Side Tables


Side tables for beds serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing a convenient surface for items like lamps, books, or glasses while also complementing the overall decor of the bedroom. Here are some common types and styles of side tables you might consider:

1. **Traditional Nightstands**: These are typically small tables with drawers or shelves, positioned next to the bed. They come in various materials such as wood, metal, or a combination of both. Traditional nightstands often match the bed frame or other furniture in the bedroom.

2. **Floating Shelves**: For a more minimalist look, consider floating shelves mounted directly to the wall beside the bed. They provide a sleek and space-saving solution, offering a surface for essentials without taking up floor space.

3. **C-Tables**: C-shaped tables are designed to slide under the edge of the bed, offering a surface that extends over the mattress. This style is particularly useful for smaller bedrooms or for those who prefer to eat, work, or read in bed.

4. **Tray Tables**: Tray tables are portable and versatile options that can be moved around the room as needed. They often feature a removable tray top, making them convenient for serving breakfast in bed or as a makeshift workspace.

5. **DIY Solutions**: Get creative with DIY side tables by repurposing items like crates, stools, or even stacked books. With a little imagination and some basic woodworking skills, you can create a personalized bedside table that reflects your style.

When choosing a side table for your bed, consider factors such as the size of your bedroom, the height of your bed, and your personal preferences in terms of style and functionality.

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