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Furniture is a major category that you set at your home by following the trends. In this regard, we search for the questions and answers to our favorite items. Below, Furniturehub. Pk has designed a FAQ segment in which you can explore all the possible answers to your question. So, read out and let us know your feedback. Also, contact us if you have more specific queries to ask and not finding suitable answers here.

What is ? is Pakistan’s best online home & decor store. Here you will find the most gorgeous collection of classic, traditional, moderns, and contemporary furniture items. So, save yourself the trouble of leaving your bedroom’s comforts and get the desired items delivered to your doorstep with just a few taps on your phone’s screen.

What items are available at

The list of items available at Furniture Hub include:
Coat hanging racks
Relaxing Stools
Iron Stands
Handcrafted Decors
Furniture Racks
Chests of drawers
Wall Hanging Decors
Corner cabinets
Kids’ furniture, and more.
This is not the complete list. There are many other items on our website. Thus, feel free to explore our vast collection to find your desired items.

What makes better than other brands?

Though Furniture Hub possesses plenty of unique features, the following ones particularly help us stand out:
Easy payments through online and offline means.
On-time delivery.
Online provision of important details of each product through images.
Highest quality furniture in various materials: solid wood, veneer, upholstered, etc.
Seasoned design experts to help you out with your furniture arrangements.
One of the largest furniture collections in the country. Moreover, from chaise lounges to center tables and rocking chairs, the availability of all furniture items on one platform makes us one of the best furniture stores in Pakistan.

What types of beds do offer? offers Beautiful and stylish beds for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Furthermore, the prices are affordable too. Our collection of beds includes:
Modern beds
Classic beds
Semi-classic beds
Kids beds

What are the best features of

The best features’ of FurnitureHub include:
Affordable prices
Customizable furniture
Quick and free delivery
Wide range of attractive styles
Ease of checking measurement online/in-store
The facility of checking material

What makes the client-favorite?

The following qualities make us a top furniture brand in Pakistan:
Consumer payments
Your furniture will always arrive on time
Visual capabilities of the furniture
High-quality products
Large range of materials
Design consultants to help you out
We bring it all together on one platform

How to decorate your home with white furniture?

Your place must be white
Combine white with metallic colors
Use different things to add personality to the room
Utilize white upholstery
Make use of white in the kitchen
Add a piece of artwork
Choose the best white shade for your décor
Add white color to washrooms
Use white to erase eyesores

What are some tips to protect white furniture?

Use stain guard
Make use of slipcovers
Apply spot cleaner

What are the most popular types of office desks?

Here are some types that might be ideal when buying desks for your workplace:
Writing Desks
Floating Desks
Computer Desks
Corner Desks
Executive Desks
Roll-Top Desks
Dual Sided Desks
Standing Desks
Armoire Desks
U-Shaped Desks
L-Shaped Desks

What are the most important furniture items for an office?

A successful workplace typically comprises the following furniture items:
Work desks and tables
Utility tables
Drafting tables
Task chairs
Ergonomic chairs
Executive chair
Guest chairs
Storage wall

What are some useful tips to make your kid’s room a fun place?

Do the following when buying furniture for your kid’s room:
Determine your budget
Ask for your kid’s opinion
Consider different types of wood
Buy a table
Buy a closet
Make the buying process fun

How to buy office furniture in an economical way?

Look for secondhand furniture
Make comfort your first priority
Use space the right way
Less decoration is better
Keep a consistent look

How to choose the right bunk bed for your kid?

Make sure it’s safe
Choose durable materials
Choose something that will grow with their age
Measure your space
Determine the type you need
Analyze what features you need
Consider accessibility
Don’t compromise on functionality and style

How to buy furniture online in Lahore?

Read the ‘About’ page
Look for reviews
Find a store that matches your style
Shop at stores with a good collection
Buy from secure websites
Check furniture measurements

How to buy outdoor furniture the right way?

Make a list of items
Choose a material type
Shop around
Buy patio umbrellas
Devise a care plan

What are the most suitable material types for outdoor furniture?

Heavy metal
Plastic furniture

How to increase storage in a small bedroom?

Consider buying the following to increase storage in your small bedroom:
Bed with storage
Storage cube
Bedroom bench
Storage ottoman
Built-in shelves
Use an all-in-one closet system
Knee-wall storage
Assorted wooden boxes
Slim tables and wall mounts
Mirrored storage cabinet
Make use of the door
Metal storage racks

What are the pros and cons of buying furniture online?

