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Tea trolley tables

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17,050.00 14,500.00

FH-1234 Basket trolley

13,999.00 12,500.00

FH-1400 Tea Trolley 3 Part

27,500.00 22,500.00

FH-1467 Pearl On Top Tea Trolley

31,500.00 27,000.00

Fh-1470 Round Top Tea Trolley

23,300.00 19,000.00

FH-1485 Decent Tea Trolley

26,500.00 20,500.00

FH-1487 Tea Trolley

27,500.00 20,500.00

FH-1560 M.4 Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-1561 M.5 Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-1562 M.6 Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-1563 M.8 Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-1574 Hand Painted Tea Trolley

27,000.00 20,000.00

FH-1613 Chain Legs Tea Trolley

13,500.00 10,000.00

FH-1614 Chain Legs Black Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-1703 Fixed Tray Table

15,000.00 11,000.00

FH-1704 Galaxy Movable Tea Table

21,000.00 14,000.00

FH-5374 Tea Trolley With Floral Patterns

30,000.00 22,500.00

FH-5380 Corner Table With Octagonal Top

17,500.00 14,000.00

FH-5396 Tray Octa (2B)

18,500.00 13,499.00

FH-5400 Tray Table B&W

14,000.00 12,500.00

FH-5478 Tray Table Octa Flower

16,500.00 13,499.00

FH-5489 Single Tier Tea Trolley

25,500.00 19,999.00

FH-5575 Vintage Tea Trolley

31,500.00 25,500.00

FH-5665 Hand Painted Tea Trolley

25,000.00 19,999.00

FH-5668 High Quality Tea Trolley

15,500.00 10,499.00

FH-5669 Contemporary Tea Trolley

13,500.00 10,000.00

FH-5670 Tea Trolley with Glass (Top and Botto

12,000.00 8,000.00

FH-5671 Folding Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,000.00

FH-5672 Mirror Top Tea Trolley

12,000.00 8,500.00

FH-5673 Beach Wood Tea Trolley

12,000.00 9,000.00

FH-5674 Tea Trolley (Solid Wood)

25,000.00 20,499.00

FH-5676 Tea Trolley

25,000.00 20,499.00

FH-5678 Tea Trolley (Deco Finish)

26,500.00 20,499.00

FH-5680 Tea Trolley with Metal Carving

25,000.00 19,999.00

FH-5697 Classic Tea Trolley

34,250.00 30,100.00

FH-5722 Wood Tray Table

20,500.00 14,499.00

FH-5753 Folding Tray Table

19,000.00 13,499.00

FH-5755 MDF Tray Table

17,500.00 13,499.00

FH-5764 Tray Table (Hand Painting Top)

19,000.00 13,499.00

FH-5765 Peacock Tray Table

19,000.00 13,499.00

FH-5767 Tray with Hand Painted Top

16,500.00 12,500.00

FH-5768 Classic Coffee Table

16,500.00 10,999.00

FH-5824 2 Portion Tea Trolly

10,500.00 7,600.00

FH-5825 Tea Trolley

25,500.00 20,000.00

FH-5897 Center Coffee Table With Mother Of Pe

47,500.00 32,500.00

Best Tea Trolley Buy Online in Pakistan

Tea trolleys buy online but only from reliable sources. These tables are in use in many households. In many sophisticated households, these trolleys are present and people use it to bring edible stuff from the kitchen to the living, dining, or the drawing room. A tea trolley adds elegance and grace to your living area. It also provides you irreplaceable ease and comfort. Revel in the fact that you don’t have to carry all the food from the kitchen in your hands.

You can also use the tea trolley table as a dining table if the guests at your home are many. There are many advantages of having this excellent furniture item at your home. Tea trolleys come in many different shapes and sizes. Moreover, visit FurnitureHub.pk to find out about our hundreds of furniture articles on our website.

Our tea trolleys come in all sorts of design varieties. We have a specialized team of labors who work diligently to create the best furniture designs for you. Moreover, our range of trolley designs come in both Eastern and Western designs. If you want to have any customizations, you are more than welcome to share with us and we will design accordingly.

A Trusted Name for Tea Trolley in Lahore

FurnitureHub.pk entered the furniture industry some 7 years ago. We are glad to enjoy a customer base that is both returning and encouraging. Our product reviews are very heartwarming and allow us to understand what our clients need. Tea trolleys come in many different dimensions and style. If you are looking for Eastern designs, we have it all. From Pakistani to Irani, and Middle Eastern designs, we have it all.

Furthermore, we have Western designs as well. The popular designs from the UK and France are also available with us. Any design element that you want to alter, we have the means to change it. Empower your house to perfection with trolleys that make your house more beautiful and allow your guests to have more good time. They will have more ease when drinking tea or eating other food. You will be able to impress your guests at home and improve the décor style of your home.

It takes us only 3 to 4 weeks to deliver your order to you. For us, delivering things to you on time is of prime importance. We make sure to make quality things and deliver them timely. We make sure that your experience with us is a remarkable one for you. Our labors do our best to make our customers happy.

At FurnitureHub.pk, we can customize any furniture item available on our online store for. If you have any design preferences and you want to add or subtract something from our pre-existing design, please feel free to share with us. We will communicate your preferences to our skilled workers and they will make sure to incorporate them into our furniture items. We make sure that your tea trolleys are exactly as per your requirements. Worry not and wait for us to deliver your designs.

Wooden Tea Trolley Online Shopping in Pakistan

For wooden tea trolley online shopping in Pakistan, you should make sure to buy only from reliable brands. It is important to check if the company has a working number. Moreover, the company must have online as well as physical presence. We, at FurnitureHub.pk, have both a quality online store and a remarkable and spacious offline physical store as well. If you want to buy anything from us, you can check out the hundreds of design items on our website or visit our store to check out a majority of our products there. We have a dedicated working space for our labors as well. Our labor work diligently to produce standardized furniture items for you.

These days people are increasingly interested in buying contemporary and modern tea trolleys designs. The desire for items with designs and vibrant colors is present in many people. Obviously, a furniture article that has floral patterns and beautiful colors is going to be more appealing. It will also impact your guests more and they will feel that they are in the presence of civilized and sophisticated people.

Tea Trolley Price in Pakistan

Tea trolley price in Pakistan is different in different cities. In Lahore, the price of indigenous furniture articles is different the indigenous articles present in different cities. However, you can find the indigenous furniture items of other cities in different cities so that’s not an issue. There are many types of tea trolleys available such as wooden, metallic, triangular, oval and rectangular etc. For all these items, the prices are different.

Normally the price is quite reasonable. A tea trolley is an important furniture item. If you’re looking for something elegant and decent, even then, the prices are within an affordable range.