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2 Chairs With Table

 55,000  45,000
Made of Solid Wood customization in Fabric is Availble 3 weeks time for an order

2 Fully Posted Wing Chairs with table

 65,000  30,000
Velvet Fabric Solid Wooden Structure Tufting on back side Moltyfoam Guarantee

Bar Sheesham Chairs with a table

 45,000  35,000
Solid Sheesham Wood Pure High Gloss finish Life time Guarantee of Wood

Beach Wood Chair

 6,000  3,999
Looking to add a breezy touch to your place? Look no further than this beach wood chair. Not only does it
by Furniture Hub - CO Add to cart

Bed Room Chairs (Polished)

 65,000  45,000
Made of mix wood Molty foam used Customization in fabric Available Polished 3-4 Weeks Time for and order

Bedroom Chair With Table

 63,000  48,000
Made Of Mix wood Solid Feet Molty Foam Used Customization In Fabric Is Avable
by Royal Watnia Furniture Add to cart

Bedroom Chairs

 55,000  45,000
Made Of  Sheesham Wood Molt Foam Used 3-4 weeks time for an order
by art and soul furniture Add to cart

Bedroom Chairs (Kikar Wood)

 65,000  50,000
Made of Kikar 3 weeks time for an order

Bedroom Chairs (Printed Fabric)

 80,000  60,000
Two chairs and a center table Solid Sheesham wood Expensive printed Fabric (Customization on order)(also available on Leather) Wooden Frame Carving on frame 3 week time for an order

Bedroom Chairs (Seesham,Leafing)

 35,000  26,000
Solid Frame Leaping Polish Molty Foam in Seats Customization In Color and Fabric is Available 3-4 weeks time for and order
by Riaz Sons Furnishers Add to cart

Bedroom Chairs (Sheesham Wood)

 50,000  46,000
Made of sheesham 3-4 weeks time for an order

Bedroom Chairs & Table (Solid Frame)

 70,000  57,000
Solid Frame Molty Foam in seats Cutomization in Fabric Is Available 3-4 Working Weeks time For an Order
by Riaz Sons Furnishers Add to cart


Are you looking to buy some fabulously built chairs? Don’t worry! We will help you! Here you will find many different types of chairs to choose from such as drawing room chairs, bedroom chairs, dining room chairs, easy chairs, office chairs, and more.

To get an idea of what our vast collection of comfy chairs carries, try exploring Chairs section. It carries chairs of all types and sizes and will help you find options that would nicely suit your needs. Once you have successfully found your desired type of furniture, you can place the online order to get it delivered to your home.

Types of Chairs on Offer at FurnitureHub

Bedroom Chairs

Your bedroom will definitely love a new seating companion with your gorgeous bed. With a vast variety of designs and colors to choose from, it’s easier to pick the right piece for your resting place.

Antique white is massively liked by people due to its ability to be paired with numerous other color schemes. Rattan is another popular choice for it forms ideal combination rattan bed design! Silver colored chairs are equally fabulous and give your bedroom a touch of elegance that is hard to ignore. And if you want a bolder impact with a touch of opulence, go with the gold painted chairs.

Dining Room Chairs

Dining room is probably the most important part of a home. It is like a magnet that joins everyone together. It is used to cater to guests and holding celebrations to make events memorable. When someone is visiting your home, dining room chairs are the first thing they will see, and more importantly, sit in, so it is crucial to have chairs with an attractive and welcoming appearance.

If your current selection of dining room chairs is a little drab, its high time you considered splurging on a new set of chairs. And with thousands of options available, FurnitureHub is the best place to give your dining room a modified look.

Drawing Room Chairs

Your drawing room is like a world’s window to you. It helps the world see you the way you want to be seen.

The only way to accomplish the impression you want to project is the right selection of your drawing room’s furniture. The best chairs fit in perfectly with the overall “feel” of the drawing room and can be easily found at FurnitureHub.

Our manufacturers know that undersized/oversized chairs overwhelm the whole space. So, they craft chairs that respect space constraints of a room – both the number and size wise – and make them available at truly economical costs.

Stylize your drawing room with excellent quality chairs – and visit our full catalog to see what we have to offer.

Easy Chairs

Give your room an aesthetic appeal with our comfortable and easy chairs. These chairs offer a large variety of colors and sizes while weighing very low on your budget. One of the unique features of easy chairs is their frames. Our manufacturers are entirely aware of the importance of frame. They primarily focus on building stronger and durable frames to last for long periods of time. We also give you the freedom to assess the texture and fabric before making the purchase.

Visit our Easy Chairs collection to see what we have in store for you.

Office Chairs

We carry an endless array of options for office chairs. Swivel, low back, mid back, high back, adjustable arms, no arms, and numerous other choices. Our collection gives customers the freedom to decide based on their required level of adjustability, color, and material without having to settle for anything less. Moreover, the office chairs on FurnitureHub are reliable and very unlikely to break or wear out over time. They are readily available for purchase and can be bought in whatever quantity you are seeking. So, don’t wait up and place your order now!