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Table At FurnitureHub.Pk: The Collection You Are Looking For

FurnitureHub.Pk offers a diverse collection of furniture article varieties with splendid designs. We are one popular brand based in Lahore. Our 7 years of service with the mind-boggling response of our loyal customers have helped us grow. Now, we conduct delivery for our furniture articles all around Pakistan. We assure quality and get our articles ready, focusing on customers’ primary needs. Our vision is to uplift the local vendors by introducing them to digital marketing. Fortunately, we have come far ahead regarding our goal. Presently, we introduce contemporary designs from the local market to our audience and include an extensive range of table in Pakistan.

Wide Range In Collection Of Table

The table is a major need to complete any of our furniture sets. Everything is a little less without an exclusive table set. Imagine having an alluring sofa set but without it. Or how about a bed set without a pair of them? Contrary to that, your office is also incomplete without a place where you have to keep your laptop or desktop. Further, where do you plan to place your computer without a computer table? Additionally, every day we have our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and event festivities served at only one spot. Seems like it’s important but only a few people know where to place and how to decorate it well in your home.

However, Furniturehub recognizes its importance and value. Therefore, we bring forward a variety of table collections. Ranging from vintage collections, contemporary to foldable ones, we have it all.

Starting from our most demanded ones:

Dining Table Embellishing Your Dining Hall Interior

Dining tables are the type of furniture that we find commonly in our homes. That is because they play a primary role in routine life. Additionally, also because they leave an impression on our guests invited on dinner. As dining table serves as one basic furniture article in our interior. However, how many styles of tables do we find captivating when we visit each other’s houses? Or some dining chairs with a basic rectangle table is all we have in mind when thinking of a dining table?

Furntiurehub has a lot more! We step out from simple and ordinary. We encourage our customers to embellish their interior with even something as basic as dining. Our collection includes so many types of dining tables you can choose from. Yet, serving the purpose and ensuring quality. We love our customers and their satisfaction is our main goal. For that, we focus on the making and want the design to stand out.

Consider looking into the extraordinary collection that we offer.

Contemporary Round And Compact Dining

Bringing creation your way! We introduce a stylish round dining table collection for all of those people who love to think out of a box. And want to experience something out of ordinary in their interior collection.

Generally, round dining tables are 4 and 6 seater. Making it perfect for the dining hall with fewer family members! Furthermore, compact round dining is another clever design. The dining chairs when not in use can be slid under the dining table and can serve as one unit center table.

Furniturehub loves its customer. And wants to serve them for all their needs by introducing compact and innovative furniture. We further introduce:

Triangular Kitchen Dining

Similarly to the round table. A triangular dining table is another unconventional design. Furniturehub smartly uses shapes to give its furniture article a newer look. The triangular dining table is a compact design. Our designers have specially designed these for your kitchen interior. It’s an open choice that you can place a small table anywhere. Yet, serving the purpose.

We make sure to provide quality service. With perfection, we have designed each model. Furthermore, we use quality wood. Likewise, we have made our triangular dining table of beige solid wood. And has an overall high gloss finish.

Rectangular 8 & 6 Seater

Furniturehub is familiar with your choices and preferences. So, we will never let you down. The rectangular dining table is everyone’s favorite. It’s our most popular design. As most of our customers want to stick to the standard sleek design.

This type of furniture comes with 6 or 8 dining chairs generally. However, we give an option of customization to our customers. Our customer can either have 10 chairs or 12. Whatever suits their needs.

The rectangular dining table introduced by Furniturehub is sturdy and standard. We have used Sheesham and walnut wood in this design. This article comes in two types of finishes. Those are high gloss and matte finish. Both serve as equal in terms of a refined look.

Dining Urban Collection

Our urban collection includes designs that are normally rare to find. For people with classy taste and modern aesthetics, these designs are perfect! Most people incorporate Urban dining in houses with a contemporary interior. Placing this wooden piece will all of a sudden elevate your interior appearance.

We have specifically designed it to complement your kitchen aesthetics and make it a better place. Moreover, you can use this design as kitchen counters. The urban collection has stools in its design. Turning down the trend of dining chairs.

