King Bedroom Sets In Silver (007)

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Beautiful Royal & Luxury King Bedroom Sets In Silver

Make your bedroom set speak for itself with Furniturehub. Pk because we know your needs and the styles you like. Now that we are living in the 21st century, it’s time to try new time frames fashion of furniture. Experience the ultimate beauty and comfort of the king bedroom sets made in silver. First and foremost, this article is made using 3 aesthetic concepts of merging cultures to make your room dissolve into a full luxury. Additionally, there are no words to describe the utmost detailing crafted on the drawers and in the frame of the bed. As the good painter gets appreciation when he portrays exquisite ideas. Likewise, this design portrays not just the eye-catching elements but also the quality of the wood. Made with Sheesham wood, fiber, and Mdf, it will stay forever young in your bedroom.

Moving with art and fashion is essential. Thus, we keep that pace when exploring designs for your home interior. Moreover, our team invests time in satisfying your needs. If you are thinking of buying a meaningful present for the wedding, then there is no perfect choice left behind. King bedroom sets made at show perfection and great aesthetics. Moreover, the fabric at the back frame can be customized further with a lot of options present in our inventory.  With the detailing, we have also emphasized won the quality of the high gloss finishing that will make it shine for several years. Although, some of the products shown in the image are not included you can complete the set by placing a separate order.


  • King Size Bed Set(6*6.5)
  • Bed with 2 side table
  • Fancy Dressing
  • High Gloss Finish
  • White couch not included
  • Mirrors price: 95,000
  • Mirrors not included
  • Couch price: 35,000
  • Imported silver Fabric
  • Made of Sheesham, Fiber, and MDF
  • Color and fabric can be customizable
  • Perfect Bed for your Wedding

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2 reviews for King Bedroom Sets In Silver (007)

  1. Sidra

    bed is beautiful and got beautifully wrapped thanks🙂

  2. Shabana ahmed

    Very stylish and beautiful furniture

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