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Black Curtain Design (FHSC-106)

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Enhance The Look Of Your Windows With This  Black Curtain Design

Paying attention to all small minor things brings a great difference to your home. Thus, you need to pay attention to the theme of the room to balance the overall appearance. This is possible when you start with the windows. The outside view sometimes amazes us but when you return back from the tiring day, you would only like to sleep in the cozy environment. Besides using a comfy bed will not be enough as you need to concentrate on the windows too. So, cover your window with this amazing and beautiful double-layer black curtain design that will fill the void.

Moreover, the advantage of buying this exclusive item from our inventory will give you the freedom to choose a customizable hanging panel. You can change the color, size, and even fabric as per your home need. Most of the time, we decorate the curtains with fancy laces and another embellishment. However, if you might need to remove or add more decorations then it totally depends on the luxury of that accessory. Therefore, the prices may vary as per the need of the customer.

Choosing bedroom curtains makes you a little more excited and that feeling makes you forget about certain things that one must consider before buying the black curtain design. Furniturehub’s team assists you in all possible ways from the selection of fabric to the color combinations. Taking expert advice is essential because it has many benefits. For instance, you could get the idea to decorate your home space with the relevant type of curtains. Other than that, we also assess the weather conditions when considering your order and selecting the fabric according to that type.


  • Window Size 7’ x 7’
  • Imported Fabric
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • On-demand Motive Designs
  • Wooden Panel for Hanging
  • Customizable Curtain Design
  • Heavy Grammage
  • Customizable Curtain Hanging Panel

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1 review for Black Curtain Design (FHSC-106)

  1. jawad

    Perfect For Room

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