Cafe Style Curtains In Macrame (FH-4009)

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Cafe Style Curtains Hand-Made Design Supremacy For Your Home Styling

Macrame has been becoming famous again and the fashion itself is repeating. So, why we should stay behind. In this regard, we decided to bring a unique collection of macrame, purely made from the hand-crafted technique. The macrame thread or the strings that you’re looking at is made up of pure cotton. Also, we have done embellishments using different shapes and patterns to bring symmetry to the design. Once you will decide to hang these cafe style curtains, it will bring a countryside cafe scene in front of your eyes.

Furthermore, we have invested a great time in its making. Our workers belong to the countryside who prepare these curtains pushing different hand technique in enhancing designs. Also, they choose standard material so that these curtains may not break if someones push them. That’s why we have been choosing a pure cotton thread to make this beautiful curtain design. When our customers place orders, we take proper responsibility after completing a design. primarily, we pay a visit to your home and install these macrame curtains in your railing.

The above surface of the cafe-style curtains holds beauty and has highlighted the diamond-style shapes that may look like kites. Moreover, these curtains are reasonable in price.  Additionally, the style of the strings are falling into styles decorate with the thin knots of the thread on each string. Thus, the curtains made with the macrame technique can improve your home impression because they look decent. Also, if you want to make it more luxurious, ask us to put beads that have a wooden pattern on their base. We put plenty of them while preparing this curtain design to make a good contrast.


  • Size  =      7’6″*9′
  • Hand Made
  • Material   =  cotton
  • Customization available
  • 1-2 Weeks For An Order

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  1. Ali

    delivered as shown in pics

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