Online shopping is on the rise
Ease of comparison between different products
Online stores offer a great variety of furniture
Easy to access
Plenty of offers
Easy returns
You may not get to personally examine the furniture
Fake reviews

Should you buy furniture online or in person?

It depends. Just like anything, online shopping has many pros and cons. However, looking from a neutral point of view, the pros of buying furniture online are far greater than the cons. Firstly it saves time and requires a less money without demanding too much effort.

How to redesign your home in a super economic manner?

Start with proper planning
Reuse what you already have
Buy unfinished furniture
Go second hand
Bold color schemes
Decorate things one by one

What questions to ask when buying furniture online?

Is this item customizable?
What type of warranty does it come with?
What are the maintenance requirements?
How long will it last?
Am I getting a good deal?
Is it kid/pet-friendly?
Will I like this piece in 10 years?

What are the most popular types of bed frames?

Platform Frames
Upholstered Frames
Metal Frames
Sleigh Bed Frames
Wooden Bed Frames

What is a platform frame?

Platform frames eliminate the need for a box spring. As a result, they have a small height and are closer to the floor. Additionally, these frames come in various styles and can be all types of bedroom decor.

What are the pros and cons of platform frames?

Support all types of mattresses
Small and space-friendly
Help you reduce clutter
Low height
Climbing in and out can be awkward
Their firmness is uncomfortable for side sleepers

What are the upholstered frames?

Upholstered frames incorporate faux leather, suede, or any other material besides wood. The headboard of an upholstered frame is typically softer and more comfortable – making it ideal for those who enjoy sitting up and reading books or magazines in bed.

What are the pros and cons of upholstered frames?

Ultra-comfortable headboard
Available in plenty of designs, colors, and patterns
Require high maintenance
Require frequent vacuuming
Prone to wear and tear

What are the metal frames?

Metal bed frames are a popular type of mattress foundation. Moreover, their popularity is mainly due to their ability to adapt, adjust, and last longer than other materials such as wood. Besides, these frames provide sturdy support and are economical.

What are the pros and cons of metal frames?

Slick look
Extra durable
Relatively cheap
Can be creaky and noisy
Not as environmentally friendly as other materials

What are the sleigh bed frames?

Sleigh beds are typically made out of wood, but you can find them in upholstered and metal frames as well. Moreover, the modern sleigh beds have delicate curves that add a luxurious feel to any bedroom.

What are the pros and cons of sleigh beds?

Available in a variety of styles
The raised foot base keeps your feet warmly tucked in
Limited legroom
Heavy and difficult to move
Typically expensive

What are wooden bed frames?

Wooden frames are typically durable, strong, and boast a gorgeous finish. Apart from that, they are painted in different colors just so you have a wide array of options to choose from.

What are the pros and cons of wooden bed frames?

Many types of wood to choose from
Require low maintenance
Can fit into many decors
Range of styles available
Cost more than other beds
Very heavy, which makes it difficult to move

What is a panel bed?

A panel bed can hold and support both the mattress foundation and mattress. It features rails along its sides and a headboard which is often made of hardwood or metal.

What are the pros and cons of panel beds?

Affordable frames
Various options to choose from
Feature a traditional look
Require a box spring
Frames and rails may require additional costs

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed features a large sturdy base to hold a mattress without requiring support from a box spring or mattress foundation. Specifically, these beds tend to be a little lower in height as compared to regular beds.

What are the pros and cons of platform beds?

May require under-bed storage
Work fine without a box spring
Can feature shelves and cubbies

Low in height
Can be bulky at times

How to reduce risk factors when buying furniture online?

Determine a budget
Find the right material
Explore your style
Double-check the measurements
Look at the reviews
Try to review the real thing
Check the return policy

How to buy a futon the right way?

Initially, futons came out as simple mattresses that could be rolled up and moved around. However, modern futons don’t roll up anymore. So, there are several types of futons available and you can easily choose what exactly meets your needs.

How to buy a sleeper sofa the right way?

Always purchase the articles that can serve both as couches and beds. Furthermore, a cool thing about these sofas is that they come with hidden storage to tuck away your t-shirts, jeans, wallets, car keys, etc.

How to buy a bed set the right way?

Beds come in all types and sizes. Based on the budget, you should go for a bed set that’s within affordability and matches your choice of style.

How to buy office chairs the right way?

Before buying an office chair, see whether the back support, seat, and armrests are flexible. Plus, it should have an adjustable height along with a tilting ability to provide maximum comfort, while keeping your body relaxed.

