Diwan Sofa Design For Modern Homes


Diwan Sofa Design For Modern Homes

Modern designs in furniture captivate our hearts today because everyone eagers to follow the latest trend. Furniturehub.Pk believes to make Pakistan’s culture lively by merging old to new trends and referring to the detailing. Among all categories, the diwan sofa is the most popular and divine product that represents both style and comfort. If you’re looking for a subtle deewan sofa design, then our studio is the better place to stop by. Primarily, we are making exclusive variety in these designs using different types of woods. Moreover, with the fine aesthetics, we choose the materials directly imported from various countries.

What Is Diwan Sofa And How Do We Display It At Our Online Studio?

Earlier in the 18th Century, some people introduced this piece of art and sell it in a running flow. Till then and now, we can see a wide variety of the deewan sofa design inside Eastern regions. Moreover, it started from old Mughal design and now has evolved to many shapes and sizes. Historically, people used to keep it as a luxury item in their homes. Meanwhile, European countries also utilize the concept and name it a low flat foam, turned it into multiple dimensions and shapes.

However, the trend followed in Pakistan has taken this concept to another level of modernity. Therefore, our designers at Furniturehub. Pk did thorough research in this category to establish different designs that attract buyers. We go the extra mile each year in filling our inventory with the thought-provoking designs that go with the home interior. From 2 seater to 3 seater diwan sofa, we have crafted masterpieces and stored them in our online inventory. Online platforms are taking a new turn, connecting people and providing ease to the customers.

Likewise, we work online to help people find the perfect and exclusive range of designs from our online store. This we do to make sure that they receive the best product at their doorstep. With one click, they have the freedom to choose the color and the particular design size. Moreover, we have categorized different sorts of styles as per the prices and described their features to make sure that you find both contemporary and vintage designs under one roof.

Home Decor Done Exquisitely With Deewan Sofa Design

Furniturehub features a great number of Deewan using the artistic sense in the workshop to make people admire our work. We design different categories of the deewan by considering the sitting capacity of two or three people at a time. As mentioned earlier, that deewan styles originated from Persia were used to be soft and cushiony. Hardly one or two people used to sit on a single deewan. Well, we took this trend to our roots and now still crafting this product with the same thought.

Strategically, it involves several stages that we work on before introducing any final design. Firstly, we research the designs that are updated newly in the market. Our designers create some special designs from scratch because we wanted you to feel unique when buying our products. Secondly, we collect all the quality materials to shape, size, and craft according to the design. Thirdly, we polish the borders using matt and glossy polish or varnish that our customers pick according to their needs.

2 Seater & 3 Seater Diwan Sofa Creative Design Inventory

Furniturehub has been making diwan sofa designs for years in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, we understand the taste of people and stay tuned with the modern color combinations to uplift our products impressions. Here is the list of designs that you would probably find in our studio;

Backless Deewan Design

To cover your space with art pieces, we do proper homework in making spacious products and designs that help you settle in more guests on a single couch. Above all, pricing is the first factor that buyers think of so, this design will not just meet your budget but the art of living style too. It will enlighten your home space and will be welcoming towards the guests.

Luxury Wedding Diwans

Luxury wedding diwan at Furniture is made with heart and soul by stuffing it with expensive embellishments. Other than that, we also use amazing artwork like hand painting, printed luxury fabrics, and glamorous moldings and detailing in the boundaries. Most of the event planners buy this item from us and trust our brand because we comprehend their choices really well. However, the choice is open for all as the families can buy this such designs for the dowry as well.

Wooden Case Diwan Sofa

Wooden cases are again back in the game so our focus of attention surrounds this area and we make plenty of wooden cases design with the embedded molty foam inside. The overall covering above could of any color along with the contrasting cushions. Also, we give you choice in the selection of the wood. From Sheesham to diyar, we enlist all sorts of wood that you can opt for.

Couch Style 2 Seater Deewan

Furniturehub makes this style especially for those who don’t like the wooden interior and want something comfortable and good-looking. Therefore, we give options like couch-style deewan that have a solid tufting at the back and a smooth base surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do we take to deliver the diwan sofa to your doorstep?

Furniturehub accepts the order prior to three or four weeks of the delivery date. When the buyer selects a particular design, he needs to place the order with our representative. After that, we proceed to make your order and deliver it after two or three weeks of the order placing date. Moreover, during the process, we share the images of the product to ensure that if the buyer needs any more changes.

What is the difference between a sofa and a deewan?

The structure of the sofa is quite different from the deewan because it has a raised surface and has unique base containing sectional divisions. However, the deewan mostly has one sidearm lower based surface.

Does a buyer need to submit a down payment before placing an order?

Yes, we encourage our buyers to submit an almost 25% ratio of the total amount either in the form of an online transaction or in the form of a cheque. After that, we offer a receipt to the buyer as a gesture of proof so that when he receives his order, he can immediately deduct that amount and proceed to pay the remaining amount.