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Alizeh Memory – Spring

 90,000  86,500
Alizeh Memory uses innovative technology to adjust according to your body’s weight. It also provides additional support to relax your

Alizeh Wonder – Spring

 25,500  22,558
Alizeh Wonder Spring uses Bonnell technology to maintain the mattress shape through its lifetime by perfectly distributing weight across the

Duxiana – Spring

 22,500  20,748
DUXIANA Pillow TOP Executive: The coils of this mattress are designed to be extra supportive and extra durable. In Alizeh, a traditional spring system offers great support and stability. The coil spring unit is topped with durable polyester and wadding. PILLOW TOP DESIGN The pillow top layer provides a breathable and comfortable surface that brings you closer to flawless slumber. STRONG BONNELL SPRING In Duxiana pillow top executive brand the Bonnell spring technology is used for a strong spring unit. DURABLE KNITTED FABRIC The ultimate indulgence with soft, lustrous and durable knitted fabric provides extra layer of comfort
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