Furthermore, the dining from this urban collection can act as a great coffee counter. Our customers have written us feedback, enjoying coffee on our urban dining table while chit-chatting with their mother working in the kitchen. We love such feedback!

Offices Are Incomplete Without An Office Table

The first things we hit upon while thinking about an office interior are the front desk, work-stations, conference rooms, and a lot and a lot of chairs and tables. Even the concept of the office is vague without a table. Therefore, Furniturehub brings forward a wide range of diverse office table varieties.

Front Desk, Reception Counter

The first things you hit upon while entering an office are Front Desk and Reception Counters. This reception counter is the offices’ one essential unit. We have certain modern designed front desks and reception counters available on our website. Its base manufacturing is of solid wood and MDF board. Additionally, similar to other types of tables they come in a high gloss finish.

If you are buying one for your office. It may also contain your company embossed logo on its front face. Or simple word “Information” in uppercase may also appear.

Further, we spend time designing the storage capacity. Your most important files need to be kept in an organized manner. And for that, we introduce plenty of drawers. Initially, we work with blues, whites, blacks, and browns. Which are the contrasting color themes for the office interior. Whereas, we may also switch to any other color as per your choice.

Executive CEO Office Table

Boss is always right! And to encourage him to make the right decisions. We must ensure his comfort. The one table found in Boss’s Office is normally the Executive CEO Office Table. Agree or not, it needs to be the most graceful and sophisticated piece.

The Executive Office Table requirements include grace and an exquisite look. We serve a purpose to all of those needs by flaunting our enchanting collection. Furthermore, we also have a certain design that includes storage along with lockers. You can use the storage place to stack up files, store reading books, laptop chargers, stationery, or any other essentials.

L Rack Foldable Office Table

L Rack is an informal office table. We suggest using it in home offices. Our designers have specially designed to serve their purpose in studio apartments. Furniturehub is the only brand that brings forward such innovative designs. We think out of the box and uphold modernization.

L Racks are foldable office tables that can serve the dual purpose of a rack and an office table. They can contain an enormous amount of stuff because of their outstanding organized compartments. Moreover, you can also use them to stack up as many files as you want. Just installing this small simple furniture article offered by furniture hub will make you an instant personal workspace at any place. Further, there will be no need for any further amendments required. We make the transitions easy!

Office Workstation Table

Workstations are very important regarding the productivity of a person. In fact, plays a very integral part and affects their work capacity in a positive manner. Each individual needs a comfortable workspace to be productive. Therefore, installing quality workstations is an essential part. Additionally, when we infuse them with suave interiors it is even better!

Furniturehub brings forward assorted dynamic workstation designs for its customers to choose from. Further, also facilitate them with the customization option.

When making an office and planning to purchase office furniture, contact Furniturehub.

Computer Table For Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Our teens are very fond of video games. Their desire for playing games is never fulfilled. And all they want is more and more. For that, they need a proper PC setup. Thus, a computer table is an ultimate requirement for the kid’s bedroom.

Furniturehub offers two different types of multifunctional computer tables that are as follows:

L Shape Computer Table

Furniturehub’s popularity lies in introducing the inventive design made specially by our skilled workers. We make sure to serve the basic purpose and yet infuse the design with a contemporary appearance.

The L Shape Computer Table is one of such designs. This type of computer table enhances your work capacity by giving you an extended workspace. So, you can use the extended space for placing things or used it as a study desk. Further, some L shape computer tables also come with sliding in and out keyboard space. So, when not in use can be slid in to avoid a typical computer table look. Moreover, This type of computer table can also contain drawers, lockers, and organizing racks as well. Further, you can suggest changes by availing of our customization option.

Computer And Study Table

Your kid needs to be acknowledged that study should be enjoyed as enthusiastically as the games are enjoyed. For that very reason, we inbuilt the study table attached with the computer table. So, your kid knows the skill of managing time. And know how to prioritize stuff and give preferences.

In addition to that, most of the stuff is switched online due to the pandemic situation. The computer table might be used to take online classes comfortably without messing up the surroundings. Moreover, can also be used while studying and submitting online assignments. Computer or Laptop have become an essential part of our life. Having a proper space to place them and operate them would definitely be a great option.

