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Al-Khair Foam – Foam

 10,200  9,200
Al-Khair’s special offering for the price-conscious consumer, lightweight yet resilient foam mattress with 12 years warranty. It’s exquisitely designed and comes at a price that is just right for the entry level buyer.
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Alizeh Memory – Spring

 90,000  86,500
Alizeh Memory uses innovative technology to adjust according to your body’s weight. It also provides additional support to relax your

Alizeh Wonder – Spring

 25,500  22,558
Alizeh Wonder Spring uses Bonnell technology to maintain the mattress shape through its lifetime by perfectly distributing weight across the

Bravo Plus

 20,500  19,100
The Bravo Plus comes a little extra so your sleep quality and comfort is never compromised again. Not only will it ensure a right posture for your spine but further comes with a sophisticated look and design, adding to the quality and versatility of your mattress.
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Bravo Standard

 20,000  18,000
The Bravo Standard is channeled to relieve pressure and provide support to your lumbar region. It comes with Bonnell spring and quality woven knitted fabric which is meant to give you a firm support and moderate sleeping comfort.
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Celeste Cool Gel

 20,500  19,100
The latest innovation in sleep technology, Celeste Cool Gel is designed to give you a balanced sleep environment all year long. Using Airflow technology to facilitate air circulation and cool gel technology to control temperature, Celeste Cool Gel allows for the same great sleep experience every night, throughout the whole year.
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Celeste Ultra Ortho

 20,000  18,600
Celeste Ortho is a culmination of years of research and development and the most advanced version of firm spring mattress. Designed to provide optimal comfort and relief, this dual-sided mattress is best at offering individual support to the sleeper.
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Classique (Soft Sides)

 29,000  27,800
Our classique specially is engineered to provide you with a rejuvenated feel for the morning. It’s unmatched for its quality and sleep specialization. A flawless mattress designed to take care of you, exhibiting exclusive skills at craftsmanship and research.
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Clima Cool – Form

 11,000  9,915
FIVE STAR ClimaCool technology, a 360 ventilation system, utilizes specially engineered infused gel beads into the foam mattres materials and components to provide superior moisture management, enhanced evaporation and better breathability to provide cooler sleeping surface. Zoning groves complement gel beads by providing air flow and circulation. Antimicrobial protection is provided by cool gel knit cover.
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Crescendo – Form

 12,500  11,000
Crescendo Foam mattresses are made using high density eco-flex foam that is Certipur Certified for no harmful chemicals. The superior durability of this high quality design is backed by our industry leading Life Time Warranty. Five Star has brought to you Crescendo foam mattress which is designed for comfort, and is one of the most preferred mattresses in the market because it is a high density foam core. The cover is made from quality pressure release knitted fabric.
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Duxiana – Spring

 22,500  20,748
DUXIANA Pillow TOP Executive: The coils of this mattress are designed to be extra supportive and extra durable. In Alizeh, a traditional spring system offers great support and stability. The coil spring unit is topped with durable polyester and wadding. PILLOW TOP DESIGN The pillow top layer provides a breathable and comfortable surface that brings you closer to flawless slumber. STRONG BONNELL SPRING In Duxiana pillow top executive brand the Bonnell spring technology is used for a strong spring unit. DURABLE KNITTED FABRIC The ultimate indulgence with soft, lustrous and durable knitted fabric provides extra layer of comfort
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Eterna Firm

 38,000  35,500
Eterna firm is a pleasant blend of luxury and comfort combined. The opulence of the additional cushioning layer and the thousand super pocketed coil springs come together to give you the ultimate sleep experience that recharges you with a good night’s sleep.
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Find the Best Mattresses in Pakistan

Buying new mattresses is something many people look forward to. But sometimes, they have to do it with significant care due to the great deal of non-surety about how to choose the right one. Hence, FurnitureHub helps people out in choosing the most appropriate mattresses. Customers love to buy mattresses from us because we offer the highest quality Five Star Foam with a vast variety of types.

People searching for mattresses find us extremely beneficial because we make finding high-quality mattresses simple and easy.

Here at FurnitureHub, the supreme brands like Five Star Foam proudly share and sell their mattresses. The mattresses feature very reliable yet comfortable material. They are manufactured using advanced technology and can last for several years without losing the quality.

Our mattresses offer relief from neck and back pains by keeping your body in the right postures. They keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment, eliminating unwanted aches and pains.

Here are some unique features of these mattresses:

  • Extreme comfort to both the body and muscles
  • Great skeletal support
  • Super durable; will continue to provide the same level of comfort for several years to come
  • Robust, yet soft enough for your head to sink into the surface
  • Very lightweight and easy to flip around which offers great help in changing sheets

Types of Mattresses We Offer

  • Memory Foam
  • Spring Foam

Memory Foam

If your current mattress isn’t offering your body the right amount of comfort, it’s time to replace it with a memory foam. The best types of memory foams are built up of polyurethane and can be easily found on FurnitureHub. Our mattresses are particularly manufactured to soften up with your body heat and mold into a warmed foam, ensuring a peaceful sleep. There is a vast variety of memory foams available on FurnitureHub, with each being denser than standard foam yet weighing low on budget. Each mattress offers a soft/firm feel, based on your body requirements and is greatly appreciated by the users.

Spring Foam

Here at FurnitureHub, you will find spring mattresses of the highest quality. The manufacturers design mattresses with great care! Each aspect of your physical health and sleep pattern is thoroughly considered before the integration of spring technology. Moreover, the pieces offer sublime durability and are immune to sagging and clumping which is a very common issue with spring mattresses.

And lastly, the most unique feature of our spring mattresses is ‘zero motion transfer’. A feature which enables you to make movements without rocking the whole mattress.

Due to the aforementioned features, FurnitureHub’s collection of spring mattresses stands out from the rest and is very popular among our prestigious clientele.

Comfortable, durable, lightweight, and robust. These are the qualities that our mattresses offer. If you want to appreciate a peaceful sleep after an exhausting day, we recommend you to place the order today!