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FH-5772 Bravo Plus (King Size 78*72)

45,800.00 38,700.00

The Bravo Plus comes a little extra so your sleep quality and comfort is never compromised again. Not only will it ensure a right posture for your spine but further comes with a sophisticated look and design, adding to the quality and versatility of your mattress.

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The Bravo Plus brings with it a little extra to ensure quality sleep. Not only will it guarantee a correct stance for your spine but also carries a stunning look and configuration, making it a top-quality mattress for your sleeping needs.

  • Firm Feel
  • Fresh Guard Technology
  • Knitted Fabric

    Different sizes are available

  • Single 78*42 ” 25000 PKR
  • Queen 1 78*60*5″  34200 PKR
  • Queen 2 78*66*5″  36400 PKR



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