Macrame Tassel Cushion (FH-4010)

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Set Up A Luxurious Interior With Macrame Tassel Cushion

Crafting macrame is the technique that one should look at buying to make small things more valuable. It’s exactly the same art as we like to decorate our clothes with fancy laces. Likewise, we keep the same mood for tuning up for the designs to update them on minor things present in our home. To start with, let’s introduce this beautiful macrame tassel cushion flaunting in white color. Furniturehub has started its new collection, introducing trendy exquisite designs of macrame technique into many forms. That includes cushions, curtains, and hanging chairs covers.

Most of the time we need to make combinations with our already present cushion designs. Somehow there is no better choice than this design. Firstly they look decent and secondly, their monochrome color scheme can be merged with any combination of the couch. Either place this exclusive product on the floor or on the couch, it will show a remarkable presence. The story of crafting this eye-catching macrame tassel cushion is thought-provoking. So, every hour spent on its making shows the effort of the hand-making macrame skills.

Moreover, the details of the knots are explaining the quality of the fabric and displaying the finishing. Also, the stuffy material inserted inside will help you experience the softening texture. Surely, you would like to take a rest with this comfy cushion style. For further embellishments, you can also put a couch rug in the middle or on the top to do twinning with the cushion. Furthermore, feel at ease in ordering plenty of numbers of this macrame tassel cushion. We accept orders in bulk and would help you in decorating the best version of your home with this life-saving design at a very cost-effective price.


  • Size  =  L 16″ W 16″
  • Hand Made
  • Material=  cotton
  • Customization available
  • 1-2 Weeks For An Order

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