Chair And Sofa Cushion In Macrame (FH-4016)

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Chair And Sofa Cushion In Macrame Perfectly Decorate To Your Home Flaunt

Have you seen a beauty like this before? As we have exhibited this chair and sofa cushion in our inventory made with macrame material to recall the old fashion. Cushion styles keep changing with the passage of time. So, we keep our eyes on the latest trends and designed this fabulous collection of cushions including this macrame beaded style cushion.  Furthermore, this could be a good source for increasing the style of your couch.

The presentable home looks nice and appeals to the eye of the one who sees fancy things around. Therefore, we have made this design, a harmony of embellishments will keep you in enchantment. Additionally, there are some other features on which you will stop your gaze because they’re extraordinary designs. Macrame technique is always known with the beadwork. It may be displayed with simple handwork but beads are considered somehow the fancy type of this technique. Yet you can also display wall hangings along with the macrame cushions to bring the matching theme all-around your home.

Chair and sofa cushion in macrame can be of any style especially the style that we made is trending these days. To give the vintage look to your interior, there is no better option than this style. Most people get worried about buying the macrame cushions casually with concerns about the condition of the fabric. However, we don’t sell products that are far away from the quality. So, we are using 100% cotton in its making to make sure that it has standardized quality.

Hand-made things are generally more appealing than anything else as you make a unique sort of affiliation with the things. The hand-made things give you the homely feeling and that’s what our approach is throughout the time.


  • Size  =  L 16″ W 16″
  • Hand Made
  • Material=  cotton
  • Customization available
  • 1-2 Weeks For An Order

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    Loved it.

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