How to buy a dining chair the right way?

The dining chairs must be modern and comfortable. You don’t simply use them to eat and then leave. Odds are you and your family spend a lot of time around the dining area watching TV or simply sitting and chatting with friends.

How to buy an end table the right way?

Before purchasing an end table, ask yourself why you need this. While most end tables end up becoming the center of attention in a room, they can offer much more than just looking great.

How to buy table lamps the right way?

Table lamps come in taller and smaller sizes. Taller lamps serve as the major source of light in a room, while smaller ones can be used for enhancing the aesthetics of a room. It’s totally up to you what type you want and how you use it.

How to buy a sofa set the right way?

A sofa is one of the most critical furniture buys you will ever make. So, when buying a sofa set for sale, you should be sure that you are purchasing the best quality, and that it offers you the desired comfort.

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying furniture online?

Forgetting about the measurements
Trusting reviews a little too much
Assuming that assembly is easy
Not checking the quality
Getting deceived by colors
Not paying attention to the shipping policy
Not knowing how to find discounts
Ordering from the wrong store

How to make your guest room a memorable place for visitors?

Keep enough space
Bring comfort to the place
Bedside table and lamp
Add comfortable touches such as Wi-Fi connection
Provide convenient access to power outlets
Add simple basics such as a lighted clock, alarm clock, etc.
Privacy is a must
Provide snacks
Provide them with lists & brochures

How to buy the right platform bed?

Ask yourself these questions before buying a platform bed:
What size will best meet my needs?
What type should I go for?
What style should I use?
Does it come with adjustable height to compensate for the lack of box spring?
Are the posts too close to the roof?
Does it come with the elevation feature?
Will a futon mattress lie flat on the bed?

How to choose the right end table?

These useful tips will help you choose the right end table:
Determine what shape will best work in your décor
Pay attention to the height
Width is important too
Consider what style fits your décor the best
Go for simple
Look for storage and function

How to make your small room look bigger?

Try a wall shelf instead of the nightstand
Remove clutter
Make maximum use of the bed
Hang an art piece
Buy furniture that maximizes your space
Add a reading nook
Fitted furniture is another great option
Use mirrors

How to decorate your bedroom the right way?

Get some inspiration
Determine what you need
Use one color
Don’t ignore the ceiling
Keep it simple
Use pure linen
Curtain the windows
Choose the right size of furniture

How to choose the perfect desk for your kid’s room?

Take necessary measurements
Choose the right material and design
Storage and functionality are a must
Desk shape is also a must

What are some good desk ideas for students?

Easels – provide an easy platform to draw or paint.
Elementary Desks – perfect for your kid to do homework.
Activity Tables – provide an ideal platform for early graders for doing homework.
High School Desks – offer extra storage and shelving space to work comfortably.

How to choose an ideal computer desk for your space?

Determine your budget
Know your required size
Look for ergonomics
Choose your preferred surface

What are the common types of computer desks?

L-shaped desks
Executive desks
U-shaped desks

What are the common uses of computer desks?

Computer desks can usually be used as the following:
Desks for computer work
Desks for paperwork-generating work
Desks for a combination of computer work, paperwork, and meetings.

How to choose the right center table?

Determine what size you need
Explore what will be the use of the table
Choose your preferred material
The shape of the center table should have a direct link with the shape of sofas
Moreover, the style of the table should be in perfect symmetry with the texture and color scheme of your décor

What is a dresser?

Dressers are an important part of bedrooms. They provide storage for everything from clothes to books, DVDs, and come in many shapes and styles.

How to buy the right dresser for your bedroom?

Choose a style
Pick a size
Look for the signs of sturdy construction
Search-in for versatile storage

How to style a dresser?

Use a dresser top to display decorative objects.
Hang multiple mirrors or photos above the dresser.
Add a small indoor plant or a vase of fresh flowers

How to buy second-hand furniture like an expert?

Do the following before buying used furniture:
Examine the piece carefully
Check for odors
Find for germs
Tips for buying a couch
Try reupholstering
Go with laminated or veneer furniture
Check retailers who rent furniture
Take necessary measurements
Explore the auction sites

How to buy leather furniture like an expert?

Determine the type of leather
Choose a style
Buy all pieces at one time
Buy from a reputable source
Check the warranty
Know how to care for leather

What are the most common types of leather?

Top grain
Split leather
Bonded leather

What is full-grain leather?

