Tissue Organza Fabric (FHSC-167)

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Apply Smart Designing Using This Tissue Organza Fabric For Your Home

Artfully blending colors and creating design is our passion that we allow you to see in our products. Keeping the ordinary things is not our taste so we craft something that puts our buyers in awe. For instance, this tissue organza fabric decorated with glittered leaf patterns is the fabric that we import. So, if you’re thinking of covering the unusual or common spots of your home, this fabric can be utilized as the curtain.

Other than that, you can also, utilize it as the backdrop which will help control the weather’s coziness. Most of the time we face trouble as our houses get sealed with closed walls designs. There is no source of ventilation. As a matter of fact, it’s very disturbing when you’re not close to nature. So, you only see windows as the only hope that can bring you close to nature.

Often curtains with the heavy thickness of the fabric cover the charm of nature. Therefore, if you enjoy nature’s peak times then this tissue organza fabric will take all your worries.

The white serene hue not just soothes your eyes but also makes you enjoy the outside view. However, don’t get disappointed with its see-through feature because it will just clear out the outside view. The heavy thickness will fully cover your windows and will give a great touch to your windows. Also, the golden leaf pattern is swooning, and shining on the fabric will sparkle in the dark.

Moreover, you can purchase this curtain fabric per yard. Also, the width of the fabric is almost 109 that is way too broader in covering your windows.


  • High-Density Fabric
  • White Net
  • Heavy Grammage
  • Golden Leaf
  • Can be Use for Curtain
  • Ideal for Curtains
  • Curtain Price per Yard
  • Fabric Width: 109”
  • Code= (4000-24)

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