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Bedroom Furniture Set To Give Your Bedroom Imperial Furnishing

Talking about Bedroom Furniture Set, they tell you, Wooden sturdy beds are old-fashioned and orthodox? No, they are not! Nor they ever will be.

We can always stick to our classic traditional choice. Every human is different with different mindsets and choices. Do you still like giant wooden bedroom sets with conventional dressing tables? Why not? Let me tell you the fact here, they have the greatest strength and endurance capacity.

This Bedroom Set has base manufacturing of Walnut wood. That is worldwide known to be resistant to decay and warping. The Bedroom Set has an overall high gloss finish. Thereby, adding imperial appearance. Looking closely, excellent detailings of Wood carving can be noticed on the crown, foot side, and various parts of the bed. Consequently, beautifying the furniture set even more.

Moreover, Two side tables as usual accompany the wooden bed. To compensate for the storage capacity, the sides contain three drawers each. Every drawer’s front face is decorated with captivating inlay work incorporating a handle between them. The design is a blend of vintage and class overall.

Furthermore, the conventional dressing table in this bedroom set is sturdy and hefty. It has 12 drawers as storage capacity. Thereby, can contain an enormous amount of your essentials and junk; leaving the room tidy. It well complements the rest of the Furniture Set. Similar to the bed, Its crown as well has fine carving work done enhancing grace, and drawers are well embellished with superb inlay work.

Perfect for a person who requires great storage capacity. Secondly, likes the conventional vintage furniture sets. Give your bedroom an imperial look by giving its interior a solid hefty transition.



  • Pure walnut wood used
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Inlay work on the Bed set
  • Hand made Carving on the whole Bed set
  • Bed with 2 Side Tables
  • Side Tables Size   ( L . 26″ /  W.  16″  /  H. 26″)
  • Dressing Table Size (L. 48″ * W .16.5″)
  • Fancy Dressing Table


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