The strongest and most durable type. It features a tight and prominent grain pattern that is resistant to moisture.

What is top-grain leather?

The top grain is very consistent in appearance. Furthermore, it has a smooth surface which gives it a very soft feel and a pleasant touch. Though better in appearance, it is slightly less durable than full-grain.

What is split leather?

Split leather comes from the central layer of the hide. It’s fluffy on the sides, then gets processed in the middle to flatten the surface. Because of the processing, it isn’t as durable as top-grain and full-grain.

What is bonded leather?

It is the byproduct of full grain. Moreover, it is made using leftovers of large patterns cut from full hides and isn’t 100% pure. It is, however, a great stain and spill-resistant.

How to buy a wall mirror like an expert?

Consider the purpose
Pick the right size
Choose the right shape
Select the right style
Pick the color of your choice
Choose whether you want it to be flat edge or beveled glass
Decide where you will hang it

How to pick cost-effective but reliable quality mirrors?

Garage sales sites are the best place to find quality mirrors for those on budget. On this site, you will find different mirrors along with other furniture items at affordable prices.

How to make the most of your wall mirrors?

Place two or more mirrors side by side on a large wall.
Put a mirror at the dead end of the hallway to make it look larger.
Hang a mirror opposite the window. Doing this will make the place look brighter.
Place a well-sized mirror above the fireplace for a classic touch.

What is a sleeper sofa?

A sleeper sofa is a sofa that features a built-in mattress into its seat. Additionally, the outside of these sofas has a look of a traditional sofa set for the drawing-room, but with the mattress unfolded and cushions removed, they’ll create a comfortable bed for you to sleep peacefully.

How to buy the right sleeper sofa?

Do the following when buying a sleeper sofa:
Choose your preferred style
Look for hardwood frames
Look for a good quality mechanism
Smooth edges are a must
A quality mattress is also a must
Take necessary measurements
Look for high-end functionality
Should be low maintenance

What is a sectional sofa?

A sectional sofa is a common sofa that is used in living rooms and dens. Sectional sofas comprise several independent pieces that can be joined in various positions.

What are the major components of sectional sofas?

Major components of sectional sofas include:
One-armed chair
Corner chair
Armless chair
Armless loveseat
One-armed loveseat
One-armed chaise

What are the common shapes of sectional sofas?

Sectionals come in many shapes. However, square sectionals, rounded sectionals, semi-circle sectionals, and L-shaped/u-shaped sectionals are the most common ones.

What important things to consider when buying a sectional sofa?

Consider the following before buying a sectional sofa:
Size of the family
Use of the sofa
Involvement of kids and pets

What is a divan bed?

Divan beds are one of the most versatile furniture items you will ever see. They offer room for extra storage, preserve mattresses, and can flawlessly go with various décor types.

What are the best features of divan beds?

Below are the best features of divan beds:
Minimal assembly
Available in various types
Large range of sizes
Plenty of fabric options

How many types are there of divan beds?

Divan beds typically come in five types which include:
Sprung Top Divan
Platform Divan
Divan bed with antique frame
Zip & Link which is mostly used in hotels and guestrooms

In what sizes are divan beds available?

Divan beds are available in the following sizes:
Small Singles: (75 x 160)
Short Singles: (90 x 160)
Wide Single: (110 x 200)
Short King Size Bed: (150 x 190) CM
Short Double Bed: (135 x 175)

How to Choose the Perfect Daybed?

Ask yourself the following questions when buying a daybed:
Where will I use it?
Does it have daybed trundles?
What is my preferred material; wood or metal?
What style will best go with my décor?
Does it have mattress support or not?
What type of daybed mattress will I be using on it?
Which type of daybed frame does it comprise?
What type of finish and quality can I afford?
Will I need to add extra covers and pillows to it?

What important features to look for when buying an office chair?

Adjustable seat height
Swivel and tilt
Lumbar support
Back & body support

What are the common types of office chairs?

Ergonomic task chairs
Mesh chairs
Executive chairs
Conference & guest chairs

How to buy the right chest of drawers?

Determine what size you need
Consider the size and shape of the top
Don’t forget about the style

What are the most common shapes of chest drawers?


How to buy the right dining table for your place?

Look for your favorite style and shape
Look for durable materials
Find seating options
Look for your desired features

What are the common styles and shapes of dining tables?

These are the most common styles and shapes of dining tables:

What are the common materials used in dining tables?

The most common materials used in dining tables include:

What important features to look for when buying a dining table?

