Sofa cum Bed


Wooden Sofa Cum Bed for Drawing Room in Pakistan

Wooden sofa cum beds are almost a necessity in today’s fast paced lives. Sofa cum beds are a wonderful furniture accessory to have in the home. If you have a sofa cum bed in your home, you can use it for multiple purposes. The same furniture article can be used as a sofa and, when required, you can use the same article as a bed. This is the selling point of a sofa cum bed. It comes with two amazing features. Imagine yourself returning home from a tiring day with work still left to be done. In that case, you would want to finish that work as soon as possible and then lay down and relax.

A sofa cum bed placed in the drawing room or living room will grant you that luxury. After the tiring day’s work, it is a tough walk to the bedroom. So instead of going to your bedroom at the first floor, simply transform your sofa into a bed and you’re good to go! Bravo! That’s the right mix of luxury and intellect! There are many types of sofa cum beds available in the market and depending upon your requirement you can buy any one. These furniture items now come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Instead of buying one for your personal use, you can buy one that is multi-purpose as well. This means that the sofa cum bed can be used to entertain your guests as well and can go along with the other sofas placed in your living room or drawing room! Now, how cool is that!?

A Reliable Name for Sofa Cum Beds in Pakistan has become a reliable brand in the Pakistani furniture market after untiring efforts. The sofa cum bed price in Lahore is quite economical if you visit our showroom. Our showroom is situated in Lahore. If that is not possible for you then you can simply go to our website Look at the hundreds of furniture articles available and buy a design that catches your attention. We have a very wide range of sofa cums beds.

From our wooden designs to the leather ones, we have a wide range and mix of both Eastern and Western designs. You will both the imperial and oriental designs here. Make sure to communicate your custom requirements and we will incorporate them in the final design as well. For us, customer experience management is of a prime importance. We work diligently on the furniture items and deliver the final product within 3-4 weeks in a very safe packaging through a delivery partner.

Sofa Cum Bed Sets in Pakistan

People used sofa cum beds in Pakistan generally in the living room or the drawing room. Sometimes they use them in bedrooms as well. In fact, in the West, the use of sofa cum beds as a total alternative to traditional beds is on the rise. This is because the living spaces are limited compared to the East and people want to utilize maximum space. To that effect, the use of sofa cum beds has increased. Even in Pakistan, many customers are increasingly looking for sofa cum beds as a total replacement of traditional beds in the living rooms. It is a smart choice, nevertheless!

We make sure to use only the best type of fabric material for the sofa cum beds in order to make sure that they last long. Sofas with a long life are the want of everyone. In fact, furniture that lasts long is the need and desire of everyone. That’s where we come in with our reliable products that boast year-long warranties. Our sofa cum beds will simply not disappoint you!

Single Sofa Cum Bed Price in Pakistan

Single sofa cum bed price in Pakistan is quite affordable and most of the people can easily buy it without even installments. A single sofa cum bed comes with great comfort and is highly useful for singular usage. You can sufficiently use the sofa to work and to lay down and sleep as well. It depends upon you if you’re looking for an inflatable piece or a wooden one. The wooden sofa cum beds are quite popular these days. Furthermore, they are more reliable as well. With lavish designs entering the market, it is hard for customers to make a choice.

Visit our online store to find out more about our gorgeous range of sofa cum beds. If you require any help, feel free to call our sales representative. We can customize your sofa cum bed as well. Any color changes or changes in material are no issue at all. Our skilled labors will do exactly as you want them to! The final product will be a manifestation of your design imagination!