Everything Is A Little Less Without A Center Table

The center table is always a center of attention!

Center Tables come in various different shapes and materials. We have designed each model especially to complement a specific theme. Modern aesthetics are now switching classic rectangular center tables with Ottomans and Chesters. Our collection incorporates every possible design. Furthermore, we take custom orders for the center table as well. That is what you think, we change your fantasy to reality!

Furniturehub understands the fact of how you as an individual would like to have the house of your dreams. Normally, we don’t seem to get enough opportunities to make the house of our dreams, while living in Pakistan. Whereas, this furniture store encourages its customers to think out of the box. Yes, we make possibilities!

Are you ready to amaze yourself with our center table collection? Hop on!

Coffee Table

Generally, taking a clue from the name ‘coffee table’ doesn’t mean that we can only place a coffee mug on it. Or that one cannot use it to serve tea. It can simply serve all the functions of a center table.

Embellish your drawing room interior by introducing exquisite tables to your present furniture set. Give your house a fundamental trendy look by considering our offered furnishing pieces.

If we state the fact, coffee tables used as a center table can fill your interior with a breathtaking touch of elegance. Furthermore, spreading glamour and elegance has become easier with us. You can place your order sitting home. And we’ll deliver it to your doorstep. From basic cubes to curved edges, Furniturehub contains every sort you need.

Glass Top Center Table

Glass Top Center Table is an conventional typical design that is widely popular. Surprisingly, we seem to witness the placement of this design almost everywhere we go. To Asians, it appears to be a formal design with a fancy glass top. Therefore, having at least one glass top center table is mandatory in a house.

Infusing into the chic theme, you may decorate this type of center table with decoration pieces peeking from under the glass. You may place a brass sculpted horse or a grandiloquent gold pot. Not only that, people often like to use that area to place newspapers. That definitely in every manner gears up the sophistication theme.

Therefore, It’s up to you how you decorate your glass top center table after getting it from Furniturehub. We’d love to suggest you some designs too!

Wooden And Brass Center Table

We all are familiar with the popularity of Wooden Center Table. Additionally, how far it has come without losing worth. Without doubts, there are no replacements for wooden tables. However, Brass center tables have oddly become the competitor.

Collectively, each of our furnishing articles or type of tables contains wood as a basic element in manufacturing. Therefore, almost all the tables fall under this category.

Everyone needs innovation, and so do our usual wooden tables. Brass Center Tables are the up growing design with an immensely positive response from the customers. These brass centerpieces have long-living attributes and barely wear off the shine. Everybody is becoming fond of this new contemporary look. It is stainless and is available in several designs. The design includes a round top with several hexagonal patterns made of brass for support. Brass Center Table mainly comes with marble or glass top. People also use them as coffee tables. Furthermore, the brass nesting tables used as center tables inspired by this concept have also their way to trending!

Ottomans As Central Piece

Some furniture article when given a mere modification gets into the trending list. The trend grows up and up and never stops. Similar is the case for Ottomans. Their origination is from a very old furnishing article concept. However, everybody loves the new classy contemporary look!

Stating by experience with our customers, modern aesthetics has brought Ottomans to settle into every possible interior. People have wholeheartedly welcomed the Ottomans in replacement with the center table. Therefore, we present a wide range for Ottomans that people can use as a central piece.

Have a look and do justice to yourself!

What’s Special About Us?

Furniturehub’s specialty lies in the services it has to offer to its customer. For us, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and for that, we facilitate you as far as we can. We make sure to provide every possible assistance that can ease our customers from stress.

Therefore, you just need to place the order and the rest is our responsibility.

Door-Step Delivery

Delivery is a big hassle when purchasing furniture for your place. Transportation arrangement, charges, and then the risk of damage panic us in every manner. Where to find a service that can safely deliver your furniture?

Fortunately, we provide you with that particular service! Furniturehub is not just constricted in manufacturing the furniture for you. However, also takes the responsibility to deliver the very article to your doorstep.