Look for the following features when buying a dining table:
Table leaves
Storage options
Folding tables

How to buy antique furniture the right way?

Look for reputable sources
Inspect the condition
Do your homework
Learn how to spot a fake
Use your measuring tapes
Keep an open mind
Prefer quality over anything
Scratches are fine to an extent
Use flaws to your advantage
Buy individual pieces instead of an entire set

How does home interior design will make your home look pleasant?

To be honest, the professional approach for designing a home always works in the favor of intensifying your home look. Primarily, change appeals to the eye and modifies the behavior and mood. Thus, it’s important to keep your house updated with the home interior ideas.

What is the important factor to consider before picking a living room design?

Firstly, you organize your budget and the second step is to measure the space of your living room. It will navigate you well towards what to put and what not to install.

What sort of colors can you pick for room decor design?

Room decor design depends on various themes. However, it may vary from room to room considering walls, ceilings, and floors. Firstly, you should start with these three things and then pick colors for the other details needed for the decor. Moreover, the colors of light and dark combination can be merged together at different spots.

How many people commonly spend on room interior design?

The majority of buyers allot a specific budget for the room because it’s their favorite place. The budget can be raised if renovation needs on the whole place. However, you can both maximize or minimize the budget depending on the luxury items or the additional decorations.

How can you hire a home interior service in Pakistan?

Some of the famous companies like Furniturehub. pk is providing home interior service in Pakistan with a free consultation. Furthermore, trust a company that has past experience in handling projects. After verifying the portfolio, you can hire and consult the home interior company. Moreover, you can also check the reviews that can help you analyze the quality and repute of the company.

What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through at Furniturehub?

Furniturehub’s team follows specific levels to complete a task. Firstly, it depends on the kind of task that will be assigned. Other than that, we survey, guide, present, and install the plan when needed.

What cities do we work in?

Though our store is located in Lahore, we deal with all the major cities and provide our services all across Pakistan. So, on requesting the order, we allocate time to the teams that work on designing. Then we proceed to deliver things after 4-5 weeks duration.

How can innovative home interior design change the look of your home?

Home interior designs are numerous and expanding in many types. Renovating your home is like filling the essence of life at your home. Thus, everything starts looking pleasant when you apply innovative home interior design. Thus, you must pick a reliable brand that could understand your taste and can instill ideas. As a matter of fact, change seems nice either it’s the color of your wall or hanging a tiny globe in your room.

Is It Important To Consider A Space Concept For The Living Room Design?

The prior thing that we consider is the space concept before executing the living room design. Firstly, we assess the family activities, make a list, and finally design by assigning places to each activity. Other than that, we also make the space for the furniture designs that might settle in for a good reason in your living room.

What colors can you pick for the living room design?

Well, that depends on the theme of your house. Firstly, Furniturehub assesses the walls, the woodwork, furniture, curtains, and much more. After that, we suggest the color schemes regarding decor options that you might want to add or replace in your home.

What are the core elements of home interior design?

There are almost seven core elements of home interior design that one must consider before designing any spot.

What is the most popular color for a kitchen?

Although there are many colors that you can opt for depending on the overall theme of the kitchen pastels are replacing the bold colors. In contrast to the bold colors, white, ivory, skin, and the subtle combinations are trending effectively. Other than that, it’s important that you consider the wall colors of the kitchen before placing an order for the kitchen furniture.

How much do we take to install the whole kitchen furniture setup?

Furniturehub efficiently manages time in delivering the order and in almost 4 to 5 weeks, we complete the proper layout of the kitchen. Meanwhile, in the making process, we make sure that the client gets a report so that he can share the modification related to the particular design.

How much time do we take to deliver the diwan sofa to your doorstep?

Furniturehub accepts the order prior to three or four weeks of the delivery date. When the buyer selects a particular design, he needs to place the order with our representative. After that, we proceed to make your order and deliver it after two or three weeks of the order placing date. Moreover, during the process, we share the images of the product to ensure that if the buyer needs any more changes.

What is the difference between a sofa and a deewan?

The structure of the sofa is quite different from the deewan because it has a raised surface and has unique base containing sectional divisions. However, the deewan mostly has one sidearm lower based surface.

Does a buyer need to submit a down payment before placing an order?

Yes, we encourage our buyers to submit an almost 25% ratio of the total amount either in the form of an online transaction or in the form of a cheque. After that, we offer a receipt to the buyer as a gesture of proof so that when he receives his order, he can immediately deduct that amount and proceed to pay the remaining amount.