to have a sense of ownership. The child becomes responsible as well knowing that he/she has to take care of that particular belonging. At furniturehub. pk, the car beds price in Pakistan may vary but are reasonable to meet your pocket limit.

Car beds are very popular these days and many parents buy theme car beds for kids. This means that many of these beds come with cartoonish designs. Children find the attractive colors on these beds quite heartwarming and satisfying. The smile on their face when they see their favorite character on the bed is priceless.

Car Beds Price in Pakistan

Car beds price in Pakistan varies as is the case with most commodities. This is because of the type of material being used in the product and the type of finishing being done. All of these things add to the price of the product. Other than this, the fact that the product is imported or local also makes a difference. High-quality imported products are in high demand and are long-lasting as well as durable.

Regardless of the fact that a product is imported or not, many local bed-sets also boast the most remarkable of quality. Products made out of good quality wood are bound to last long and be more durable than those made of poor quality. Beds featuring MDF are also considered quite durable. Make sure that you know about the quality of the product that you are buying. At, a lot of children’s car beds are present. These are beds that boast the highest levels of quality. Make sure to buy the best products only!

Wooden Car Beds

Normally, the car beds are made from wood. The type of wood used, however, can be different. Woods range from hardwood to softwood and depending upon the type that suits your child’s comfort, make an informed decision. It may be that your child is not comfortable with either of these and you need to go for some other optimal option. All of our car beds have a minimum warranty of a year of the bed itself.

Customized Wood Kid’s Bed Sets

This is due to the high-quality build of the bed. It is a reliable and long-lasting commodity. The bed size is 6 feet by 3 feet and this is usually the ideal size for most kid beds. We can customize car bed designs depending upon your child’s preferences. You can tell us about the type of character you want to be featured on the bed and resultantly we can feature that particular character on the bed. You also have the option to ask us to use any color that you want to see on the bed. We will make sure that color is present on the bed. Moreover, you can customize the headboard and the headboard material as well.

Price Range and Warranty

The bottom line is that virtually everything can be customized according to your requirements. Our wooden car beds come with mattresses that feature a 2-year warranty. The mattress price for most articles is around the range of Rs. 6000 but you may go for another type of mattresses and the price will change accordingly. The mattress size is 4 feet. Our wooden car beds come with lights as well.

These lights are present on the underside of the bed and give a remarkable flair to the car beds. We enticed kids by these lights and the glowing lights underneath change the environment of the room completely. The beds come with both headlights and bottom lights. Both these lights are very pleasing and heartwarming for children. It normally takes us 3-4 weeks to ready the bed and delivers it to you.

Custom Kids Car Beds

Our custom kids’ car beds come in a variety of pre-prepared themes and these are highly sought after. There are many cartoon characters that are very popular among kids and we have these designs ready for display already. On both our offline and online stores, you can check these beds out. Coming with premium quality, these beds come in vibrant and bright colors. On our website, make sure to check out the very colorful and appealing car bed design of Lightning McQueen, the famous car character from the animated film “Cars”. It is one of the most wanted products among kids. Similarly, many children are in Superman and want a bed featuring Superman, we already have that design.

The same is the case with Batman and other DC and Marvel characters. We have formula racing car beds as well as princess beds. A girl usually loves to have a décor in their room that has pink and bright colors and furniture that has all their favorite princesses. In order to provide beds that feature their favorite characters, we create customized beds for them as well. Any princess character that they want on the bed, we can create the bed for them featuring that very character. For us, customer’s preferences are the most important and we do our best to entertain our customers to the best of our abilities.