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Semi Classic Beds

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FH-1276 Contemporary Bed With Side Tables

209,999.00 149,999.00

FH-1278 BED With Side Table

122,000.00 84,999.00

FH-5068 BED With 2 Side Tables

88,888.00 63,500.00

FH-5187 Studio Bed With Side Tables

133,999.00 80,000.00

FH-5189 Hills King Bed With 2 Side Tables

200,000.00 105,000.00

FH-5198 Circle Center Bed Set

130,000.00 92,000.00


94,999.00 69,999.00

FH-5295 Walnut X Bed Set

178,200.00 90,000.00

FH-5296 Walnut Block Bed set

190,000.00 80,000.00

FH-5524 Ring Ash Wood Bed and Two Side tables

119,740.50 89,783.10

FH-5645 Modern Upholstered Bed

97,563.51 71,754.21

FH-5646 Latest Double Bed

95,799.33 71,449.29

FH-5646 Loof Bed Pure

94,500.00 67,500.00

FH-5647 Asher Bed With Walnut Finish

95,750.33 65,759.27

FH-5647 Aston Martin Bed

94,500.00 67,500.00

FH-5648 Air Walnut Bed

94,500.00 67,500.00

FH-5648 Finest Double Bed

88,274.34 71,449.29

FH-5649 Riva Platform Bed

95,750.33 68,035.28

FH-5650 Adam Cattelan Italian Bed

95,750.33 65,759.27

FH-5652 Polish and Matt Set

97,000.00 70,000.00

FH-5655 Modern Low Bed

78,522.35 65,759.27

FH-5656 Bed for Wooden Floor Bedrooms

88,127.33 68,035.28

FH-5848 Fancy Style Bed

96,213.15 79,200.00

FH-5849 Queen Size Bed

94,226.81 73,507.50

FH-5858 Arezzo Bedroom Set

98,851.50 84,150.00

FH-5860 Ashley Holloway Bed

109,395.00 89,100.00

FH-5861 Bed in Cinnamon Finish

123,499.00 114,999.00

FH-5862 Queen Bedroom Collection

98,752.50 85,500.00

FH-5863 Classy Panel Bedroom Set

103,455.00 81,000.00

FH-5864 Fancy Bed with KING HEADBOARD

98,752.50 90,000.00

FH-5865 Oreana Sleigh Configurable Bed Set

112,860.00 90,000.00

FH-5866 Cambridge Eastern King Panel Bedroom

145,000.00 100,000.00

FH-5867 Cherry King Size Bed

119,725.00 95,000.00

FH-5871 King Bed with Headboard & Footboa

117,783.52 101,396.25

FH-5876 Queen Size Bed | Cumberland Collectio

174,185.55 133,155.00

FH-5877 Ricarde Brown Platform Bed

155,182.50 129,175.20

FH-5879 Customizable Bed With 2 Side Tables

175,000.00 105,000.00

FH-5882 Upholstered Sleigh Bed in Cherry

139,664.25 134,145.00

FH-5883 Bedroom with 2 Side Table by Ashley |

150,009.75 115,000.00

FH-5885 King Size Bed | Acme Konane

165,825.00 143,550.00

FH-5887 King Upholstered Panel Bed | Brown Ch

170,700.75 153,450.00

FH-5927 Simple Classic Bed

265,500.00 211,500.00

FH-5947 Semi Classic Bed with 2 side tables

186,219.00 129,318.75


89,100.00 69,300.00

Semi Classic Beds in Pakistan

FurnitureHub.pk is known to provide outstanding beds. A lot of our contemporary and traditional designs are highly sought after in the market and we have to make them on repeat. Moreover, the demand of semi classic beds in Pakistan is very high. People do not want to give up on their traditional styles of furniture. However, they do have an inclination towards the modern design elements. We want to provide a bit of both to the people and that is why we make quality semi classic beds. Check out our website to find out more about our quality products.

We want you to have a comfortable sleep. Sleep with no worry in the world on these highly comfortable and soft beds. Wake up in the morning to a fresh mood and get ready to kick start your day with amazing energy. Your sleeping style and posture during the night matter a lot. We will provide you furniture items that are the best in the business. We have queen size, floating as well as metallic beds. Check out our inventory and select your favorite design.

Semi Classic Bedroom Furniture Sets

Our semi classic bedroom furniture sets present a wide variety of designs. We excel in providing indigenous designs from each nook and corner of Pakistan. We have designs from every city of Pakistan and you can select something that suits your taste. Furthermore, our semi classic beds come with the unique modern offering as well. This means that these beds will have the local touch paired with the modern one. These designs see the combination of modern styles with the indigenous designs from Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Chiniot, and Peshawar etc.


Simple Classic Bedroom Bed Designs

We have a lot of simple classic wooden bed designs to help you choose from. Visit our store on the web to find out more. You can easily choose a design that appeals to your heart. If you require any assistance feel free to call us. You will be pleased to find out that a vast majority of our articles are customizable.

Luxury Bed Price in Pakistan

Our luxury bed price in Pakistan when it comes to the semi classic beds varies greatly. You will be pleased to find out that our luxury beds boast an amazing quality and are ready for delivery in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Bed with 2 Side Tables

We provide semi class beds in a variety of types. If you check our online collection you will see that one of our types includes 2 side tables. The wooden headboard features a classical curvature. The fully customizable beds complement this feature fully. We provide a matt finish in order to provide you a complete solution for your bedroom.

Hayat Beds

Our Hayat beds also come in many different variants. You can customize the bed according to your liking. Moreover, just talk to our sales rep before the purchase and we will make sure to communicate all your design preferences to our workforce. After that you have to wait for about 3 to 4 weeks. We will deliver your product to your doorstep with our outstanding product delivery partner.


Walnut Beds

Walnut beds have an outstanding and appealing walnut finish. You will love the final finish on this beauty. It is different from our other offerings and scores very high on durability. We use MDF and matt in some of our beds and you will see that they do very decently both look-wise and comfort-wise!

Semi Classic Bedroom Furniture in Pakistan

Semi classic bedroom is readily available in Pakistan. However, the difference of quality is quite evident. Make sure to buy from reliable sellers only. Normally sellers have multiple purchase options available. They also have an online presence along with their offline store. Buy only from legit sellers to save your time and money. At FurnitureHub.pk, we make sure to follow international standards and guidelines to deliver immaculate products to our customers. We are very keen on providing quality products and this is the reason that we do not use outdated tools or technology to manufacture products. The knowledge-base of our laborers as well as our technologies witness a daily upgrade.