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Cot Bed For Babies (FH-1336)

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Movable Fancy Cot Bed For Babies To Ensure Baby’s Comfort

The news of arriving newborns is the most exciting news that gets parents to run towards the shopping malls. Each single thing matters and we intend to buy it immediately.  However, the list of the baby stuff shopping starts from the cot bed because every parent loves to give their kids comfort. In this regard, we keep this factor as the priority while designing baby cots. The product that you are witnessing is the complete package of beauty, covered with fancy net curtains in white. Basically, white is the color that helps the baby sleep and it’s bright that soothes the eye. That’s why we have picked the white theme for this pretty-look cot. Other than that, we have enhanced the protection by molding the wood and installing heavy tufting all around the baby bed.

When it comes to the quality, we select the premium fabric and use a mattress that has a guarantee of almost 10 years. So, the structure of this cot bed is strong enough to hold the weight of even two babies in case you’re having twins. Other than that, the movable wheels knotted below the surface will help mother move this cot easily at any hour of the day. Although it’s the comfiest product still for further decoring, you can place gold contrasting cushions too. Furthermore, the benefit of buying the kid’s bed is to make sure that you start processing his learning of independent sleeping, this way your baby will learn to sleep and manage his/her body. Place your order free to our customer representative with the customized choices in colors and sizes.


  • Product Type: Kids Bed
  • Premium Quality
  • Imported fabric
  • Net curtains
  • Wood wheel
  • Bed Size=  6/3/3
  • Mattress 2 years warranty
  • Mattress Size= 4″
  • Mattress Price= 6000
  • Colors: White
  • 1 years warranty
  • 3-4 weeks for an order

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Weight 250 kg


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