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2 Portion Tea Trolly

 10,000  7,100
Made of Beach Wood Mirror on top and bottom 2 portion Tea trolly 2 to 3 working weeks time for an order
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2 Tier Nest Table

 20,000  16,000
Solid Frame 3-4 working weeks time for an order  

3-D Center table

 65,000  24,000
3-D design center table High Gloss finish Fiber and Sheesham wood Size 2.5*4 Different Sizes will be available on order

4 Piece Nest Table

 18,000  12,000
Solid Wood L 20 D 12 H 23 2-3 Weeks time for an order
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4 Piece Nest Table (White)

 16,000  12,000
  Made of Mdf and Solid Wood Hand painting on Top H 23 L 20 D 12 2-3 weeks time for an order
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Almond Top Center Table

 45,000  37,000
3-4 weeks time for an order

Antique Carved Chester

 40,000  32,999
Made of Kikar wood 3.5 feet height Hand Painting Metal Carving 2 to 3 working week time for an order.
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Art press nest tables

 32,000  28,800
2 weeks time for an order
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Awesome Wooden Coffee Table

 45,000  35,000
This awesome wooden coffee table is perfect for taking tea and snacks in front of the TV or to work

Beach Wood Center Table

 6,500  4,500
Made of Beach wood easily portable 2 weeks time for an order
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Beach Wood Nest Table

 11,500  8,000
Made of beach wood Mirror On Top 2-3 Weeks Time For an order
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Beach Wood Tea Trolley

 11,500  8,500
It is made of beach wood L 26 D 17 H 31 2 weeks time for an order
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FurnitureHub’s table collection offers quality tables to beautify your home. We offer many categories with marvelous designs of tables that are delivered quickly after the order. Our space saving tables are great for those living in small apartments by making more space to move about.

The collection of tables on FurnitureHub includes:

  • Center Tables
  • Dining Tables
  • Nest Tables
  • Tea Trolley Tables
  • Corner tables
  • Chester

Center Tables

Though you will find a diverse choice of center tables here, the custom-made collection truly stands out from the rest. With these, you will have the option of getting material of your choice, and if you don’t want to get the material, then the manufacturers will get it themselves.

Apart from the looks, our center tables are elegant and will blend nicely with the interior of your room. However, you must know whether it’s modem or traditional for the table to fit perfectly into the décor.

Dining Tables

Here you will find many types of dining tables with different features. Our standard dining tables – ones you see inside palaces – giving your home a real classy touch.

Another type is breakfast tables which are typically smaller in size but come with some really unique features such as locking casters for added mobility.

The cocktail table which is also known as coffee table can also be used as a dining table but not many use them for meals and rather use them in front of the sofas and TVs to place drinks and snacks.

Other than these, we carry formal dining tables and long dining tables that seat many people.

Nest Tables

Homeowners find our nest tables extremely convenient for a variety of reasons:

  • These tables are perfect for large families
  • Superb for when there are lots of guests and more space is required
  • Can be used for board games
  • They can be placed under one another when not in use, saving a lot of space while also serving as a decorative piece

Prices start from Rs. 7,500/-

Tea Trolley Tables

Our collection of tea trolley tables offers a diverse range of effective solutions for serving guests with tea and drinks on the deck, patio area, poolside and inside of the house. They come in traditional and contemporary designs with wood and metallic construction serving as a perfect piece of furniture for drinks and appetizers. Some of their useful features include:

  • Push handles at both ends
  • Locking wheels
  • Completely safe mobility made possible by rails on the outer edges of shelves
  • Stable and rustproof design
  • Lightweight, water-resilient, rain repellent
  • Multifunctional

Corner Tables

Our corner tables are popular for two main reasons: functionality and aesthetics. Functionality because there are areas in your home which are not big enough to accommodate traditional tables. Corner tables are perfect for those areas. A right-sized corner table isn’t just perfect for your room, but can also be used the way you would want.

A major problem with many homes these days is that they are minimalist in design which makes having bulky furniture virtually impossible. Our corner tables will do an ideal job in situations like these. They are tough, strong, multipurpose and can be used as a coffee table or as a holder to display articles in hallways.

The aesthetics of our corner tables are crafted to beautify your home. As we just mentioned, they could be used to hold display articles like photo frames, vases, sculpture, etc. In short, the collection of these tables on FurnitureHub offers great functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs.


Our Chester collection carries a variety of tables and drawers which provide high functionality without messing up the look of your bedroom. A bedroom with wardrobes and cabinets deserves to have a matching chest of drawer; and there won’t be a better place to get one than FurnitureHub. You can purchase one of standard size, or try something different and go for pieces with a combination of different sizes – we have it all! In fact, the latter one offers more versatile storage options, while also adding a touch of beauty to the interior of your already stunning room.

Here’s what our collection holds for you:

  • Chester Table
  • Chester Drawer
  • Mini Chester
  • Mofa Console, and more!