Delivery Duration

Additionally, we also have some articles available for same-day delivery. The interpretation is, that we can deliver the same day you place an order. Generally, we take 3-4 weeks to deliver an order. Therefore, you can expect that we will deliver your article within a month and after confirmation of a placed order.


Customization of furniture articles as per your choice is one rare service we provide. When choosing a furniture article for your place, we have a rough sketch of how a particular piece of furniture needs to be. Whereas, unfortunately, you are never able to find one that blends perfectly with your choices. For that very reason, we introduced a customization option.

You may get customization in any article as per choice. You may change the polish of the table from high gloss to matt finish, change the size of the dining to increase the seating capacity, or reshape the entire structure of the table, or any other customization you’d like to have, we’ll do it for you!

Customer Satisfaction And Feedback

Furniturehub’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and it makes sure to leave them with the feeling of contentment. We provide full assistance by extending our customer representative service agents to you. Our agent will contact you, whenever you’ll place a custom order. He will facilitate you by noting down detailed information about the order to avoid any inconvenience.

Further, our agents may also provide service in suggesting to you which furniture article will complement the interior better.

We encourage our customers to visit our outlet anytime. He may choose furniture from the display. That’ll give him a clearer look.

We try making up to the customer expectations every time. Therefore, Furniturehub reaches out to customers for their feedback after they deliver and clients receive orders. We learn and try to improve ourselves by feedback to provide better service and maintain quality.

Discounted Prices and Promotional Offers

Despite all the services that we offer, Furniturehub never hesitates to put up discounted prices. We have event promotional offers with exclusive discounted prices on events. Additionally, we also offer several day-to-day discounts.

Most of our table category is on sale! We have discounts starting from 10% off extending up to 50% off. We encourage our customers to avail themselves of our discount prices. So, several offers remain valid all around the years with one overtaking the other one.

You Can Count On Us

Furniturehub brings forward every possibility to make ends of expectation meet for the customer. With our exclusive furniture designs and especially table category, we have gained a high level of customer satisfaction. Further, by maintaining our quality, we plan to widespread our service and audience even more. You’ll find every type of furniture design you need only on furniturehub. In conclusion, we give quality assurance and all of our products are claimable. Don’t trust others, try us and decide for yourself!


What is a computer table?

The computer table is specially designed to place your PC. It contains spaces to incorporate CPU and to avoid wires mess. Some tables also contain a sliding-in and out keyboard area.

Where can I buy a cheap computer table?

There are various furniture brands you can consider.

How can I choose the right office table?

The right office table needs to be sleek and sophisticated. Additionally, it should contain storage space and locker drawers. Furthermore, a high gloss finish is a plus.

Can an ottoman be used instead of a center table?

Yes, modern contemporary interiors have replaced classic center tables with ottomans. They have widely become popular regarding trendy aesthetics.

Can a coffee table be used as a center table with a sofa?

Yes, the coffee table is a multifunctional table that can be used as a coffee table, center table, and also as side table. It has a variety of uses. One may use it as per his comfort.

Where should a coffee table be placed?

A coffee table needs to be placed between 16 to 18 inches from the sofa set. Or it’ll be too far away. Contrary to that, considering different places. It is one table that can be placed in your living room, drawing room even bedroom.

Why are there always 2 sides and never one?

There are 2 side tables as it balances out the heavy sturdy look of the bed. Moreover, no matter which side of bed one uses, he’ll be benefited from the usefulness of the side table.

Why L shape table is so popular?

L shape table is popular for its extensive functionality, more space, and contemporary look.

Space And Sizing

Does round dining save space?

Yes, round dining generally saves space. A round table covers a smaller space as compared to rectangular or square because it has no corners.

What size dining table seats 6?

Usually, a dining table with 54 by 60 inches dimensions seats 4-6 people. Whereas, 72 inches seat 6 to 8 people.

Which type of dining table is more compact?

A round dining table is the most compact than any other shape dining table that is introduced till now.

Is there a dining table for 2?

Yes, A dreamy 2 seater dining also exists. If you are a small family of two people, no need to worry at all. Consider buying a dining table for 2.

How many chairs fit around a 6 foot round table?

72 inches or 6 foot round table can seat 6-8 people or a maximum of 10 people altogether.